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Signs of decline
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 13961
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Singaporean core

Strong core of Singaporean academics needed to ask ‘critical questions’: NMP
“Singaporeans must be in charge of asking the critical questions about who we are, what the problems in society are, and how to solve them. We have always said that no one owes us a living. But no one owes us an answer either, about the key questions of our society and economy," said Associate Professor Walter Theseira. Today paper
What did Walter Theseira mean by this? Singaporeans must be in charge and asking critical questions about who we are, what the problems in our society and how to solve them?
Look around you will know that many foreigners are in charge in the govt and in govt linked companies. And when they asked critical questions or tried to solve our problems would they be thinking about the interest of Singaporeans or about their comrades in their homeland, especially for the new citizens? How many of these foreigners turned new citizens are using the power given to them to hire more and more of their former countrymen to replace Singaporeans? Are they solving Singapore’s problems or the problems of their former countries?
What about asking critical questions? Look at the editorial pages, the supposedly important pages that dealt with serious issues, domestic and foreign news, and who were the writers, Singaporeans or foreigners with their biased and mischievous agenda and thoughts that may be actually undermining the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans. Yes, they are foreign agents trying to influence our minds and policies and paid knowingly or unknowingly by Singapore to influence Singaporeans and even govt policies.
Why must the serious pages of our main media be written by foreigners with their agenda that may not be to our national interests? No one owes us a living, would these foreigners think they owe it to us to think in our interest? We don’t owe these foreigners a living to pay them to write and think for us. And looking at their biased views, and often western tainted views or propaganda, it is money wasted that could be put to better use paying our Singaporeans to write and think for us. Though many Singaporean writers may still be young and lack the depth, if we don’t give them the opportunity, how are they going to earn their spurs?
This is like the banking industries, if we don’t give Singaporeans the chance to be CEOs and keep on giving such chances to foreigners, how are Singaporeans to be CEOs of our local banks? Give foreigners Singapore citizens to call them Singaporeans is a farce, a sell out of Singaporean interests.
Theseira has a very serious point to make. Singaporeans must think for ourselves and not allow foreigners to think for us. Singaporeans must be in charge, not fake Singaporeans, not instant Singaporeans whose loyalty is questionable.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 13961
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More instant trees needed in Singapore football
'But Singapore-based AFC Pro Diploma holders have, rather ironically, moved on to other Asean countries, probably because of a lack of home-grown appreciation, such as Micheal Wong (Technical Director, Laos), V. Sundramoorthy (Head Coach, Laos), P. N. Sivaji (Technical Director, Hantharwady United FC, Myanmar) and Robert Lim (previously, youth development in Thailand & Vietnam). Other prominent names out of town are AFC “A”-Licence holders Aidil Shahrin (Head Coach, Kedah, Malaysia) and Stephen Ng (Head, Youth Development, Brunei)...

Another former national coach, who declines to be named, says the “top-qualified coaches should be pushed to the S-League clubs which is the pinnacle of Singapore football”. He adds: “The answer is not always with foreign coaches as we’ve experimented with so many from Trevor Hartley, Micheal Walker, Burkhard Ziese, Jan Poulsen, Barry Whitbread, Raddy Avramovic, Bernd Stange, Slobodan Pavkovic and Michel Sablon”.

Jan Poulsen, the ex-Denmark coach who was with the Danes’ Euro 1992-winning team, says: “Basically I agree with Vincent Subramaniam. In order to get football to progress you must have a good infrastructure, good coaches, a good youth development structure (competitive leagues) and a common philosophy – the Singapore way...'

Oops, I think the above is from thenewpaper or Today. Misplaced the source.

What is the Singapore way? More Singaporeans or more foreigners, more instant trees? By the look of it, the Singapore way is about replacing Singaporeans with foreigners. They are now looking for another national coach. Are they going to bring in another foreigner to do the same again? For so many years, have they not wasted enough money on the foreign myth, that a foreign coach could turn Ah Meng into a football star? Stupidity is about repeating the same mistake over and over again.

Very likely until today they still have no clue why the Singapore football is in the current state of affair, going no where. And they are desperately hoping that a foreigner could tell them what is wrong and how to turn half baked footballers into world beaters.

Bet you, another foreigner is likely to be on the way here to collect his big fat pay for another few years and Singapore football would be where it is from today until he left laughing to the bank.

The football fraternity are completely lost in coming out with a solution other than repeating the same old trick over and over again. In this case, perhaps you need to bring in a bunch of system engineers, completely clean heads, with no historical baggages, to take a fresh look at the problems and try something new. The same old heads and minds would not be able to see through the veil they covered themselves and no breakthrough is likely to come about.

Maybe a super talent politician could do the trick. It is possible to spend a few billions, like buying the F35s, to buy a complete international team to win football matches. Or at least it would awe the competition that we have the best money can buy.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 13961
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Govt log in data on sale
Front page news of thenewpaper read like this, ‘Govt log-in data on sale on dark web – Email addresses and passwords were ‘not leaked from government systems but from officers who used them for personal purposes’. Ok, the data were not leaked, but using them for private purposes would only reveal the email addresses, how did the passwords got ‘leaked’ or stolen? Passwords are not things that are laid in the open to be picked up.
The article said among the agencies named by a Russian cyber security company IB ‘were the Government Technology Agency(Gov-Tech), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Singapore Police Force. MOH has been in the news for losing 1.5 million SingHealth patients’ personal data, including Hsien loong’s, also breaches including illegal access of 72 HealthHub accounts and the infamous ‘leaked of information of 14,200 patients from the HIV Registry and improper handling of data belonging to more than 800,000 blood donors by a vendor last week’.
First question, were these leaked or stolen information arising from hacking by external sources? Or were they leaked by internal sources, or were they leaked due to mishandling or mismanagement? The ways the data were leaked or stolen have different implications. If from external sources hacking into the system, that is a protection problem, poor firewalls or anti hacking systems installed. If from internal sources, then who were the parties involved, Singaporeans, locals or foreigners hired to maintain the IT systems, or if due to mishandling or mismanagement, like the HIV case, the culprits and problems are different and needed to deal with differently.
The most frightening and dangerous part in the chain of IT protection is internal sources. Like they said, it is very difficult to prevent theft from within, thieves living inside the premises.
So what is what? Were the problems highlighted, with so many ministries involved, a matter of officers using their govt emails freely, indiscriminately, showing off their passwords to everyone, or was this a more serious problem that cannot be brushed away so simply and innocently? Cannot tell, don’t want to tell or telling it as something so innocuous?
Smart city with smart people or dumb city with dumb people?
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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