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BREXIT And EU Exodus For A Better And More Peaceful World

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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1180

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:22 pm    Post subject: BREXIT And EU Exodus For A Better And More Peaceful World Reply with quote

European countries affiliated to EU better run - run away from EU as quickly as possible. EU is an American racket conceived with evil intent and it is under the complete dictatorial charge of USA 's Neoconservatives and their proxies in EU. Washington's neoconservatives in the Whitehouse, CIA, and Pentagon and the Anglo American Rothschilds Illuminati Zionist Axis are the real power behind EU.

The Evil Axis enacts all the EU laws and takes command of all decisions to suit its imperial agenda and the various local governments of the 28 affiliated countries have no say whatsoever. The Axis hijack all the political, economic and military power of the EU countries

USA treats the Russians and the Chinese as its enemies because they are the main obstacles to unchallenged USA global dominance.USA conducts provocative military build up close to the borders of Russia and China. This may lead to inevitable confrontation thus risking a possible nuclear war. For this responsible world leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America must show serious concern not to ally with the Evil Empire's catastrophic imperial agenda. They should reject USA's imperial agenda which is the greatest threat to world peace.

USA thinks now is the time to destroy Russia and China in order to fulfill its ambition of bringing the whole world under its total control - its hegemony

But USA is bankrupt and so it has to create so called allies and partners to share the cost of its reckless wild ventures of wars of aggression.These allies and partners are nothing but subservient lackeys with voidess power and decisions.They are being led by the nose by the Evil Axis and may realise too late that they are being led to the slaughter house in the frontline in confrontation with Russia and China.

The Evil Empire is very cool and calculative and manipulates all hostilities and wars far away from USA's shores.The evil neoconservative warmongers think America is safe and well protected by two big oceans.In fact USA is governed by a few selected rich aristocrats and business tycoons in the Axis who only think in terms of making endless profits by the billions and thrillions of dollars through unconscionable perennial warfare. While they reap endless profits from warfare, their citizens and soldiers have to pay the price of suffering and death.

British people are smart to realise the danger of staying as part of the EU. Their decision to leave the EU sets the pace and example for others to leave the sinister organisation. Other Eu countries must quickly conduct national referendums to leave EU to save themselves from a nuclear Third World War that the Evil Empire may recklessly unleash on this world.


Monday, 27th June, 2016
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14424
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is Brexit really that bad?

Before and after the Brits voted to leave the EU, you only hear one song, Britain leaving the EU is bad, all bad and nothing good. Britain and the Brits are going to suffer, short of telling them that they would repent, it was all fear mongering. Yes, the stock market took a $2 trillion hit after the result but mostly due to uncertainties than anything else.

What is so bad about a Brexit? And if it is so bad, why are the Brits asking for it? Are they nuts?

The answers could be culled from what Tharman said, '"The majority of the educated class voting to stay; the less educated to leave. Those doing well in their jobs and incomes voting to stay; those who felt they've been losing out voted to leave. Many more of the young voted to stay; old voting to leave."

And there is also the problem of the "weakening of trust and consensus in society, and of the centre in politics".

Quoting from the same article in Channel News Asia, Mr Tharman said, "the politics of the centre must stay connected to the challenges that ordinary people face - and address their need for jobs and security, and a balance in immigration that preserves a sense of identity. Tackling this without turning inwards,and weakening jobs and society further, is the central challenge everywhere."

Immigration and jobs are of utmost importance to the Brits voting to get out. Then for those who wanted to remain are those that are benefiting from the status quo. This is very similar to the situation in Singapore. Those that are benefiting from the PAP rule will not want to rock the boast, but those not having a fair share in the gravy train would want change. And there is also the issue of the centre not doing enough to tackle the angst of the people over immigration, the weakening jobs and society.

The Brits have chosen uncertainty and change and hoping for the better. And the portions of people wanting change against those wanting to stay were quite close but enough to tip the balance. When would Singapore reach this point when those wanting change would tip the balance and go for it, to replace the PAP rule like the Brits did?

The exit from the EU presents a lot of opportunities to the Brits. They have been world powers and a political maverick that was ahead of its time. The initiative to break away from the American camp to join AIIB was an ace scored by the British that changed the bigger picture of the world's financial structure. What's next from Britain that would rock the world?

Would Britain join BRICS or form a new alliance with Russia and China where it could benefit more from the new associations than being burden by a basket of burdensome countries and failed economies? Looking from the positive side, there are many positive cards in the new British hands to play. The EU is not what it was presumed and designed to be. It is getting dysfunctional and Britain may lead more countries to want to quit the EU. The subjugation of national interests to other nations' interests that did not really bring benefits to the country would not be acceptable. Asean is facing the same problems. What is good for one is not necessary good for the other.

Trust the Brits to take full advantage of their new status and identity to carve a new and better chapter in their story going forward. There is no fear of change. When the majority wants it, even a small majority, change will come and the old beneficiaries of the incumbent moribund system must make way.

Do not underestimate the wisdom and ingenuity of the Brits and think they are stupid. They did not rule the world for nothing, definitely not because they were stupid. The doomsayers think they are cleverer than the Brits. The Brits would prove to them who are the real stupid ones in due course.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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