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Posts by Southernglory from 2016
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14433
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Dodds Report: Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest.

Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest.

In 1898 America invaded the Philippines and after slaughtering hundreds of thousands of heroic Philipino resistance fighters it brought the Philippines under its colonial control. The Americans treated the Philippinos with derision and disrespect as low class conquered people. Throughout the half century of American imperial rule , the Americans have always plundered the rich resources of the Philippines to serve its colonial masters' interest. It had never occured to the Americans to lift up the welfare and status of the Philippinos and therefore either nothing was done or only the bearest minimum was done to help the Philippines in education, commerce, industry or running a government with good governance. Transportation and infrastructure was never developed. That's why the Philippines today remains as the most backward among the Asean countries.

After the Second World War America wanted to build up a defeated Japan as a powerful industrial base to serve its interest of confronting Russia and China in the Cold War. The Americans made use of the Philippines mainly as the supplier of raw materials for its military industrial bases in Japan . And Japan was brought up as deputy sheriff to protect and oversee American interest in Asia. The dignity and pride of the Philippinos interest was never taken into consideration.

Below a US secret report ( The Dodds Report ) pertaining to the Philippines was accidentally discovered. When the Philippinos came to know this report they went wild with rage and hatred for the Americans.

The Dodds Report. Enslaving the Philippines to serve American and Japanese interest.
"In 1946, the Truman administration adopted the recommendation of the Dodds Report which proposed that JAPAN be developed as the PRIMARY, if not sole, INDUSTRIAL POWERHOUSE in the Asia-Pacific region and that countries like the PHILIPPINES should be preserved as RAW MATERIAL ECONOMIES, obviously to service the requirements of Japan's factories.

‘’As the Asia-Pacific war came to a close, the U.S. made a fateful decision to UTILIZE JAPAN as the base from which to project U.S. MILITARY POWER, and that required the development of Japan as an industrial powerhouse. But since Japan is a nation bereft of natural resource, the plan required that countries like the PHILIPPINES be PRESERVED as raw material economies to ensure Japan with a continuing and permanent source of raw material.

‘’We owe our knowledge of the Dodds Report to the late Salvador Araneta who, during his self-exile in Canada during the martial law years, uncovered the existence of the document and denounced it in his book America's Double-Cross of the Philippines.

Some earlier comments on the Dodds Report

ganzhuolin simon li

Proving that Duterte was right all along re his strong feelings against the US..!

Curious how such an important fact that Japan is resource-poor is often forgotten. No doubt that's why Japan waged war in the Pacific. They wanted it all. But now they've partially gotten what they wanted - aided by an imperialistic America seeing the chance to dominate the world but needing a strong and submissive Japan to oversee Asia. So the former colony of the US, the Phillipines, becomes Japan's resource 'factory' and the Phillipinos their slaves, their labour feeding Japan's (and America's might).

Why couldn't Japan seek win-win deals with their Asian neighbours? Surely that's better than war. But to the government at the time, and as now with Abe that's a no-no. That would mean Japan was no longer the superior nation in Asia; it's just one of us. And that's unacceptable! The notion that they're the 'whitest' nation in Asia, a fantasy fed to Japanese nationalists by egotistical US politicians seduced by their own 'exceptionalism', has to be maintained.

But now there is Duterte, and the Phillipinos have their hands on the steering wheel for a change. Good for them!

By some strange quirk Duterte has within his reach the chance to change history in Asia - from tension, animosity, possible war, poverty and more poverty to that of accommodation, win-win for all, peace and prosperity...

I pray for him and hope he is well-protected...

SH ganzhuolin

You may be on to sonething there. Quite right.

Duterte should insist that the Japanese government certify the sushi served is not from Fukushima waters!

Fre Okin Ban by TNI Boo!

Duterte may try to convince Abe US is no good for Japan just as he see US is no good for Philippines. Abe of course try to convince Duterte US is very good for the alliance and he should welcome US military forces.

If Duterte cannot convince Abe, he might present him a "dog on a leash" photo to impress on his host not to be that dog. A very subtle way of telling his host to have a backbone.

Post by Southerglory
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:13 pm    Post subject: CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking. PART 1 Reply with quote

Opium, heroin and cocaine smuggling and trafficking is big business. Every year CIA and its closely connected drug mafias throughout the world ripped in tens of billions of dollars in profit. CIA runs its drug and narcotic trafficking unhindered and with impunity because it is protected by powerful people in Washington, the Judiciary, customs, police and the Pentagon. The chains of connection in the narcotic trafficking can usually be traced from the mafias to judges and high ranking officers in the customs, transport, police, Pentagon and ultimately ends at the doorsteps of USA presidents.

CIA has been steeply involved in drug and heroin business for decades in the Philippines. This is the reason why America opposed strongly President Duterte's war on drugs.

CIA has been indulging in drug trafficking and manuafacturing since the end of the Second World War.

CIA drug rings cover the whole world from Latin America to Europe, Middle East, Afghanistan, South East Asia and Australia. CIA drug peddling in Afghanistan, Golden Triangle - in Burma, Thailand and Laos, USA, Mexico, Honduras,Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia are all connected to Wall Street barons, the Rothschilds, Illuminati and Free Masons.

We can learn much of CIA's drug and narcotic trade from the books and reports written by historian Alfred McCoy, English professor and poet Peter Dale Scott and Journalists Gary Webb, Alexander Couckburn, and Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez. Their works result in USA government investigations. But these investigations were always tempered due to the influence and infiltration by CIA protectors in USA government. Thus they were all sham investigations.

From 1961 to 1975 CIA sponsored a secret war in Laos in support of the pro American Laotian government against the Pathet Lao Rebels. Throughout these years CIA was involved in trafficking Opium in the area known as the Golden Triangle. CIA recruited the Hmong or Meo tribes to fight the Pathet Lao rebels which occupied the Plain of Jars. CIA used its own planes to smuggle opuim and heroin in and out of the Golden Triangle. This CIA illicit activity in trafficking in opium and heroin was revealed by former CIA pilots and personnels involved in the war and who were disillusioned with CIA for bringing death and suffering to millions of innocent poor people in the third world.

During the 1980s, CIA helped the Talibans in their wars against Soviet Russia . At the same time it was running a drug ring with the Afghan elites who were indulged in opium trafficking in the Middle East. CIA worked closely with Ahmed Wali Kazai the brother of then President Hamid Kazai in running the opium and heroin trafficking.
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:29 am    Post subject: CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking. PART 2 Reply with quote

CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking PART 2

In the Middle East and Asia CIA drug and narcotic trade and trafficking is mainly opium and heroin. In the Americas it is largely cocaine, heroin and ice.The city of Mena in the state of Arkansas in US is an important city for CIA drug trafficking activities. In the 1980s CIA trafficked in cocaine involved senior government officers of the Bill Clinton administration who covered up investigations. CIA used the Mena Inter Mountain Municipal airport as a drop point in Mena , Arkansas. It used notorious pilots and Medellin Cartel drug smuggler Adler Berrimen Seal as its partners in operation.

In Mexico CIA collaborated with drug lords and traffickers and used its share of profits to finance the Nicaraguan Contra rebels to overthrow the leftist socialist Nicaragua's Sandinista Government. CIA sold drugs in USA mainly to African and Mexican Americans. In Honduras USA government protected Honduras drug lord lord Juan Matta Ballesteros , the owner of an airline SETCO in which Nicaraguan Contra rebels used to covertly transport military supplies and personnels in early 1980s. In Nicaragua too, CIA provided support for the Contras involving in drug trafficking . It channeled profits from drug trade to the Contra rebels.

In the 1970s to 1980s Panama was ruled by a Panama military strongman President General Manuel Noriega. Noriega was a highly CIA paid man and collaborator in drug trafficking , money laundering and arms for drugs dealings. CIA provides flights for the contras , protection for the contras and the pilots as well as safe havens for drug cartel officers and discreet banking facilities . US officials in the drug cartel Medellin Cartel include director William Webster and DEA officers. When Noriega arrested drug traffickers of other groups competing against CIA supported Medellin Cartel he was highly praised by Webster and DEA officers for thwarting drug trafficking. Noriega was asked by CIA to provide military assistance to contra rebels in Nicaragua in exchange for him to continue in drug trafficking activities which he had been doing since 1960s. When the DEA ( Department Enforcement Authority of US ) tried to indict Noriega in 1971 , the CIA prevented them from doing so. The director of CIA at that time was George H. W, Bush ( later president of USA ). who provided Noriega with hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for his drug trafficking and cooperation in Latin America. However, when a CIA pilot Eugene Hasenfus was shot down over Nicaragua by the Sandinistas, documents aboard the plane revealed many of CIA's activities in Latin America and the CIA's connection with Noriega became a public relations liability for the USA government, which allowed the DEA to indict him for drug trafficking after decades of conniving with him in his drug operations to proceed unchecked . Also in December 1989 CIA found Noriega was secretly providing intelligence and services to the Cubans and Sandinistas , US turned against Noriega and invaded Panama. Noriega was captured and taken to Miami where a Miami court sentenced him to 45 years in prison. However, his collaborators , CIA officers and personnel, chiefly George H. W. Bush were not indicted . In the meantime when Panama was under US occupation CIA had a field day in trafficking drugs which increased tremendously. Also in the 1980s President Ronald Reagan tolerated CIA involvement in drug trafficking in Central America because CIA and its drug partners were supporting the Contras to overthrow the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua.This is American justice and exceptionalism. Third world countries must beware, America via CIA will befriend you, make good use of you and dunk you when it no more serves their interest.

In Costa Rica and Honduras there were many CIA supported Contra networks involved in drug trafficking. CIA operative John Hull had cocaine farms in Costa Rica. When John Hull was indicted by the Costa Rica government he was secretly flown out by CIA to Miami via Haiti with a DEA hired plane.

CIA also operated drug trafficking in Guatemala and worked closely with the drug cartels there. CIA backed transport companies provide planes to the Contras for carrying cocaine to Florida, Texas, Louisiana and other locations including several US military bases designated as "Contra Craft" in which shipments were not to be inspected. These traffickers were protected by CIA and DEA and other authorities officers.

In 1993 it was disclosed that CIA working with a Colombia drug cartel smuggled tons of cocaine into USA and sold in the streets Hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Venezuela were also smuggled into USA under the watchful eyes of CIA. When the cartel's smuggling ring was broken, some traffickers were arrested but the CIA officer in charge of the smuggling and his supervisor were not indicted whereas the Venezuela collaborator General Ramon Guillen was indicted together with his civillian counterpart.

CIA and US top banking giants Wachovia a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank are the top players in global drug trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. The head of DEA in 2004 , Judge Robert Bonner accused the CIA of being drug smugglers. CIA worked hand in hand with Venezuelan National Guard to smuggle cocaine into USA. A ton of cocaine at that time was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


Tuesday, 15th November, 2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:26 am    Post subject: CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking. PART 3 Reply with quote

CIA Runs The World's Largest Drug and Narcotic Trade and Trafficking. PART 3

From 1950s to 1970s during USA involvement in Indochina, CIA controlled drug trafficking in the region and flew opium and heroin throughout Indochina. A heroin laboratory was built by CIA in northern Loas. From Loas CIA control 70% of the world's illicit opium and heroin trade . CIA was also the major supplier of raw materials to America's booming heroin market.

CIA also ran drug rings in Australia. From 1973 to 1980s CIA used its own bank the Nugan Hand Bank to finance its drug trafficking , money laundering and international arms dealings. The officers of the bank include a network of US generals, admirals,CIA men and CIA director, William Colby. The bank had branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe, South East Asia , South America and US.

In 1980s in Central America , CIA alliied with drug mafias and the Contras in running covert operations in trafficking cocaine. The then US president ,Ronald Reagan tolerated CIA involvement in drug trafficking because CIA and its drug partners were supporting the Contras to overthrow the leftist Sardinista government in Nicaragua.

In Costa Rica and Honduras there were many CIA supported networks involved in drug trafficking. A CIA operative John Hull had cocaine farms in Costa Rica, When John Hull was indicted by the Costa Rica government he was secretly flown out by CIA to Miami via Haiti with a DEA hired plane.

CIA also operated drug trafficking in Guatemala and worked closely with the drug cartels there . CIA backed transport companies provided planes to the contras for carrying cocaine to Florida, Texas, Louisiana and other locations including several US military bases. The planes were designated as "Contra Craft" in which shipments were not to be inspected . These traffickers were protected by CIA and DEA and other authorities officers.

In Haiti from the mid 1980s to 1990s CIA worked hand in glove with key Haiti military and political leaders in power to traffic drugs. In 1986 they organised a new Haitian organisation , the National Intelligence Service purportedly to fight the cocaine trade but actually having its officers engaged in the trafficking .

CIA had created America's biggest heroin and cocaine problem. The problem is deeply entrenched and the heroin plague is of America's own making.

Under the guise of national security, patriotism and protecting democracy normal boundaries of ethics and morality have been consistently transcended by CIA in its ideological war of defeating communism and it has always resorted to any means it considered necessary and allied itself with any person or group to achieve its ends.

The USA government has willingly made drug networks an essential ally in the covert expansion of American influence abroad. US diplomats and CIA agents have actively engaged in the production and transport of narcotics worldwide . The CIA's enormous role in the global drugs trade provides one of the murkier narratives of the Agency's dark history. The trail of corruption often leads to the highest levels of successive Washington administration right up to the front doors of many US presidents viz Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama.

CIA covert narcotic operations result in the heroin and cocaine supply to America's addict population increase by leaps and bounds especially from late 1940s to late 1970s.The trafficking in heroin and cocaine hit hard the inner city ghettos in US victimizing American citizens as badly as foreigners.


Wednesday, 16th November,2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:08 am    Post subject: CIA Runs The World's Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking Reply with quote

CIA Drug and Narcotic Trade and Trafficking in Europe PART 4

CIA ran active drug rings in Europe immediately after the Second World War and had covert operations in France, Sicily , Italy and Greece from late 1940s to 1950s. CIA arms, money and disinformation helped organised Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseilles to control labour unions in France. The Corsican criminals in partnership with CIA gained political influence and controlled the docks through which the mafia trafficked in drugs like heroin. CIA and the mafia jointly opened heroin laboratories in Marseilles in 951.

From 1980s to 1990s CIA actively supported Moujahedeen rebels fighting the Soviet supported government in Afghanistan in drug trafficking . It helped Gulbuddin Hetmayar one of the leading drug lords and heroin refiner in transporting the drugs. CIA planes carried his heroin to USA and Western Europe.

CIA and its partners the crime syndicates maintain large organisations capable of carrying out covert operations without fear of detection. The two had developed very close natural bond. In 1950 CIA used a legion of thugs to break a communist dock strike in Marseilles. When CIA attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro in the 1960s he employed American mafia syndicates

CIA operatives directly assissted underworld narcotic traffickers in its fight against communism and the left. CIA had allied itself with heroin merchants in Laos, opium dealers in Burma, military drug lords in Thailand, Afghhanistan, and Panama, Columbia cocaine cartels in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and guerilla opium armies in Afghanistan.

In the mid 1940s to prevent left wing influence in Western Europe CIA intervened covertly in the internal politics of Italy, France, Greece and Sicily. After taking control of Sicily CIA appointed a Sicilian mafia leader, Don Cologero Vizzini as mayor of Villalba and Genco Russo as mayor of Mussumel as well as other leaders as mayors of other Sicilian towns and cities. Eventuallly Sicilian mafia had full control of politics in Sicily as well as the narcotic trade.

In 1946 an Italian mafia boss Salvatore Lucky Luciano was deported from New York to Italy. Luciano in partnership with CIA built the most powerful criminal syndicate in USA to deal with heroin trafficking. He was able to build an international narcotics syndicate . He was able to move morphine from Middle East to Europe where it was transformed into heroin and exported in large quantities to US without suffering any arrest or seizure. The number of drug addicts in US increased tremendously in the 1960s. Luciano and his friends became multi millionaires .

CIA drug partners in France the Corsican mafia allied strongly with the French Socialist Party and in return enjoyed political protection from France intelligence service and was allowed to operate its heroin laboratories for decades without being disturbed.


Thursday,17th November,2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:05 am    Post subject: H.B.Harris of US Pacific Command Harbours An Attack on China Reply with quote

Harry B. Harris son of a prostitute harbours an attack on China.

There is more or less peace and tranquility in the South China Sea now. But this Japanese bastard son of a prostitute thinks he can get his way to influence President Trump to confront China in the South China Sea again. What is actually behind his hidden agenda? He wants US and China to fight and destroy themselves in a nuclear exchange thus achieving he and his Japanese dream of revenge or vendetta for their defeat by the Chinese and Americans in the Second World War.

Addressing a US Defense One Summit as a commander of the US Pacific Command, he claimed US has never had a "lame duck commander in chief and that no one should doubt the US resolve to defend national security and interest. He vowed the US army will take military actions and win the war if necessary as he uttered his concern over China's assertiveness in the South China Sea.

This is the most hawkish talk with regard to the Asia-Pacific situation since Donald Trump was elected president. He has been one of the core figures in the US Asia-Pacific balancing strategy. He claims China poses a threat to peace in the Asia-Pacific region and that his Pacific command will play a decisive role in containing China's ambition.

Harris the commander of US Pacific command is now showing a tough stance on the Asia-Pacific situation. He intends to preemptively guide Trump's Asia-Pacific policy and pressure him to accede to the military's will and attitude in the Asia-Pacific policymaking. He intends to pressure Trump to follow Hillary Clinton's rebalancing strategy.

His strong advocacy on Asia-Pacific policy looks like a warning signal to Trump that the Pacific Command he leads has the final say on the US Asia-Pacific policy and he the military strongman rather than Trump and his civillian officials will determine major-power relations.

He harped on that there is no change in US-Philippine alliance though Duterte had already made it clear to the world that the Philippines will not confront China over the South China Sea issue, but will talk and hold peaceful negotiation with China. Harris thinks he can misguide Trump with distorted information for his bellicose policy against China. He thinks he can pick his timing to launch a military action against China. How can he be so sure that he and the warships he command will not be sunk by the precise Chinese missiles. Hope he is not dreaming too much.

President Trump must fire him and take away his command because this son of a prostitute is reckless and has no good intentions. He is planning for US and China to fight and destroy each other as a sort of proxy revenge for Japanese defeat in the Second World War.


Friday, 18th November,2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:46 am    Post subject: CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking in Burma PART 5 Reply with quote

CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking In Burma. PART 5

CIA ran covert operations in the Golden Triangle heroin complex since the early 1950s. CIA had close relationship with the drug lords and was enmeshed with the region's opium-heroin trade CIA and the US agency for International Development ( USAID ) supplied the region's opium and heroin dealers with arms, ammunition and transportation of food supplies in exchange for mercenary forces or political leverage. CIA support included in the collection, manuafacture and transport of opium and heroin.

CIA activities in Burma transformed the Shan states into the largest opium growing region in the world.

As part of its growing operations against communist China in the 1950s and 1960s CIA established a large narcotic cover organisation in Taiwan known as Western Enterprises. CIA agency airlines provided cover for the CIA to drop teams of Chinese Nationalist sdoldiers on mainland China to contact dissidents and build a viable resistance to Mao Tsetung's government .

CIA also sent commandos from the offshore island of Quemoy as it planned a covert invasion of China. Its covert airline ferried tens of thousands of KMT troops into Shan States to inflitrate into Yunnan. Kweichow and Kwangsi. It also recruited thousands of indigenuous hill tribes to help KMT soldiers to fight against Mao in China.

In August 1952 CIA secretly despatched KMT soldiers to invade Yunnan and dropped rebellious pamphlets to instigate the peasants to rise up against Mao's government. The CIA's hope for a peasant uprising failled and the KMT soldiers were driven out of Yunnan into the Shan states of Burma.

The CIA alliance with the opium lords lasted almost two decades. CIA delivered arms to KMT forces in Burma and then loaded opium aboard its civil air transport planes for the return flight to Bangkok. CIA commandos also used its infiltration routes into southern China as drug smuggling routes for traffickers in Burma and Thailand. CIA set up five secret training camps and two illicit radio stations in the Shan states protected by KMT troops and local tribesmen who were on CIA payroll . All the money spent by CIA on the clandestine activities was derived from trafficking in opium and heroin..

Southernglory 1

Friday, 18th November, 2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:09 am    Post subject: CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking in Thail PART 6 Reply with quote

CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking In Thailand. PART 6

In the 1950s to 1970s CIA threw its full support behind the Thai General Phoa making him the strongest man in Thailand. In return General Phoa allowed CIA two Thai paramilitary organisations , The Police Aerial Reconnaisance Unit and the Border Patrol Police. The training and equipment of the two units were under the control of CIA specialists who organised front companies and laundering funds for black operations operating out of Miami.

General Phoa protected KMT supply equipments, market their opium and helped to garner support for KMT among Thailand's overseas Chinese.

USA ambassador to Thailand William Donovan founder of the OSS was a senior adviser to CIA. He hailed Phoa's state as the free world's strongest bastion against the communist in South East Asia. In 1955 Phoa's National Police Department had become the largest opium trafficking syndicate in Thailand and was deeply involved with every aspect of the narcotic trade.

Phua police guards would escort the KMT opium caravans from the Thai-Burma border to police warehouses in Chiengmai. From there police guards brought it to Bangkok by train or by police aircraft. Then it was loaded into civilian coastal vessels to a mid ocean rendezvous with freighters bound for Hongkong, Singapore or Sydney.

CIA ripped in billions of dollars from the Thai narcotic operations and the Thai military elites that ruled the country became very rich from their drug monopoly and from ties with CIA. Much of this smuggling network remains very active today and maintains close ties to Thailand's military and paramilitary circles.

CIA airlines, Civil Air Transport or Air America and Air Asia together with CIA holding company , The Pacific Corporation provided air transport for many of the drug operations in the Far East.

In the 1970s and 1980s CIA hope to defeat the left wing Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese. It supplied guns, money and training to the Hmong tribes who were anti-communist monarchists. The Hmong's primary cash crop was opium and CIA provided helicopters to collect opium for the Hmong commander General Van Pao from his scattered highland villages and transport it to distribution centres at Longtien and Vientiane. The processed heroin was ultimately bound for American GI addicts in Vietnam and other South East Asian countries.


Saturday, 19th November,2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:00 am    Post subject: CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking Exposed Reply with quote

CIA Drug And Narcotic Trade And Trafficking Exposed

CIA manages drug trade and trafficking claimed a Mexican official, Guillermo Terrazas Villaneuva of Chihuahua province. He said," CIA and other US outfits like FBI and DEA don't fight drug traffickers but instead try to control and manage the illegal drug market for their own benefit."

In 1990 the anti-drug unit sent tons of cocaine to US. The agency inspector General Frederick Hitrz admitted CIA worked with drug traffickers and had obtained waiver from the Department of Justice in the 1980s allowing it to conceal its contractors illicit dealings.

A reporter Gary Webb conducted an indepth investigation called, "The Dark Alliance" uncovered a vast CIA machine to ship illegal drugs into USA to fund clandestine and unconstitutional activities abroad, including the financing of armed groups . Gary Webb was eventually assassinated by CIA secret hitman.

After Dark Alliance series USA law makers spokesman Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts confirmed CIA was involved in drug trafficking through parties allied to it and through partners on its payroll.

Mexican officials especially Mexican president Felipe Calderon in an interview with BBC in 2009 claimed complicity by USA officials and authorities that enabled tons of drugs and cocaine to be shipped or sent to USA with immunity.

Many drug bosses and American officials claimed that Obama administration was selling weapons to drug cartels through a front company in Mexico and Obama was using tax money to arm Mexican cartels.The president and his Department of Justice have been engaged in a cover up since they were edxposed by whistle blowers that leading congress held disgraced Attorney General Eric Holden in contempt.

Now do we see why USA is dead against Philippines president Duterte wars against drug traffickers. It is because it is against CIA interest in the very lucrative drug and narcotic trade and trafficking in which USA use the profits to finance wars of aggression overseas.


Sunday, 20th November,2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:33 am    Post subject: No peace in this world so long as the Neo-Cons rule America Reply with quote

No peace in this world so long as the Neo-Cons and hegemons rule America

Whether it is the Democrats or the Republicans in power they are all the same evil.. Both are hegemons and aggressive warmongers. The white Americans have been creating choas, instability and wars in every corner of the earth since the end of the Second World War.

It is necessary to know the psyche of their aggression and hawkish behaviour. They have been behaving like this since before and after their independence from Britain.They persecuted the Native Americans to almost extinction and took over their land to form USA. They invaded Mexico and Latin America and annexed almost eighty percent of Mexican land. By the end of the 19th Century they invaded and occupied Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and other island kingdoms in the Pacific Ocean.

The psyche of American bellicosity is based on several gingoistic doctrines such as the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, the Doctrine of American Exceptionalism plus the modern Neo-Conservatives doctrines of hegemony, especially propounded by Paul Wolfowitz, one of the most aggressiive, millitant and and extreme Neo-Con proponent and exponent of the doctrines.

I had written about the first three doctrines in my previous articles. I will now focus on the Neo-Cons hawkish principles and policy. which consist of a number of articles each emphasizing on a specific or fundamental objective.

Article 1 : To prevent the emergence of a rival that poses a threat to USA dominance - power. Thus US is determined to destroy Russia and China.

Article 2 : To prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would under consolidated control be sufficient to generate global power. USA destroyed Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya to preserve US dominance in the Middle East.

Article 3 : USA fundamental goal is to deter or defeat attack from whatever source.

Articlle 4 : To strengthen and extend the system of defense arrangements with other democratic nations together in common defense against aggressoion. A collective response to preclude threats and to deal with them as a key feature of USA regional defense strategy.

Article 5 : USA must convince potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. This is utter impudence and arrogance of power. Only US security and interest matters, others do not .

Article 6 : In non-defense areas USA discourage other industrial nations from challenging USA leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. USA must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role. That's the reason they tryto destroy China in the South China Sea and Russia in the Baltic Sea and Black Sea region.

Article 7 : Unilateralism. The doctrine downplays the value of international coalitions. USA will maintain that the world order is ultimately backed by USA which will be an important stabilizing factor. Wherever US goes, there goes trouble, instability, choas and wars.

Article 8 : Pre-emptive Intervention .

The doctrine stated USA right to intervene where it is believed to be necessary to address those wrongs which threaten USA interest or those of its friends or allies. USA has been intervening in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Central and South America to the disaster of these areas.

Article 9 : The Russian Threat

The doctrine highlighted the possible threat posed by a resurgent Russia. Russia remains the strongest military power in Eurasia and the only power in the world with the capability of destroying United States.

Article 10 : Middle-East and South West Asia.

USA must remain the prominent outside power in the region and preserve US western access to the region's oil. USA must prevent a hegemon or alignmment of powers from dominating the region. USA must continue to play a role through enhanced deterrence and improved cooperative security.

Article 11 : USA is committed to the security of Israel and must maintain qualitative edge that is critical to Israel security. USA-Israel strategic cooperation contributes to the stability of the entire region.

The above doctrines must be carefully studied and analysed in relation to USA politics and foreign policies and their implications for peace or war in this world..

The Neo-Cons consist of scores of hot headed hawkish politicians including the Jewish cabal the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati group entrenched in US centres of power in Washington, CIA, Pentagon, the financial big banks and Wall Street. The Jewish cabal members include Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Richard Perle Elliot Brahms, Norman Podhoretz Dick Cheny, Carl Gershman. Jeane Kirkpatrick, John Bolton, Paul Bremer and many more others.

The main characteristics of the Neo-Cons is their tendency to see the world in terms of good and evil. America and democracy is good but communist and socialists are evil. They also have a low tolerance for diplomacy and are ever ready to use military force. They lay a strong emphasis on US unilateral action.


Monday, 21st November,2016

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    Joined: 07 Mar 2006
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    PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    President elect Trump and Peter Narvarro have sinister motives in accusing China of Unfair Trade.

    First let's examine America as a country of its history. Before 4th July, 1775, there was not even a country called US to speak of. The whole of North America belongs to several native American tribes numbering several millions of them. Then in 1600s with the arrival of the aggressive French and British invaders native America soon lost its peace and tranquility. France and England fought for total control of the North American continent. England emerged victorious and became the only supreme European power to rule the land. The native Americans fought bravely against the British invaders hoping to evict them from the continent. Soon they found out fighting the Europeans with bow and arrows and wooden spears were no match against ther enemies' guns and cannons. The natives were mercilessly slaughtered and as time rolled by it became an almost complete genocide.

    With being the only supreme and sole conqueror of the continent England was free to encourage millions of British and later other white Europeans to emigrate to North America.. The conquest of North America by England through force of arms and military might had rendered British and European rule illegitimate.

    By the 1700s there were over one hundred million British and other white European settlers in the land. In 1770s many British settlers were dissatisfied with strong arm rule from London. They agitated for self rule and independence. Thus in the war of independence they prevailed and on 4th July, 1775 the revolutionaries declared independence of a new country US which then comprised the thirteen states of about six hundred thousand square miles fronting the Atlantic Ocean.

    The large remaining areas from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and north of Mexican California were still under direct British rule. However the British did give the various native tribes some sort of self-government in the central plains and west of the continent up to the coast of the Pacific Ocean

    The native self governing states were not to last long when the US of the breakaway thirteen states decided to march west and conquer all of them. Though the natives fought hard and bravely against the invading US army it was inconsequential. The white Americans of US were even more wanton and brutal than the British in the killings and slaughter of the natives. It was a case of the worst and most brutal genocide of natives that ever occurred.By the turn of 1890s not more than ten or twenty thousand native Americans were left out of the original native population of about eighty-five millions.

    Thus the present US is an illegitimate country built on brutal genocide of the entire natives of the American continent and subsequently the brutal use of enslavements of negro slaves from Africa to provide the toil and free labour for its development. Its railways and other infrastructures were built on exploited Chinese labours in the 1800s to 1880s.

    Now let's examine American present perspective in its norms of behaviour and conduct in international affairs especially vis-a-vis China. There is no doubt US is an illegitimate country built on terrorism and its conduct has never shown it as otherwise. It is very bellicose and gingoistic throughout its barbaric history. US is even more evil than you think. US organizes and trains different groups of Islamic terrorist organizations like the Taliban, Alqaeda, Isis and many others and release them to create choas, instability and civil strives in countries US decides to overthrow a regime or governments which it considers unfriendly and not toeing US dictates. In short USA was, is and will continue to be the world's biggest and most evil terrorist country.

    At present in the economics, politics and military America , more than any other country has built up colossusly to awe and threaten the whole world. And yet to the Anglo-Saxon Americans everything is never enough unless its ultimate objective of world hegemony is achieved.

    The tremendous wealth of USA does not benefit the vast majority of Americans but only the one percent of the elites ruling class encompassing the bankers, stock brokers, business tycoons, hierachy of top politicians, and top military personnels in the Pentagon and CIA as well as perhaps about ten percent of the middle class. The whole country is actually controlled by a handful of top notch crooks, rogues and scoundrels in the powerful demonic organisation of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist cabal under the centralise Rothschilds Illuminati and Free Masons absolute total control.

    President Donald Trump is a member of this group. He is blaming China for all the ills of America, He and Navarro claim that half of USA deficit is caused by China's unfair trade with America. He and Navarro accuse China of manipulating the Chinese Yuan and subsidising exports.

    China's trade with other countries and USA is based on the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organisation in which both USA and China are members. China's international trade has so far benefitted all other countries including USA. No one has ever complained against China of unfair trade except USA. The fact is that America's businessmen and industrialists take advantage of China's vast pools of cheap labour, so they shifted their productions to China to enhance their high profits.

    As an example a pair of Nike shoes make in China may comprise labour cost of say $2, materials $3 and overheads like transport and production cost $3, making a total cost of $8 for a pair of Shoes. The American company sells the shoes in China for around $25 and in USA and other countries for around $45. Obviously the company makes such huge unthink of profits, will it want to move out of China. In the meantime US government gains by taxing on the shoes

    The colossal profit of goods make in China by American businessmen goes back to the company and USA and benefits American consumers. If at all the pair of shoes were to be made in USA the cost price per pair would be in the region of about $80 to $100 per pair. Then American consumers may have to pay $150 to $200 per pair. Thus America, from the company to the people and the state benefit all round from manuafacturing their products in China. Therefore this shows what Donald Trump and Navarro is talking is absolutely utter rubbish and mischievous. When they are unable to compete with China in fair trade they utter frivolities in such hues and cries.

    However the tremendous profits make by American companies do not so much as benefitting the people, the employees because it is creamed off by the greedy and rapacious directors and CEOs of the listed companies who never hesitate to pay themselves sinful salaries and perks worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Therefore it is really wrong and mischievous for Trump and Navarro and the American politicians to blame China for all its economic ills. They are just trying to pull the wool over the American peoples' eyes for all the greed and extreme corruption of their ruling elites , the crooks, rogues and scoundrels in the Apex of society. Just imagine how Trump himself managed to avoid paying tax of hundreds of millions of dollars for many years though his company is valued at several billion dollars worth.

    Trump and Navarro are great liars and conmen to accuse China of manipulating its currency and foreign exchange. The value of the Chinese Yuan depends on market forces independent of Chinese control . On the other hand US rigged the value of the American dollar to swindle the whole world . Whether it is pushing the dollar up or down it intends to profit both ways depending on the appropriate situation beneficial to US.

    America has a total debt of about twenty-one trillion dollars comprising both internal and external debt. Its currency is a fiduciary issue with no tangible intrinsic backing by gold or resources. How then can US now push the dollar to such high value except to con and cheat other countries of their foreign exchange and to do damage to their economies. Third world countries who succumbed to America's currency rigging and foreign exchange manipulation and who are induced to borrow and owe America huge debts are subjected to US control and blackmail. As an example US will demand the installation of military bases in third world countries which can't pay off their debts to US.

    Trump and Navarro may think they can play dirty with China. They may be shocked their evil schemings may rebounce back on USA .


    Wednesday,28th December,2016
    what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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    PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:46 pm    Post subject: Trump's bellicosity towards China will hasten US decline Reply with quote

    Trump's dangerous posture towards China will hasten USA decline
    Trump has appointed a cohort of likeminded anti-China characters in his cabinet. They have singled out China as the main enemy to be destroyed. It is wild dreams if they think they can destroy China like the way they destroyed and decimated the eighty-five million native Americans in the north American continent now illegally occupy by the invading whites from Europe.

    The white Americans had since the end of the Second World War in 1945 destroyed many small and medium sized countries after labelling them as enemies of America. The inherently evil white Americans need to constantly pick countries which do not toe the American dictates as enemies for various illogical motives. These countries are scapegoats for America's ills and setbacks. Other countries are always picked as posting a danger to American security though they know they themselves are always posting great insecurity to other countries. This manipulation and misrepresent dangers serve to advance the American agenda of world domination and hegemony.

    Trump and his gang of rogues try to pose China as an external threat and implies a possibility of war with China just to consolidate power and distract the American people and the world of their evil doings and deep corruptions. Trump and his cabinet of billionaires either pay no tax or very little tax which is not commensurate with their vast wealth and extensive range of business. They and the one percent American elites, the robber barons who control and rule America have impoverished the ordinary 99% percent ordinary Americans by robbing the state coffers through evading taxes.

    Trump and Rex Tillerson and the American ruling robber barons including the high officers in CIA and The Pentagon have for years been eyeing at the rich oil and gas resources below the South China Sea and the East China Sea. They want America to possess and take full control of both regions so that they can enrich themselves by exploiting these resources. Once they are in control of the regions all the countries in the periphery will be under American yoke and mercy. They will plunge South China Sea regions into choas and destability and cause great suffering to the people just as they have been doing in the Middle East.

    They know it is a dangerous game to tackle both Russia and China at the same time. Therefore Trump pretentiously extended an olive wreath and a love potion to Putin of Russia. Putin must be smart and wise enough not to take the lethal bait and and fall into the trap of this American trachery .If America succeeds in taking China down it will certainly be emboldened to attack Russia in future.

    Of course it is not going to be easy for savage America to attack China without hurting itself deadly for China is also a formidable nuclear power.

    Trump and his cabinet of hostile warmongers must not indulge with wild dreams unless they want to destroy America and the World.

    Southernglory 1

    Wednesday,25th January,2017
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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    US must abandon bellicose doctrines to become great again.

    Trump and America must be brave enough to recognise the fact that USA is inherently wicked historically and must be willing and sincere in amending its wild and savage hawkish traits of aggression and invasion of other countries. USA must first and foremost denounce and renounce its practices of the insidious militant doctrines of aggression which have through centuries caused great suffering and death to millions of people of other countries attacked and invaded by US. America must openly and publicly announce they will no longer practise the ( 1 ) Doctrines of Christian Discovery, ( 2 ) The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, ( 3 ) The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and ( 4 ) Neo-Conservatives principles of Wars of Aggression.

    US must sincerely atone for its never ending massacre and genocide of Native Americans and build a cenotaph in every one of the fifty states in memory and honour of the memory of millions of Native Americans bothe men, women and children who died a wanton death at the merciless guns and cannons of the ravaging invading savage white invaders from Europe.

    US must also apologise to the lynching and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent defenseless African Americans and likewise set up memorial halls in all the fifty states in honour and memory of the unfortunate dead

    Next US need to sincerely apologise to the Chinese Americans whose ancestors came to help and build and develop America's infrasstructures like railways,roads and mines but were later mercilessly slaughtered and lynched by savage white ruffians on countless occasions with the connivance of US government.

    Last but not least US must sincerely apologise and show contrition to the merciless and endless slaughter of Mexican Americans. US must atone for its past injustice to the Mexicans by building a Mexican American National Park with a cenotaph in the centre of the park in all the fifty states in memory of those unjustly killed.

    America must practise what it propounded regarding human rights and democracy. US government must grant the right of native Americans to a separate independent Native American state. Likewise it must also grant the rights of African Americans and Mexican Americans to have their own independent states and nationhood.

    US must also apologise to the natives of Hawaii for its massacre of hundreds of thousands of Hawaiians who resisted American invasion in the 1890s to 1905. US must renounce its illegal and illegitimate annexation of Hawaii and forthwith promise to acquiesce to the desire of native Hawaiians for their independence. In the same manner US must renounce its occupation of Guam and grant the people of Guam its independence. US must surrender Puerto Rico and Diego Garcia to the original inhabitants .

    Lastly US must return all the lands it had illegally and illegitimately taken from Mexico from 1840s to 1890s. The lands taken from Mexico through military might include the states of Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California. Trump does not need to build the illegal great wall and US can save billions of dollars if it just give back to Mexico her former territories.

    US must stop cheating and defrauding other countries through manipulating the deceitful US petrol dollar. This US petrol dollar should be more appropriately called the dirt dollar as it is no longer backed by oil or any other resources.US just print any amount of paper money and using it to exchange for other countries solid intrinsic assets.These fiduciary issues are used to cheat other countries of their wealth and resources.

    US must stop manipulating the world's stock markets through the cheating process of derivative trading and using the immense power of the hedge funds to wipe out other countries finance and economy. The CEOs and directors of big American stock markets and banks like J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others reward themselves with hundreds of millions of dollars annually. But when their operations in the derivative and hedge funds go awry resulting in steep losses of billions of dollars they still pay themselves the same millions for it is always the company ending in bearing the losses.In other words the share holders, the ordinary men in the streets will ultimately have to bear the losses. Criminal wrongdoings by CEOs and directors of banks and big business are never penalised and brought to justice.

    American banks and huge American concerns must stop money laundering at the expense of third world countries.These American companies and banks will always work hand in glove with corrupted third world government presidents and ministers in taking unnecessary huge loans of billions of dollars for purported big projects usually exaggerated hundred of times its worth. Loan money usually flow back to US companies which operate the projects while the president and local elites get huge side benefits worth millions of dollars. In the meantime the huge loans is intentionally used to bankrupt the borrowing country which is then obliged to follow American dictates and requirements. The few local elites become rich while the people and the country remain poor at the demand and calling of the American government which always demand the use of military bases and buying of American military weapons as well as obliged to support America whenever required and demanded.

    If Donald Trump and the American government can sincerely and faithfully carry out the above stated objectives it will enhance the good image of America and make America a great nation again.

    The United Nations must oversee that US grant independence to the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans as well as independence for Hawaii and Guam.

    Failing to carry out the above stated objectives will make Trump's calling to make America great hollow.


    Friday, 27th January,2017
    what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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    PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:26 pm    Post subject: The truth behind American aggression in the Syrian war Reply with quote

    The truth behind American aggression in the Syrian War

    The horrendous war atrocities committed by US in the Middle East starting with the indiscriminate mass bombing of Afghanistan, and followed by similar attacks on Iraq, Libya and now Syria are war crimes against humanity.

    Of course American war crimes against humanity is nothing new. Ever since its independence from England it has never ceased to attack, invade and kill endmass the populations of the countries it conquered. Eighty-five million native Americans were genocided and their lands annexed by US. Mexico was attacked and invaded too from 1840s to 1890s and subsequently lost 1.65 million square miles of Mexican land to US after much resistance and lost of hundreds of thousands of Mexican lives. Hawaii was attacked and invaded in 1895 and suffered more than two hundred thousand patriots death in fierce resistance to American invasion. Other American atrocities were committed in Central and South American countries. Further the South American countries were constricted in their freedom of sovereignty and independence under the American imposed Monroe Doctrine.

    American war of aggression in Syria has the background motive of subverting Russian economy. Accomplices with the Americans are the coalition of European countries UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

    Russia sells most of its oil to European countries. America wants to build a oil pipe line from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and then across Syria and Turkey to Europe to supplant and undermine Russia's oil business. Syria did not agree to have the Arab-American ( Aramco ) oil pipe line traverse across Syria to Turkey and then Europe. Syria did not want to be a party to the insidious American plan to subvert Russia's economy

    Syria and Iran and all the Arabian countries are muslims. Syria and Iran follow the shite denomination whereas Saudi Arabia and the rest are all sunni muslims. There is a strong divide between the sunnis and the shites. US exploits this divide to suit its economic geopolitical agenda. It is purely divide and control strategy of the wicked Americans.

    America and Saudi Arabia would not allow Syria to be a stumbling block to stop the Aramco pipe line to Europe. So America and Saudi Arabia planned to take Bashar Assad down. They would organize a proxy war to help anti Assad Syrians to take over Syria.

    In 2007 Bush started clandestine operations to destabilise Syria followed later by 'Arab Spring'. US and Saudi Arabia provided funding and together with Turkey, France UK, Gulf dictators like Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain they mapped out war plans to topple Assad. US prepared the Muslim Brotherhood to instigate violence to impose regime change in Syria.

    Syria under Assad practices religious freedom and respect every faith and women's rights and is friendly to all nations.Saudi Arabia was determined to topple Assad and impose Sharia law on Syria. It wants to get rid of Christians and other minorities and end religious freedom and women's rights forever.

    In 2011 US via Pentagon and CIA planned to topple secular governments in Middle East. US helped Saudi Arabia' s Wahabists to overthrow Middle East secularists and intend to impose brutal sharia law in Syria after its occupation. At the same time in 2001 NATO commander Wesley Clark disclosed US plans to overthrow seven Arab countries which include Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon and Sudan. In 2006 US embassy in Damascus published plans to instigate a revolution in Syria in 2011. Thus in 2011 CIA plans for wars of aggression and covert operatives were set in motion in their deadly plans to invade Syria and topple Assad.


    In Hama US backed violent rioters attacked Christians and burnt down their homes. Seventy thousand Christians fled to Damascus to seek Assad's protection. US and France ambassadors met rioters led by Al Qaeda operatives and promised them full American support and turned the bloody demonstration into a revolution. In Daraa and other Syrian cities Al Qaeda snipers shot and killed both demonstrators and police and then put the blame on Assad.

    In 2011 CIA. UK and France ousted Libya's colonel Gaddafi and had him brutally murdered. All captured Libya's arms were sent to Syria to overthrow Assad. Hillary Clinton was drunk with blood thirsty excitement and boasted, " We came, we saw , he died ". US plans had ignited the flames of war across the Middle East causing millions of death and suffering.

    US through Turkey supplied hundreds off anti tank missiles to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. In June and August 2013 Turkey used sarin poison gas to murder 1300 Syrian civillians and then put the blame on Assad. US and UK then used the sarin gas attack as an excuse to launch direct attacks on Syria.

    Western countries- US, UK and France promote terrorism in Middle East to serve their interest and agenda.They funded, trained, armed and organized jihadist terrorists from 60 foreign muslim countries to invade and destabilise Syria. They conduct a filthy war against Syria - " A crime against humanity ."

    The US led coalition against ISIS is a complete sham. They pretended to bomb ISIS which they never did. Instead they always bombed the Kurds and Assad's army camps killing hundreds of Syrian soldiers.

    Against the grand US led coalition Assad was helpless. He was forced to turn to Russia to help stem the tide against him. Putin's intervention was legal and unexpected by US and its coalition members. Russia unexpected intervention was a major embarrassment to the US led coalition. Russia meant business and it launched all out genuine attack on Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist positions. Fortunately US and its coalition partners dared not confront Russian intervention directly. Russia's intervention was timely and it helped Bashar Assad to regain control of Syria.

    The wheel of regime change via American military intervention has been stopped in its tracks in Syria. However, US has not given up its intention of overthrowing Bashar Assad. They have only put Syria in the backburner for now. In the meantime the Evil Empire will look for alternative weak spots to exploit like the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and the South China Sea. Nevertheless American attempted regime change in Syria had failed. This gives hope that American imperialism can be stopped and defeated.


    Thursday, 2nd February,2017
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    PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:39 am    Post subject: The world must act to counter Trump's ultra racism Reply with quote

    Trump is a white ultra racist and white supremacist. His grandfather was a leader of the extreme radical Ku Klux Klan organisation a die hard white supremacist creed bent on eradicating African Americans and Mexican Americans from US.

    During his election campaign he promised to clear the swamp. As he indulged in double speak people mistook him that he was going to get rid of all the robber barons, rogues and scoundrels in high places in the government, in the financial centres in the banks and stock markets and in the military industrial complex. Actually he did just that. People could never have been more wrong and they were grossly deceived. What he actually meant of clearing the swamp was that he wanted to get rid of all the non-white population in the country be they African Americans, Mexican Americans and other non-whites. He equates non-whites as useless swamps, a very disparaging and disrespectful remark. He wants to preserve America purely for white people and just like his forebears he will quote the bible to justify his wicked actions. He will promulgate policies and rules and institute actions to make sure all non-whites will be forced to leave America and return to their countries of origin. He conveniently ignores the fact that he and all the anglo-saxons, the Europeans were callous brutal invaders of the American continent in which native people were almost completely genocided by them.

    Trump and his hordes of fellow white supremacists are too drunk with racial hatred and wanton power to realise that there will definitely be an equally violent and unstoppable backdash against him and his likes for the world will never allow him only one way to kill and destroy other people. Moreover Trump should return all the stolen lands from Mexico to Mexico forthwith. If he says non-whites must leave America then he and all the whites too must go back to Europe and leave America to the rightful original owners the Native Red Indians and the Mexicans.

    Trump is the epitome of all things evil and a torch bearer of the satanic KU KLUX KLAN and should be destroyed sooner than later.


    Tuesday,7th February, 2017
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