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Singapore Harapan - A new chapter

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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14459
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:26 am    Post subject: Singapore Harapan - A new chapter Reply with quote

Lee and Lee or Lee versus Lee
Singaporeans have grown up with the familiar Lee and Lee combination. Other sub sets are Lee and Kua or Lee and Ho. Today a new combination is in the making, Lee versus Lee. Even with the family dispute coming into the open, no Singaporean could envisage the possibility of a Lee versus Lee in the political arena.
Over the weekend this Lee versus Lee combination is looking like a possibility. It was all over the social media that Cheng Bok had a breakfast meeting, or having breakfast with Hsien Yang in West Coast hawker centre. Wasn’t Hsien Yang in self exiled in HongKong? Not really. I have seen him the MBFC area a couple of times. Hsien Yang is free to move in and out of Singapore though his residence could be in HongKong for the time being.
The breakfast with Cheng Bock is stirring a lot of speculation that Hsien Yang, the reluctant political candidate, may be having second thought, that he has to enter the ring for many reasons, personal or otherwise. It is no sheer coincidence or unplanned for Cheng Bock to be seen together with Hsien Yang. And this meeting was meant to be made public, to give notice that things are happening, maybe to gauge the response from the public of such a possibility.
Yes, it is like sending out a test balloon, no offence right? So far the reaction from the social media has been quite encouraging. A Singapore Harapan needs strong personalities to carry it. Cheng Bock alone may not be enough. Hsien Yang could lend some weight though he has not been a political entity before. If he does get into the ring, at least it would cause a mini tsunami. People would definitely feel uneasy. For one thing, it is tough to sue such a Lee in court or calling him liar or demeaning terms freely like attacking other opposition candidates. He is no push over and has the finances to take on what comes may. He is a political pedigree. Hitting him is like taking a punch at Lee Kuan Yew.
Would the people welcome a Lee versus Lee in the next GE? Would the people be comfortable with another Lee potential PM in the making albeit coming from another corner, to challenge the sitting Lee in another corner, maybe to be the disruptive force of change that is sorely needed in a moribund and out of touch political machinery that has taken the people for granted and doing what it chose to do, ignoring the concerns and plight of the people. This is a Lee that is also a chip off the old block but with a totally different perspective of what is good for the people and country. This is a Lee that is not PAP, never a PAP (I think) and now may be taking on the PAP. OK, OK, there is PAP blood running through his veins.
When the time comes for change, the change agents would appear on the scene in the most awkward and unthinkable form, from unexpected quarters. GE 2019/20 is looking quite interesting from this development. The reluctant candidate has appeared. Think more unforeseen events can be expected before the GE. Would more able and brave men and women stand up and cross over to the Singapore Harapan? When this happens, Singaporeans would see a formidable and credible opposition front to take over the govt.

Today is Deepavali, festival of light. Singapore needs more light to lit up the darkness. Happy Deepavali to everyone and a brighter Singapore.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14459
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ong Ye Kung out of the PM race
‘Ong Ye Kung out of PM race, say PAP cadres
While Education Minister Ong Ye Kung was elected to the People's Action Party's new Central Executive Committee (CEC), he was not among those nominated by the outgoing CEC. Traditionally, the CEC’s nominations are seen as a reflection of the individuals’ standing within the PAP. Those who are in the list are seen as core party leaders. A cadre from East Coast GRC said: “The list of seven didn’t include Mr Ong, and that means he is out (of the succession race).” ‘
The above was reported in Todayonline. It must be deliberately let out. No one is allowed to say this to the media unless blessing is given. Ong Ye Kung is out, Tan Chuan Jin out, Heng Swee Kiat a doubtful starter, Ng Chee Meng also out, only Chan Chun Sing is left as the only contender for the next PM post. His assumption to be the next PM is as sure as the sun will rise. With Hsien Loong still holding on to the post of Sec Gen, it is likely that Chan Chun Sing would be elected as the Asst Sec Gen by popular votes of the cadres. The PAP has more or less elected the next PM for Singapore. They are presenting him to the people as their undisputed elect Dear Leader.
Everyone is anticipating that the PAP would call for a snap election next year with the WP still entangled in the lawsuit and the Singapore Harapan still waiting to come to life. There is no time to waste and 2019 looks like a good year for the PAP.
While many anti PAP camp commentators and the social media did not have much good things to say about Chan Chun Sing, this unassuming ex general appears to have something that the uninitiated are unaware of. For sure, the PAP and the inner circle of the PAP think very highly of him. All challengers to his rise to Premiership have been brushed aside and the path is clear of all obstacles for him to be the next PM.
The PAP is expecting Chan Chun Sing to lead the Party to another big victory and more good years for the PAP. Chan Chun Sing is now the undisputed 4G leader of the PAP and of Singapore, like it or not, agree or not, the people of Singapore will vote him to become the PM in the next GE. Oops, factually the people of Singapore vote the PAP to power and PAP makes Chan Chun Sing the PM, chosen by the PAP inner circle, not elected by the people directly. The people have no say on this.
Singapore should prepare to welcome their new Dear Leader.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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