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Doctrine of Christian Discovery and American Manifest Destin

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:28 pm    Post subject: Doctrine of Christian Discovery and American Manifest Destin Reply with quote

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery and Manifest Destiny
Why did the West go on the rampage to terrorise the world with merciless killings, genocide, aggression and conquest during the last one thousand years. To understand this psyche of Western Christiandom aggression and expansion we need to know the insidious doctrine they practise. The West strongly believe in their Doctrine of Christian Discovery which later sprouted into the American Doctrine of Manifest Destiny to justify the White American destruction and conquest of Native American Indians as well as the eventual conquest of Mexican lands, Hawaii, Guam and other Island kingdoms in the Pacific Ocean.

What is this Doctrine of Christian Discovery? This is a very ancient Catholic doctrine and it goes back to the year 1095, at the beginning of the Crusades. The doctrine is based on the edicts issued by the Popes. In that year 1095 Pope Urban the Second issued an edict called the Papal Bull Terra Nullius. This edict gave the Christian kings and princes of Europe the right to conquer lands from non-Christians
wherever they may be. And in 1492 Pope Nicholas V issued the Bull Romanus Pontifex, declaring war against all non-Christians throughout the world and authorizing the conquest of their nations and territories. These edicts proclaimed that non-Christians are uncivilized and subhuman and therefore have no rights to any land or nation. The Popes and all the Christian leaders claimed that their Christian God had given the Christians the right to take control of all lands . Armed with these ancient Papal edicts the European Christian countries used them to justify their wars of aggression , colonization, killings and genocide and even trafficked in human slavery.

With this Doctrine of Discovery Christopher Columbus set sail for America in 1492. On the very first day when he set foot on America he performed the ceremony to immediately acquire all the lands of the natives for the king of Spain.The following year 1493, Pope Alexander Vl issued the bull Inter Cetera, granting Spain the right to conquer all the lands in America.

By around 1600 , The Doctrine of Discovery was deeply rooted in the Western minds of Christian kingdoms and this led to the conquest of non-Christian lands and people in every part of the world. The concept that white people and Christians have certain divine rights was so ingrained in American national policies that others like the black people of Africa and the native Americans were treated as subhuman. This enable the white men and the Christians to justify their treatment of black people with violence and enslavement and the theft of Native American lands with impunity and justification.In 1823, the Doctrine of Discovery was written into U.S. law as a way to deny land rights to Native Americans . And in 1845 the Doctrine of Discovery was further refined by the Americans with uniquely American flavour with a new term called Manifest Destiny to justify and defend U.S. expansion and claims to new territories. Under the principles of Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny the Americans adopted very fierce policy of land acquisition and expansion which proved disastrous to Native Americans, African Americans, Mexicans and others abroad like Hawaii, Guam and other Pacific Ocean islanders. Thus wherever white American Christians go there goes genocide. European Americans had genocided almost ninety-five percent of Native Americans and about seventy to eighty percent natives of Hawaii and Guam.

The effects of Manifest Destiny continues today in new extended forms. Under Manifest Destiny America claims the right to impose its democracy on other countries and to carry out regime change on foreign governments which do not toe the American line. American talk about globalization, preemptive war and the responsibilities of U.S. as the world's only superpower reflects the principles of Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny.
When America carried out regime change in former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, Iraq , Libya and Afghanistan it reflected its Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny in action. American interference in the South China Sea issues is part of its Manifest Destiny in action. Lastly by using the principles of Manifest Destiny America justifies its actions in interfering in the internal affairs of many other countries in this world especially in South America and in dangerously trying to topple the governments of Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery holds a world view that Christians (European Christians) have a right sanctioned by God to take non-Christian lands and property and assert political control over the indigenous inhabitants living in those lands based on their different religious beliefs The Doctrine of Discovery grows out from a perverted understanding of God's designation of a chosen people that has god's blessing or heavenly sanction to do un-God-like acts in the name of God.Columbus and other European explorers depended on this concept to justify their invasion and conquest of Indigenous lands in both North and South America, Africa, Australia,Asia and New Zealand. The Doctrine of Christian Discovery originated from a Catholic Popes's edict , 'Dum Diversas' The edict 'Dum Diversas' states that, " We grant you [ Kings of Spain and Portugal ] by these present documents , with our Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, search out, capture and subjugate the Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be , as well as their kingdoms , duchies, counties , principalities and other property ... and to reduce their persons into perpetual slavery. " Here we see the Doctrine of Christian Discovery embodies and sanction the evil code which condones the domination of one people by another. In invoking the Doctrine of Discovery Spain in 1513, made used of it to justify the assertion that " God through historical Saint Peter and appointed Papal successors, held authority as ruler over the entire Earth, and that Inter Caetera Papal Bull, of May1493 by Pope AlexanderVI, conferred title over all the Americas to the Spanish monarchs. " Armed with this Doctrine all subsequent European Christian countries asserted the right that with the help of God they would enter any pagan land to make conquest and subjugate the people to slavery.

The present ill-effects of the Doctrine of Discovery and subsequent off shoot the American Manifest Destiny is that they tend to label non-Christians as subhuman and therefore deprive them of Human Rights, thus giving the white men and the Americans the justification to attack, invade and deprive indigenous people of their lands.The evil and insidious Doctrine of Discovery and the American Manifest Destiny have been the cause of most of the past and present world conflicts and violence. America is using its Manifest Destiny to justify its intereference with other countries internal affairs, to topple governments and carry out regime change, to defraud the world in the monetary affairs of currency and finance via the banks and stock exchange , to cheat on international trade under its hidden agenda and to destabilise countries that serve the American purpose of asserting hegemony over all countries and all peoples.

The Doctrine of Discovery and the Manifest Destiny are so evil that the United Nations should officially denounced them and make the countries responsible for the doctrines renounce them and revoke them. Only when this is done , the world will be safer and have more peace.

Southernglory 1

PS. The western media and powers would not want to be reminded of this shameful and inhuman Doctrine against the people of the world that were colonised, raped and killed by them in the name of God. The current Pope and many western intellectuals have recognised the evilness of their forefathers and are too embarrassed by their actions. Some understood the hypocrisy of the Americans touting human rights and all the shit but many American leaders are still unrepentant and still pushing their hypocrisy to the unthinking coloured people of the world. The saddest thing is that many coloured people of the world refused to see this hypocrisy and insisted that there is no such things, they did not want to know. And they insisted on believing the Great White God and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and American Manifest Destiny. Many of these coloured people are in Southeast Asia and many are in the little Red Dot. Some are regulars in this blog.

It is so pathetic.

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