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Cannot trust the Russians

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:36 pm    Post subject: Cannot trust the Russians Reply with quote

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China, Russia reach consensus on fishery issue
Updated: 2012-07-30 16:12
( Xinhua)
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BEIJING - China and Russia have reached a two-point consensus on a fishery issue and the detained Chinese fishermen may return home soon, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said Monday.

Spokesman Hong Lei said in a press release that diplomatic departments of the two countries, with the spirit of friendly consultation, are closely cooperating with each other to complete procedures to arrange for the detained Chinese fishermen to return home.

The first point of the consensus is that China and Russia will hold consultations on fishery cooperation, and the two sides will discuss various issues, including Russia granting China some fishing quotas in exchange for China giving Russia corresponding compensation.

The second point is that the two sides will set up a security cooperation mechanism on maritime law enforcement in order to prevent illegal fishing from happening again, Hong said.

The spokesman on Friday confirmed that two Chinese fishing vessels were recently detained by Russia following the seizure of two fishing vessels in mid-July.

China, Russia reach consensus on fishery issue |Hot Issues |
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Southernglory1 2012-07-30 21:56
To Xe-nophobe.

I am a hundred percent overseas Chinese compatriot. I have always hated the Europeans or White Men inclusive of Russians which had taken liberty with a weak China in the last hundred fifty years or so. The Russians and the West had always joined hands in a concerted action to bully and tear apart China which they called it cutting the Chinese melon and then shared the spoils among them. The British took away a large part of South Westeern China which is now under India, the French took away Indo-China from China in 1885, the Germans took away Shangtung province which is now back with the motherland, but it was the cunning, wicked , scheming and capricious Russians which took away not less then three and a half million square miles of Chinese lands through fraud, deceit, evil ingtrigue, deception, force and unequal treaties when a weak China under the decadent Ching Dynasty was put under duress by the Imperial zarist Russian to cede away Chinese lands from between 1860s to 1880s. Of course the satanic Americans are just as evil and wicked. From the 1920s to the 1940s the West , especially the Americans have always tried to sabotage the Chinese revolution and the Chinese communists. I believe the Russians and the Americans connived the Korean War ( 1950 - 1953 ) to involve China so as to weaken China further. The Russians who illegally occupied the Chinese province of Outer Mongolia from the 1920s did not return the province to China but deceptively conducted a fake plebiscite in 1946 to grant Outer Mongolia independence from China. However, before granting independence to Outer Mongolia without Chinese consent the deceitful imperial Russians cut off a large chunk of Outer Mongolia , called Tannu Tuva and annexed it to Russia. The Japanese of course were stupid because instead of joining hands with China to fight the West and the Russians they chose to join the Western and Russians brigands to break up China . Japanese thought a weak China was an easy meat and so she took away Liu Chiu Dao which they renamed it Okinawa , in 1875. After the Second World War, the Liu Chiu Dao and the Diaoyu Dao were placed under American trusteeship and to be returned to China later. However after the Korean War, the Evil Empire, USA illegally handed Liu Chiu Dao to the Japanese in 1960s and the Diaoyu Dao in 1972 , instead of giving them back to China.

Now we see the same evil schemings of the West headed by the Americans, the Russians and the Japanese are planning a grand scheme to contain China's peaceful rise by surrounding her all round with so called allies and a circle of military bases to try their old tricks of breaking up China again. If Russia has good intention to be a good friend of China , she should at least protest against the Americans for stirring trouble in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. Instead Russia allow the Americans to fly freely from Russian air space to American military bases in Afghanistan and never protest against the Americans for stirring up trouble in Korea and the Far East and never speak up against the Americans for stoking India to go against China.

The only hope for China is to be forever self-reliant and nevert trust anybody , whether Russia, Japanese or the West headed by the Evil Empire , USA. China should build up the strongest and most powerful economy and military which is second to none, and this will be China's best friend and safest trust.

Xe-nophobe, I know my history, world history ,especiallly Asian history and I know how the West and Russians have enslaved and exploited the World for the last Five Hundrted Years. I have no love for the Europeans, the Americans and the Russians. So it is silly to suspect me as an agent of the West. I am a Chinese and proud to be one and I long to see China and the Chinese triumphant always and yet fair and sincere to others. With that I hope to put you at ease.

content 2012-07-30 20:27
strategically content with borders china is. learn how to read a map

No_xenophobe 2012-07-30 19:53
There are no border problems between China and Russia. All border problems were solved several years ago. China does not claim the area you have mentioned. Only extreme Xenophobes or foreign agents with a sinister cause claim the area as China's.

I believe an extreme xenophobe you are not.

southernglory1 2012-07-30 18:49
The so called Russian Far East region including the Pacific coast and the surrounding seas was stolen from China and the Chinese people in the years between 1860s to 1880s. The whole region should be returned to China without any conditions. Once the region is returned to China there will be no problems between China and Russia.

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