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US most irresponsible member of the International community
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Author Message

Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1177

PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:08 pm    Post subject: US a rogue power, provocative on land, sea and air Reply with quote

Ming 2010-11-26 14:34
Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.... living peacefully side by side.

I know, one can only dream!

But seriously, all parties in the Korean peninsular should take a step back and sit down to settle their 'own' disputes with neighbouring countries such as China as mediators. The US should not be part of the equation as she is more of a disruptive force as well as having a strategic self interest in the region.

As with most disputes of this kind, the best and proper solution is through diplomatic means

Leung 2010-11-26 14:32
If the US has learned any lessons from past mistakes, she should stay out of the Korean peninsular disputes and definitely not bring weapons to the table such as the powerful US aircraft carrier. Not only that it'll not help to solve the problem, but also it'll hinder the peace process and display the usual US provocation, aggression and self interest.

On the other hand, China can play a major role in the disputes but it must be in her own terms without the need for anyone, in particular the US breathing down her neck, as China is a close neighbour to Korea, of course she would want peace in the region. Furthermore, China is now as much a headmaster as the US is, so no one can or should order her around any more.

helen 2010-11-26 13:58
We pray and hope that the PLA modernisation is expedited to counteract US high sea piracy and bullying tactics.

The US$ demise will hasten the collapse of US Global Tyranny and the World of nations can live in relative peace and harmony then.

Soon, the shameless United States will realise that the World of nations can live without the United States!

Jack 2010-11-26 13:54
Asianist 2010-11-26 12:39

Bobby my boy, still telling lies as a non Asian?

Asian Perspective 2010-11-26 12:40
US is not a signatory to the UN Law of the Sea agreement and this give them the rights not to abide to the extended Economic Exclusive Zone stated in the charter.

Either intentionally or unintentionally, this give them the rights to come as close as possible to any country beaches and not infringing on their terroritial water.

China should strengthen their air and naval capabilities to deny the safe passage which the US have always think that they can go into the Taiwan Strait and come out of it. By allowing them to sail thru the Taiwan Strait, they are signalling to the world that they are still the master of the sea. It is clearly a show of force and telling China that there is nothing you can do about it and totally an act no respect to China's sovernity . It is time to put a stop to the naval amanda and have the Chinese Navy and Air Force buzzing at low level over their fleet the next time they intend to sail thru it again. A close encounter of this kind is better than no encounter at all. At least they don't sail thru with the ease of mind thinking that there is nothing the Chinese military can do but just watch.

Asianist 2010-11-26 12:39
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1177

PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:36 pm    Post subject: US a rogue power, provocative on land, sea and air Reply with quote

Spilling oil on fire is what that's called.

If Mr.Kim in the North wants a war, he should just play Command & Conquer...

HsunTze 2010-11-25 17:13
I tend to take the words of the DPRK as I view the continuous ROK drills by itself or with the USA is provocative enough.

ROK might not have meant it but in its exercise so near to the border, shells could have strayed across the border and caused a return of fire.

I believe ROK actually wants peace and growth but ROK is not to have it that way as someone else want it in his way. There cannot be peace and harmony or East Asia will not see the need for the military presence of that power. Yes, it will also meant a loss of opportunity to sell more arms as well as inject influence and be further involved in the region to gain more.

Creditability is one that talks, thinks and practise peaceful deeds, not one that incites hostility. It is ridiculous to say that ROK cannot protect itself from DPRK if the latter is to launch an attack. I have always wonder from childhood until now what this evil power has got to do in Asian matters. It had meddled and fought in the Korean war, in Vietnam war, in Iraq and now in Afghanistan not to mention the others. I also wonder what or who gave it the right to interfere in the affairs of the others. Did any grievous party invite the USA to meddle or the USA just self appoint itself to be the policeman and it seems that it is now acting as the global arbitrator or judge to decide who is right and who is wrong. Can one imagine how Obama reacted to the Myanmar election recently? Was he right our proper? Imagine hearing him say the USA must be the number one country and that it must play a leadership role. Incredible and wishful thinking is it not? Does a leader impose himself? Even in a so called democracy one is elected, not appointed or nominated, not to say imposing oneself.

When a situation becomes like the one in the boy and wolf story, it becomes stale and people will ignore it as mischievous, not worthy of attention. They will start to ignore the USA as a great nation and crying wolf wolf wolf will not help the USA to regain trust and attention. No wonder it needs to heat up the region to gain some attention. Poor DPRK is being made the scapegoat for the game the USA plays. How can one blame the DPRK when it gets provoked this way and that way? Blame it for the Cheonan sinking! Blame it for this cross border shelling! But really who sank the Cheonan? Who started the firing first? But blame the DPRK. Yes, the USA has the firepower, has the resources, has the allies and of course has the agenda.

The world must ask what was the actual situation during the last 2 or 3 decades. Why and how did all these tensions come about especially after East Asia was doing well in terms of trade and relations. Was there any kind of suspicion, mistrust, lack of cooperation or was there growing ties between ROK, China and Japan? Why was there a sudden strain in relationship between ROK and China and between Japan and China. Remember things were going well between the three countries prior to all the outbreak of friction.

Surely the world has its own microscope to look deeper into the circumstances and make a deduction, an analysis of the growing and widening gap which is not good for Asia and the world. Whatever the world see may not be as important as what the countries within the region see. Yes, the countries therein must be wise, reasonable, realistic that cooperation, trust, peace and whatever positive elements are vital to their well-being, harmony and growth. The two subservient Asian countries to the US master must be realistic enough to know that they must walk the path to the future on their own and they cannot be subservient for ever. It is not that anyone would attack them but can they depend on the declining USA to go on protecting them till who knows when.

Comment from Netizen

Sincerely I think we need to think of one world one dream, live and let live applicable to all people of this Earth. It should not be the US Americans live on the others who have to give way because of US might. No wonder the Talibans will keep on fighting to drive out the foreign intruders into their land. No wonder more nations are not willing to align themselves with the USA. (Of course the USA and friends will call them rogue nations - but who cares about Western descriptions)

Yes, the world must unite against imperialism. They must or they will again eat the humble pie of White colonialism.

darren 2010-11-25 16:59
my leader wants peace and stability in that area- and for all parties
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1177

PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:38 pm    Post subject: US a rogue power, provocative on land, sea and air Reply with quote

Comments from Netizens:

US should be stopped from creating strives, wars and aggression all over the world. US the rogue nation is leading the world to self destruction. Who can stop this rogue power? Yes, we can, only if every country co-operates and tell this rogue nation not to interfere in others affairs.

Siakap 2010-11-26 15:46
The South Koreans have admitted that they fired
shells into the North Korean territorial waters first.
You expect the North Korean to sit back and let the
US do what they had done in Tonking Bay during the
Vietnam War.

comments from NetizensYou splashed mud on the North Korean's face, and
expect the Chinese to clean it for you. Hahaha !!

Why don't you US or South Korea carpet bomb the North
as you did in Vietnam War , eh ?

MeiGuoRen 2010-11-26 15:42
To my fellow Americans....I have to tell you the really bad part of this story.

It is known throughout our history, since the founding of our nation we have abused human rights in having and making Africans our slaves to do the hard work while we White Americans enjoyed the glory brought about by our fellow cousins in their colonisation of the world.

Even as we eradicated slavery, we continued to have racial profiling especially against the Blacks even up till today in various corners not obvious to the world.

Look at how we entered the 2nd world war. We went in when the fighting nations were exhausted. Our troops captured German scientists and that was how we went on to develop the atomic bombs. Of course you should not forget we quickly used two on the Japanese. Subsequently we also threatened to use nukes on others. Death to others meant nothing to us.

The German scientists also helped us developed advance rocketry and missiles and all these helped us became a great power. Yes, we had the kind of greed and selfishness genes. We envisioned plans to control and dominate the world. We were rich and very powerful. We could not allow serious competitions. The Soviets were a serious contender after the war. Our leaders deliberated and planned how to bring about their downfall. With our technical advantage we even dared to confront the Soviets as seen in the Cuban missile crisis. Yes we were prepared to have human kind wiped off the earth so that Americans would live. Was that not powerful?

We had to interfere in the Korean war to prevent it from going communists which would present a problem to our motive of controlling the world. Our leaders foresaw the need to divide and rule. No one must challenge us in our hegemonic agenda. Yes, we should continuously meddle and provoke any new challenger whether right or wrong.

To get things done our way, we needed to have NATO and work up other Allies. However, everyone must follow our lead. We must be the leader. Political power indeed comes from the barrel of the gun.

All our allies must follow our instructions and be subservient to us. Looked at NATO. We asked them to remain in Afghanistan and so they would. Our deputy sheriff Australia would increased their participation as instructed. Look at how South Korea and Japan played to the way we wanted them to. We told Japan we want to maintain the base in Okinawa and they could not refuse. Did you wonder whether it was us who told South Korea ally to lob a few shells into the North and test their alertness and response.

Fellow Americans, these Asians have to be made to hate each other so that there will be no peace and they will not be able to get too far away from us. How can we allow them to develop and progress when we are facing difficulties? We must work hard to get the Indians, the Vietnamese and the Russians on our side to contain China.

Our greatest worry is the possibility of Japan, ROK and China working together nice and well. If they trust each other and they do not see any need for us, we are done for. ROK won't need our troops, Japan would call us to remove the base and who will buy our arms?

Fellow Americans, if you are in South East Asia, go help pull the wool over their eyes. These people are very humble and American loving types. They are easily misled. They won't feel it even after bitten. See how that mosquito sucked their blood. They did not feel anything. poor guys. Hey, wait a minute. See that Asian kid? He's awaken. Yes, he sees us and he is waking up the others. If everyone is awaken, will they believe us? We have been telling them all kind of stories, shown them our documentaries, telling them how great we and our fighting machines are. Will they continue to swallow our broth?

Fellow Americans, wake up. You cannot remaining sleeping. The truth hurts. Yes, the truth hurts the offending party but pains the receiving party.

@ ZhongGuoRen 2010-11-26 12:06 Why be the fake when the truth hurts. If the ear is sensitive, the mind should alert the body to do the right thing. Or is the mind and ears not in sync within yourself.

really? 2010-11-26 15:17
do the chinese really believe that the US / UN invaded China
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14304
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shhssssh…let’s tell our enemies – WikiLeaks

What shall the world make out of the WikiLeaks? So far information that was ‘leaked’ is very damaging only to Asian, African and Arab countries. Their inter state relations are going to plunge into the abyss if the leaks were real. The first casualty will be the Saudi King. He is finished with the Iraqis but safe as Saddam is already dead. But the Iranians will put out a contract on him if they took the leak seriously.

North Korea will lose confidence in China as its unquestionable supporter. China will be seen by North Korea and its allies as unreliable. A huge wedge has been driven into their relationship.

Singapore too will be hit by the ire of the North Koreans as well, but nothing serious as Singapore has little to do with that country. The bottom line is that many Asian, African and Arab nations will be going after each other’s jugular and their relations in a mess.

What is glaringly absent in the leaks are the secrets of Israel or the US that could damage their relations with their allies. Do they have any secrets about what the US and the Israelis were saying about the Arab world? The only thing damaging and affecting the US is that it will be called an inept and a bungler at most.

There is also another big hole in what the US and Japan will be saying about the stupid Koreans trying to kill each other and the role of the US and Japan in the rising tension.

Oh, the White House said that the real secrets are safe. So why are these secrets circulating are only going to create turmoil among Asian, Arab and African nations, and nothing damaging to America and its allies? Strange right? The leaks seem to have a pattern, to create as much damage as possible in the camps of the US enemies. Quite brilliant actually.

But Julian Assange and his men seem so genuine in their actions to expose the hypocrisy of the Evil Empire. So are they just another group of under cover moles of the US? Could be. Or they could be really on a cause. Then the US intelligence knowing what they were doing, deliberately let them fish out all the leaks that they have planted, and making the whole issue like real. Sure some of information are real. But how many are fakes?

How genuine are the WikiLeaks and the secrets they have in hand, and releak to the world, is best judged by the end results. What were achieved by the leaks? Who stand to gain and who stand to lose from the so called official secret leaks?

At the moment it looks like a con job. And Julian Assange and his men could just be made used by the mastermind who coordinated the whole leak, what to leak and who to suffer from the consequences.

So, what else is new? It smells of another black ops.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14304
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Americans have done it again!

The attempt to throw the world into disarray continues. Regime change, attacking countries on human rights, sanctions, exporting toxic financial products and causing a world wide financial crisis, and now WikiLeaks.

The latest weapons has caused great concern, disharmony and acrimony among nations and their leaders. The information was targetted mostly at enemies or nations unfriendly to the US with a little dosage of gossips on US allies to give it a little semblance of credibility. But once the information is carefully studied and assessed, it is quite obvious where it is heading and the objectives it is trying to achieve.

Well done amateurs! The world is not so dumb anymore
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1177

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:27 pm    Post subject: Exchange between DPRK & ROK can escalate into war Reply with quote

Exchange between DPRK and ROK can escalate into war
By Han Dongping (
Updated: 2010-12-02 10:34 Comments(11) PrintMail Large Medium Small

Editor's note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, the China Daily website.

The artillery exchange between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK) military has made the world news for the last few days. Before anybody found out what really happened, the media has been condemning Pyongyang for provoking the incident.

ROK politicians threatened retaliation. Japanese Foreign Minister Gaimu Daijin assumed that the DPRK was responsible for the incident, and pressured China to rein in its unruly neighbor. US President Obama ordered carrier George Washington to sail toward the Yellow Sea for a four-day navy exercise with ROK forces again to put pressure on the DPRK. It seems that Seoul, Tokyo and Washington have been acting in concert to put pressure on both Pyongyang and Beijing.

This recent artillery exchange has to be seen in light of the earlier incident in which a ROK gunboat was sunk for mysterious reasons. In that incident, the ROK government accused the DPRK of sinking its boat. Even though Pyongyang denied the allegations, Western media assumed that it was guilty and the United Nation Security Council eventually passed a resolution to condemn the DPRK without mentioning its name, supposedly because China did not want that to happen.

For many years, the Western media has portrayed the DPRK as a threat to world peace. Former President Bush imposed on the DPRK the label of part of "the Axis of Evil." Personally I do not see how the DPRK could threaten the US, Japan or China in any way. In Western media, the DPRK is portrayed as a poor country with a starving population. I have never been to the DPRK and I have no way to know if the media's description is accurate. But if the country is poor and starving as the media has described, how could it threaten the wealthy, the well-fed and well-equipped US, the ROK, and Japanese military? The US has six major military bases in the Far East, and all could strike the DPRK easily. As the only superpower left in this world, the US has a bigger military budget than the next 14 biggest military spenders in the world combined. Does the DPRK have more reasons to feel threatened by the US and its hostile neighbors? Can Washington and the outside world leave Pyongyang alone for a change?

Recently, an American scientist who was invited by the DPRK government to visit one of its nuclear facilities revealed that Pyongyang has built a large and more advanced plant that can produce weapons-grade nuclear materials. Again the media used the opportunity to blow up the threat the DPRK posed to the world. When the media talks about the DPRK's nuclear threat, people often forget that the real nuclear threat to the world has been the insensibly large stockpile of nuclear weapons of the superpowers during the cold war, which is capable of blowing up the world several times over. For any sensible individual, is it not enough to blow up the world just one time? But not to the great leaders of the Great US and Great Soviet Union. They would not feel secure unless they have enough nuclear warheads to blow up the world several times over. Who is the insane one?

There is a tendency among Western leaders to describe leaders in countries they dislike as madmen. Before the Iraq war, there was a huge propaganda campaign against Saddam Hussein in the West. While sitting in a mall once, I was asked by a teenage schoolgirl if I knew Saddam. I asked her what about Saddam Hussein. She then said Saddam was a madman, and President Bush was going to kill him. In another instance, a brigade general was telling an audience, of which I was a part, that Saddam Hussein was dangerous because he had an underground tunnel that could withstand a direct nuclear blast. I asked him how big the tunnel was, and did he think that Saddam Hussein just cared about his own survival and that he was willing to risk a nuclear retaliation from the US that would wipe out the entirety of the Iraqi people. He got what I was driving at and said that he did not want to talk with people like me.

Anyone who has some semblance of common sense would know that if Pyongyang developed nuclear weapons it would be for defensive purposes, especially after seeing what happened to Saddam Hussein. It would never dare to provoke the US into a nuclear confrontation, because the outcome would be obvious. If the DPRK ever dared to use nuclear weapons against any of its neighbors, it would be wiped out by a barrage of nuclear weapons from the US, China, or Russia. Unlike other people who do not hesitate to call the DPRK's leader Kim a madman, I would grant him enough good sense to know that outcome. At the same time, the DPRK has the right to defend itself, like every other sovereign nation in the world.

The US, Japan, and the ROK have participated in frequent joint military exercises targeting the DPRK explicitly and China implicitly in the past and with growing frequency. The intention of these military exercises, it seems to me, cannot be peaceful. They are meant to threaten the DPRK and to place increased pressure on its people and leaders, and the ultimate goal is to create enough tension in the region to cause some military clash between the two sides, which the ROK, the US and Japan can use to launch large-scale military escalation on the Korean peninsula. That is the danger I see in the artillery exchange between the North and the South. It can be used by some parties to escalate the exchange into a major military confrontation, which will threaten the stability of China and the world. The civil war between the DPRK and the ROK 60 years ago provided the US with an excuse to get involved in the Korean conflicts, which eventually dragged China into it. Any military confrontation on the Korean peninsula can easily spill over to China and pose great danger to China's security and interrupt China's economic development.

This is a dangerous time for the world. The US economy has been struggling in the worst recession since the Great Depression. According to Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, an economist from Boston University, the US is bankrupt. Nobel Economics Prize winner Paul Krugman argued that nothing short of war could save the US economy. Some people even accused him of suggesting war as a fiscal solution for the US economy. The truth of the matter is that there is no easy solution to the woes of the world capitalist economy at this point. At the moment, the conventional wisdom that "war is good for business" can easily emerge to lead decision makers to opt for war as an easy fix for their economic troubles.

Like all the peace-loving people in the world, I hate war. I want to argue that war is not good for business, and war is not good for anybody, including the people who start the wars, who thought they might gain from the wars they started. Those who start wars in the world often end up burnt by the fire they started. The US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not helped the US economy in any positive way. It can be argued that these wars actually contributed to the economic decline of the US. War also has huge environmental consequences, and the human race cannot afford to allow any major wars to destroy our environment.

Of course, warmongers will not listen to this type of argument. I hope that the peace-loving people of the world will unite to prevent wars from starting. China can and should play a crucial role in world peace in general and in the Korean peninsula in particular. China should realize that peace in the Korean peninsula is crucial to its national security. In such a dangerous situation, China cannot afford to mince words anymore. It should tell the US and the ROK unequivocally that it will not allow them to bully and threaten its friendly neighbor anymore. More important, China should consult with Russia and other concerned nations of the world, and take concerted action to warn the US, the ROK and Japan to stop their provocative military exercises close to Chinese and the DPRK's sovereign waters. The only way to stop war is to prepare for the worst. China has not instigated any wars in the past, but it should be prepared and ready to prevent any aggression against it and its friendly neighbors.

Han Dongping is Professor of History and Political Science at Warren Wilson College, NC.
Comments(11) PrintMail
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1177

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:42 pm    Post subject: China actively defuses Korean peninsula tensions. Reply with quote

China actively defuses Korean Peninsula tensions
Updated: 2010-12-01 08:06 Comments(24) PrintMail Large Medium Small

BEIJING - Chinese analysts have refuted criticism that China is not acting responsibly enough to address the recent increase in tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

It is evident that China is actively making diplomatic efforts to ease the tensions and pushing for contacts and talks among relevant parties, they said, adding that these facts should not be ignored.

John McCain, a senior U.S. senator said China "is not behaving as a responsible world power" in dealing with the Korean Peninsula situation.

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Armed Services Committee has called on China to suspend economic and energy assistance to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to show the DPRK consequences for its "aggression."

China does not control the DPRK, and China's actions are made out of a respect for other sovereign states and humanitarian considerations, said Zhu Feng, professor at Peking University's School of International Studies.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1874 adopted in June 2009 made it clear measures imposed by the resolution upon the DPRK "are not intended to have adverse humanitarian consequences for the civilian population of the DPRK."

"There is serious misunderstanding and hostility between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea (ROK). The best solution is to make every possible effort to bring the parties to negotiation to maintain peace," Zhu said.

"Only with more contact and dialogue can we ease the current tensions and find a solution acceptable to all," Zhu added.

As tensions grow, China has proposed emergency consultations be held next month between the heads of the delegations to the Six-Party Talks, Wu Dawei, Chinese special representative for the Korean Peninsula affairs, said Sunday.

The analysts also called for calm and restraint to maintain and promote peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

The series of large joint military drills between the ROK and the United States in the Korean Peninsula region is unprecedented, and the show of force may sting the DPRK and heighten tensions, said Tao Wenzhao, a research fellow at the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

The ROK and the United States conducted joint military drills in March, June, August and September in the ROK and in waters off the ROK coast.

Furthermore, the two countries started a high-profile four-day drill involving the U.S. aircraft carrier George Washington Sunday, after the deadly exchange of fire between the DPRK and the ROK on November 23.

The ROK and the United States hope the drills deter the DPRK, said Shi Yinhong, a professor with the American Studies Center at Renmin University of China.

However, Shi said, this could further anger the DPRK and press the DPRK to take more aggressive countermeasures.

Shi said the most important thing at present is to push for an exchange of opinions through talks and consultations between the relevant parties to avoid misunderstandings that may cause serious consequences.

After the recent shelling incident, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said during his visit to Russia that China opposes any military provocation on the Korean Peninsula.

Wen called for the utmost restraint from all relevant parties and joint efforts by the international community to ease tensions. China is also making unremitting efforts to restart the Six-Party Talks.

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Chi Jae Ryong, Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to China, and held telephone conversations with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ROK Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara to exchange opinions on the Korean Peninsula situation.

Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo met with ROK President Lee Myung-bak Sunday in Seoul.

After a long, candid and in-depth talk, the two sides said the situation on the peninsula is worrisome, agreeing that parties concerned should make joint efforts to engage in serious contact and dialogue to ease tensions and safeguard peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia.

Ni Feng, deputy director of the CASS Institute of American Studies, called on the Chinese government to make further efforts to promote talks, despite existing difficulties.

Dialogue is better than confrontation, Ni said, adding that if the situation deteriorates, the biggest losers will be the DPRK and the ROK.
Comments(24) PrintMail
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1177

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:48 pm    Post subject: China actively defuses Korean peninsula tensions. Reply with quote

Comments from netizens.

Comments on this article For more discussions,please go to the forum
Total 24 [ 1 2 3 ]
China is the 2010-12-02 15:46
BUFFER that is preventing the invasion of DPRK by sokors and HER bully BUDDYFAGGOT USA, if China standback and drawdown, DPRK will be slaughtered by these cannibals..unending military exercises around a sovereign country and decades of sanction..including food and medicine is INHUMANE..Iraq was sanctioned for 12 long years, hence the bravefaggots got tha balls to invade the country. this SHE-SUPERPOWER is a shame to human race.

HsunTze 2010-12-02 11:33
terry 2010-12-02 10:39

Please my comments in "Be creative, children" about your query whether I had lived in the West.

No country is perfect. We all have our flaws but one can easily compare the differences and the West does have more flaws than the others so far as harmony and peace is concerned. Why not, with greed and aggressive genes, the West seems bent on conquest and dominance. Today it could not be as openly aggressive but it still is as we see what has happened around the world. Look at the USA and its cohort NATO and other White allies and we can see what they are all up to, even when done subtlely. Known as defending democracy, fighting for lives and liberties it seemingly are all about intimidation, regime changes and making countries subservient to the overall dictator. Do you think Japan after being beaten, subdue and pressurised has the courage to oppose the USA? Look at how it meekly accommodate the continued USA naval base in Japan despite the Okinawans continue protestation to remove the base.
Look at the trouble the USA incited in this region so as to have a reason to stay and propogate its might.

Do I have to stay in the West to see what is going on? Did not the US people say the US American people are separate from the US government and many commented that the people had been asleep, not knowing what was happening around the world. Would I want to stay in a place where I hear only great news about the West and bad news about the others.

Tell me if the USA is doing things right for the past many years would the USA be said that it would have to improve its image in Africa and to repair its dented image in the Muslim world? Having thought about and said such things, is the USA on the right path? Did it remove Guantanomo prison?

Have you not heard that a ex service man Andrews wrote a book depicting that the USA abused its might? He is just one of many who thought that way, but because more are aligned to the US so called founding policies and most Americans are of the could not bother types, what and where is the USA headed, after years of good lives and spending the excess on war and meddling.

They say good things all will come to an end. Surely the USA is no exception. If it has done good for the world, surely everyone will hope the USA well but since it had caused innumerous suffering and deaths we cannot possibly have that in mind, can we?

The world has awaken. It is high time the dictatorship of the USA be brought to an end. It is difficult for others to do it but it is the US Americans who will cause it its decline and eventual downfall. Perhaps that is destiny or the law of gravity: What goes up must come down.

I am not mean. I am realistic.

To terry 2010-12-02 10:59
sokors cho, virginia tech? Remember him? HMONG who lived in USA too..remember him? Many there and they regretted it..many actors and actresses asian-americans coming back to asia because they don't have a place there..LOL!

terry 2010-12-02 10:39
i can see why some mixed parents are concerned to send their children to school in china. aside from the name calling and xenophobic attitudes, they are also taught a history of the world that seems to be straight from the great leap backwards and the cultural devolution. when people were scared for life, working against each other, quickly supporting mao and putting down the US without thinking when asked, and trying not to look too smart in case they were also sent to the camps.

HsunTze has not lived in the west but seems to enjoy bashing it daily.

peace maker 2010-12-02 02:08
it is none of your business.

Concerned 2010-12-01 23:52
Hsun Tze says rightly "The man you were talk about happened to be our great Chairman Mao who founded the PRC. If he had done things you seemed to indicate, his portrait would not be on the wall in Tian An Men square and his body would not be preserved in the Mausoleum."

I agree. He gave China back her pride as a Sovereign Nation.

Prof Henry CK Liu, who is based in New York, has this to say:

"Chairman Mao Zedong, the greatest revolutionary in modern Chinese history, has been unfairly vilified by the neo-liberal West, but he set a decaying China on the path to renewed greatness and provided a vision for a new China that will survive for centuries to come."

Compare to Chairman Mao, US presidents like Nixon was a crook, Reagan a lightweight actor, Bush I a bungler, Bush II a liar, warmonger and a spendthrift, Clinton a womanizer and Obama will be remembered for adding US$6 Trillion to the fiscal gap of US$200 Trillion, enough to destroy the USA for good. Pres carter was the only honest one but as Clinton said "it's the economy, stupid."

And to add insult to injury Americans could vote in Sarah Palin, who thinks she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from Alaska and who cannot distinguish between North and South Korea. May God help America.

Today, the USA is a bankrupt so says Prof Kotlikoff and it is due to these incompetent men who lead or led America in the last 30 years

Sanction=Murder 2010-12-01 18:35
DPRK is under sanction for decades, with occassional subsistence from sokors and evil U.S.A., these result in a government which sokors and U.S.A. wants to be it. SANCTION IS MURDER. UN must ban this practice.

HsunTze 2010-12-01 16:50
terry 2010-12-01 16:08

I can agree with you that one should know one's history before learning about others. But have you learned about yours? If you have and you want to learn about China, you have got to study more because China has 5000 years of civilisation and it would take a much longer time for you to understand China. Don't just learn from US American history books about China as you are likely to be led by the nose.

The man you were talk about happened to be our great Chairman Mao who founded the PRC. If he had done things you seemed to indicate, his portrait would not be on the wall in Tian An Men square and his body would not be preserved in the Mausoleum. Now before you go further on Chinese history, do know something about your history especially the recent history after the 2nd world war. It is not that the previous decades were any better but we would not want to go back that far in time.

If your great country was doing right and honourable things it would not have to indicate to the world that it needed to improve relations with Africa, with repairing dented image with the Muslim world, to win Allies and form Alliances to intimidate the world and of course it would not need to impose its presence in Asia.

How could the USA hope to lead the world when it had leaders who was not knowledgeable about the world. Luckily the USA was that transparent to reveal that Bush was ignorant where some countries were in his early days as President. Now you seem to have Sarah Palin (a presidential prospect making blunders like calling DPRK allies of the USA. I love the USA for the great jokes it produces, not to mention the great films by Hollywood. WOW!

My apologies to anyone offended. Never meant to.

DPRK is thus 2010-12-01 16:35
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:56 pm    Post subject: China actively defuses Korean peninsula tensions. Reply with quote

Comments from Netizens

TRUTH 2010-12-02 20:03
The current difficult situation on the Korean Peninsula is a well-timed and well-orchestrated move(engagement with Asia and ASEAN through inflammatory provocations, threats and lies) by the Obama Administration. Ever since President Obama of USA declared, not long after his inauguration to the Office of presidency that 'he will not accept USA as world number two'; things have been changing in the political landscape in Asia.

This is the premeditated plot by the USA to block China's progress and to contain China; this is evident in his recent 'Asia swing' tour from India through Indonesia, Korea and Japan, and most importantly making many provocative allegations against China like blaming China for the 'bad behaviour' of DPRK. Aren't the Americans and the South Koreans themselves are equally PROVOCATIVE staging war games one after the other close to DPRK? Can the Americans accept when other military powers conducting war games in the Gulf of mexico or in the Caribbean seas?

The Chinese leaders must be wary now that the Americans and allies are very close to 'changing colours in China' just as they did in the former Soviet Union! It is also no coincidence that a Chinese citizen(a criminal in the eyes of the Chinese laws engaged in subversive activities) was awarded the Nobel Peace. All the recent tactical moves by the Americans from some ASEAN States overlapping claims to Diaoyu conflicts and now to Korean peninsula are all well-orchestrated to confront China aiming to bring down to its knees!

The PLA is the powerful 'internal' strength and guarantor of China's survival and success! Stand firm China! Stand tall China!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Joker of the Year

Below is a quote that warrants the award of Joker of the Year.

‘Raising a military to provide for the country’s own security, It’s own needs, that’s fine. That’s what we do. But some of the specific capabilities are very clearly focused and pointed at the USA. They are anti access capabilities. Talk to me about why you are developing these capabilities, other than thinking that we are the enemy…Those are the kinds of discussions I can’t have right now because I’m not sitting down with them. Admiral Michael Mullen.

And this Joker even called on the Chinese to rein in Pyongyang. China should simply ignore him or tell him to get his 7th Fleet out of its economic zones before talking to him. China should also ask him to rein in the South Koreans from conducting provocative military exercises simulating attacks and landings on North Korean soils, and that including reining in the American forces too, from being the major partner of such exercises in the Yellow Sea.

What an arrogant prick.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Haroon Siddique: What the WikiLeaks documents fail to tell

We didn’t need WikiLeaks to tell us that Moammar Gadhafi likes his “voluptuous blonde” Ukrainian nurse. He doesn’t hide it or his posse of young sexy female bodyguards. A courtier in Tripoli once told me that he found our prurience over his leader’s female company puzzling, given that the West is so soaked in sex.

The leak of 251,287 cables from America’s 274 diplomatic posts spills no military secrets and doesn’t really endanger anyone’s life. It only makes explicit what was implicit in many instances. It offers titillating tidbits about world leaders, and exposes their hypocrisy of saying one thing in private and another in public.

But even the embarrassment factor is not all that high. Governments, politicians and diplomats routinely lie. Those they deal with know. They all understand each other, which explains the uniformity of reaction to the leaks. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said exactly the same thing as Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, Lawrence Cannon, et al: The leaks won’t affect anyone’s relations with anyone.

The more intriguing thing is this: How come all the cables advance the American geopolitical agenda, with nary a negative comment or the slightest doubt?....

Copied from
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.

Last edited by redbean on Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:05 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:28 pm    Post subject: US shocked at the appearance of Chinese submarines . Reply with quote

US was surprised and shocked at the sudden appearance of Chinese submarine from nowhere in the midst of its naval exercise with Japan in the East China Sea.

Subject: Fwd: Chinese Submarine pops up in the middle of US Navy exercise

If true, it just means, be careful yanks, donch pray-pray, okay!


The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced
When the U.S. Navy deploys a battle fleet on exercises, it takes the security of its aircraft carriers very seriously indeed.At least a dozen warships provide a physical guard while the technical wizardry of the world's only military superpower offers an invisible shield to detect and deter any intruders.That is the theory. Or, rather, was the theory.Scroll down for more ... Uninvited guest: A Chinese Song Class submarine, like the one that sufaced by the U.S.S. Kitty HawkAmerican military chiefs have been left dumbstruck by an undetected Chinese submarine popping up at the heart of a recent Pacific exercise and close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk - a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board.By the time it surfaced the 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine is understood to have sailed within viable range for launching torpedoes or missiles at the carrier.According to senior Nato officials the incident caused consternation in the U.S. Navy.The Americans had no idea China's fast-growing submarine fleet had reached such a level of sophistication, or that it posed such a threat.One Nato figure said the effect was "as big a shock as the Russians launching Sputnik" - a reference to the Soviet Union's first orbiting satellite in 1957 which marked the start of the space age.The incident, which took place in the ocean between southern Japan and Taiwan, is a major embarrassment for the Pentagon.Scroll down for more ... Battle stations: The Kitty Hawk carries 4,500 personnelThe lone Chinese vessel slipped past at least a dozen other American warships which were supposed to protect the carrier from hostile aircraft or submarines.And the rest of the costly defensive screen, which usually includes at least two U.S. submarines, was also apparently unable to detect it.According to the Nato source, the encounter has forced a serious re-think of American and Nato naval strategy as commanders reconsider the level of threat from potentially hostile Chinese submarines.
It also led to tense diplomatic exchanges, with shaken American diplomats demanding to know why the submarine was "shadowing" the U.S. fleet while Beijing pleaded ignorance and dismissed the affair as coincidence.
Analysts believe Beijing was sending a message to America and the West demonstrating its rapidly-growing military capability to threaten foreign powers which try to interfere in its backyard.
The People's Liberation Army Navy's submarine fleet includes at least two nuclear-missile launching vessels. Its 13 Song Class submarines are extremely quiet and difficult to detect when running on electric motors.
Commodore Stephen Saunders, editor of Jane's Fighting Ships, and a former Royal Navy anti-submarine specialist, said the U.S. had paid relatively little attention to this form of warfare since the end of the Cold War.
He said: "It was certainly a wake-up call for the Americans. "It would tie in with what we see the Chinese trying to do, which appears to be to deter the Americans from interfering or operating in their backyard, particularly in relation to Taiwan."
In January China carried a successful missile test, shooting down a satellite in orbit for the first time.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a WikiLeak from the US Embassy in Japan may look like.

Tokyo Embassy, USA, to the Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State.
Top Secret.
Subject: Korean War Sequeal

The South Koreans are not biting. After blowing up the Choenan and getting our own team to fix the blame on the North Koreans they are still not declaring war with the North. In fact they are getting suspicious of the cause of the Incident. And when North Korea asked to see the evidence, they got cold feet and conducted their own investigations which revealed a lot of holes in the fabricated truths we put up as findings of an international investigation team. The South Korean public also does not believe it anymore. The situation is getting dicey.

Now the good part. The artillery firing in Yeonpyeong was so close to the North and it forced them to respond furiously with artillery fire. Several soldiers and civilians in the island became war collateral. And we thought the South will now have to retaliate. The bad part is that the South Koreans still refuse to act. They are only prepared to raise the tones of their verbal protests. Even with our nudging they would not fire back at the North. The Ambassador is fuming mad at the inactions of the meek South Korean President. He appears so weak and reluctant to do anything, pleading for time to cool off.

Our close ally in this game, Japan, is losing its patience. They wanted action, war, between the two Koreans. They have promised to commit weapons, men and finances, without reservations, to the conflict. And they are not asking much in return for their contributions. They only want to have a free hand in the reconstruction of the whole of Korea after the war. They want to bring in their manufacturing plants, build the infrastructure, and concessions on territorial rights from the 38th parallel to the Yalu River. Below the 38th parallel they will leave everything to us.

Our Japanese ally is asking for immediate action. If Choenan does not work, if the artillery drills and war games do not work, what else shall we do to get the South Koreans fired up to want to go to war with the North? We need clear and specific instructions from Washington to proceed further on this operation urgently. Further delay will result in the tension dying down quickly, and all our effort will go to waste. Our Ambassador is suggesting to remove Lee Myung Bak with a hawkish new President. We need a military man to take charge and to declare war on the North Koreans.

Embassy Tokyo.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:53 pm    Post subject: US on the warpath again Reply with quote

US is now like a desperate dying beast which will strike out madly and dangerously before its last breath. All the latest US naval and air force drills wit its stooges, Japan and South Korea are precursors to US eventual attack on DPRK. But don't be deceived for DPRK is only a side show. US main target of aggression is China. Why is this so? US holds China responsible for not reining in or controlling DPRK just as it is able to dictate to its colonies or puppet regimes Japan and South Korea. US chooses to ignore that DPRK is an independent country and does not take orders from any country , not even China. However DPRK feels insecure because of US hostile actions and behaviour . Like the world, it has seen how US carries out military attacks and regime change on countries that don't agree with America. Therefore to protect itself DPRK has to go nuclear. US is responsible for that. US and ROK under its moronic Lee Yeung Bak think they can force DPRK into submission through economic sanctions, hostile military , naval and air force drills . They can never be more mistaken. These have hardened DPRK resolves in defending her independence against US aggression. However, US shamelessly tries to shift the blame on China for its impassee with DPRK.

US is on the last stage of its moribund death which it has brought upon itself through the countless multifarious evil deeds which it has been carrying out since the end of Second World War. It has always proudly and arrogantly declared itself as the number one supreme super power among all nationsin this world. It managed to get rid of the Soviet Union as its chief contender. Then without checks and balances it went on to spend countless hundreds of billions of dollars annually on an array of new and potent military war machines. With its military might and powerful war machines US has gone berserk and has continuously been on a war path in attacking weaker countries either big or small at its whims and fancies. However, it went too far in its quest for power. It began to sign up junior gang members which it called its allies. These junior gang members comprise the European countries in NATO and the US stooges in the East - Japan and South Korea . The junior gang members were duped or forced into signing an American dictate that 'should one member country be at war or attacked , all the other members are obligated to join the fray in support. US has created countless numbers of wars since the end of Second World Warand all its junior gangs have been abusely used to support US nefarious wars or activities. In doing so US has not only dragged itself down the economic and financial path of destruction but also that of its member gangs. Look at the sorry state of US finance and economy. The same goes with its junior members in Europe, Japan and ROK.

No problem, US can always recoup its financial losses by instigating more localised wars in the third world and sell more weapons to unsuspecting warring countries. These wars it believes will invigourate US war industries and help the US economy to recover.

Next US thought it could control developing countries economy and make more money by transferring its dirty industries to these countries where it could exploit their cheap labour to its financial benefits. This is US global economic strategy. However, US citizens become complacent and lazy and like its government continue to spend beyond their means year after year for decades.

In the meantime developing or third world countries not only continue to save but save more than enough to be able to lend America the billions or trillions of dollars that US required to continue its extravagant life style.

Next, having exhausted all the borrowed money,US politicians, bankers, stock brokers economists and mercantilists thought they could make money out of thin air . They plotted and connived and conned and swindled not only US citizens but also the masses of ordinary people in other countries of trillions of dollars through dubious sale of toxic assets, poisonous derivatives and many other nefarious financial scams.

As both the public and the state have spent their ways to bankruptcy and are decades ahead steep in debt both local and foreign debts , the US government has resorted to shameless way of making more money from thin air through printing endless hundreds of billions of waste paper notes or fiduciary issues.By printing these worthless paper notes US hopes to manipulate and devalue its currency and destabilise developing countries economy and thereby cheat on its creditors mainly China. US hopes to abscond the trillions of dollars of debt it owes to China.

As US has driven itself to this present economic debacle and misery it doesn't reconcile with the fact that it is no longer number in everything though it is still number one in military , warmongering and aggression. US was successful in bringing the Soviet Union down. US thinks it too can bring China down. In its wicked thinking and evil scheme of things US is determined that China must not be allowed to be rich and successful and China must not be allowed to surpass US and therefore must be contained and brought down or destroyed.

So in trying to bring down China US is resorting to all vile means of provocation. In falsely accusing China of the undervalued Yuan , US is trying to destabilise the Chinese economy, industry and commerce. It actively and covertly instigated and supporte separatists and terrorists to create trouble in China. It sells offensive weapons to Taiwan hoping Chinese would fight and kill Chinese. It sows suspicion, hatred and seeds of dissensions and distrust among China's neighbours towards China. US carries out endless military provocations all around China. Its constant naval and aerial drills in South China Sea, East China Sea and in the Yellow Seawith Japan and ROK to flex its military muscles are serious wanton provocations seemingly to cow DPRK but actually they are precursors to potential future attacks on China. In short in true wild and savage American tradition or behaviour it is meant to provoke and lure China into confrontation and open warfare.

This modern American gunboat policy is not going to take US anywhere. China in the 21st century is not like China in the Opium War era of 1830s - 1840s or in the 18th and 19th century. US must not miscalculate and must not even try to take on China. If US starts a war, China will take the war to US homeland. If US wants China dead, China will see that US and its allies can hardly survive after the war for they too will be critally and fatally injured .

So let's live in peace and have goodwill to each other. You are number one ( US ) and the world knows that . China will not compete with US to be number one. So let's live and let live . Allow others to have some breathing space. We either co-exist or die together. So please wake up America. Don't be mean anymore.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lee Myung Bak will be purged

All the signals are there that President Lee Myung Bak will be purged and be replaced by a military man. Lee is seen as a weakling by the US and Japan and must be removed if they want a war between the two Koreas. Retired Gen Kim Kwan Jin has been brought into the cabinet as the Defence Minister.

His rethorics are pleasing to the ears of its colonial masters. The North Koreans do not have the ability to fight the South Koreans, according to this Southern Kim. If South Korea fires at the North, it will not lead to an all out war. So it is safe to attack the North. This is the thinking of a clueless soldier. He thinks he can fight a war and sure to win, and he can contain the war to his likings.

He claimed superiority of air power with 490 combat aircraft and has threatened air strikes against the North. Typical brave man but short of grey matters.

The Americans and Japanese are preparing all their logistics and drills to join in the killings of the North Koreans. The largest war game is now being held nearby and combat ready. Soon American and Japanese soldiers will be running the streets of Korea and killing Koreans again.

I think the Koreans deserve to fight and be devastated by another war and be ruled again, completely by the Americans and the Japanese. China and Russia should stay out of the conflict and let the two Koreans go and kill themselves since they are so willing to do so. And history will repeat itself again with Korea becoming a protectorate of the peace loving Americans and Japanese.

Go Korea, go. Remove Lee Myung Bak and put in a strong military man as the President and resume the Korean War. The whole world will be cheering. Your staunch allies, the US and Japan will be 100% behind you. They are more eager than you to start a war. Don't worry, the North Koreans cannot fight a war. Forget about the earlier Korean War when the South Korean soldiers were nearly chased by the North Koreans into the sea. The South Koreans are truly great soldiers. Just believe that and go for it. Strike the North with all you have.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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