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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14149
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SDP pre GE Rally at Hong Lim - 19 Oct, Sat 4-8pm
Shake it Up, this is the title of SDP's rally this Saturday at Hong Lim Park from 4pm to 8pm. SDP's big wigs Chee Soon Juan, Paul Tambyah would definitely be the main speakers. There is no details on who are the speakers, would there be any guest speakers from other parties, it did not say. As the title says, SDP is going to raise all the issues affecting the people and to shake it up in Hong Lim Park.

I know the resident Chee Soon Juan hater here would not have anything good to say knowing how he reacted every time the name Chee Soon Juan is mentioned or not mentioned. This is exactly how the Pavlov dog reacted, conditioned to react at the sound of a bell, without knowing why. It has become second narure.

The other notable instinctive reflex actor is non other than Matilah Singapura. He reacts to more than just one name. Mention Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping and he would instantly go crazy. He did not why, just reacting like Pavlov's dog, like the abovementioned reacting to Chee Soon Juan.

It is so sad that so many people could be so easily programmed by western media to react the way they wanted, unthinkingly, not knowingly. This is another confirmation on how powerful the media can be when it keeps repeating a few key lines and after some time this would sink into the unthinking's psyche, like MacDonald is good. Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger licking good.

These people did not know Chee Soon Juan or Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping personally. But they have this deep seated hatred for them. Unbelievable. Ask them why, they could not explain except maybe faintly remembering reading the bad things about these people in the media, the propagators of fake news and misinformation.

Of course they would deny that this is the case. They would get very angry if you tell them so. But regardless of what, just press the button and they would jump and scream their heads off.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14149
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When a country destined to fail
No need to look further for a country destined to fail. When the time comes, such a country will be blessed with an idiot, who thinks he is a genius, to be its ruler and he will surround himself with twits and half twits whom he believes are the best talents he could fine.

The USA is in this state of development, destined to fail. And in strolled the new emperor Trump, godsend, who thinks he is the greatest, and sincerely thinking that he is going to save the USA, to make America great again. He could not see anything wrong with what he is doing while the bystanders watching could see clearly the road he is paving to hell. And his sycophants around him, all thinking equally that they are the best men and women, and all playing along with him, to make America great again, but actually going the other way.

Obviously Trump and his twits and half twits did not know and could not see the truth, the great tragedy that is unfolding before them. If they only knew, but that is not to be as the USA is destined to fail. Even the general American public could not do anything about it as they watch haplessly how the USA is plunging into the abyss. The big twit and his half twits are all happily doing what they are doing and believing that they are the gifts of God, the best men for the job of running the USA.

Is Singapore also in the same decline? If it is, then Singapore will also be blessed with a godsend and surrounding himself with twits and half twits just like Donald Trump is doing, all equally happy that everything is doing just fine without knowing that it is spiralling down into the same shit hole of no return. Let's hope not.

One anonymous posted this:

'The current bunch of PAPies r the result of the past pioneers ruling party dreams, there isn't much changes other than some twits here and there, today Spore is regressing as a society under the new gen of leaders with no new ideas but only twits. This island city need new ideas for a better future & Dr Chee & its party members will shape a new future for tis tiny red dot.' October 10, 2019 5:04 pm

Is this is what is happening in Singapore? If it is, then there is nothing anyone can do about it, just like the USA, it will fail.

How many of you agree with this anonymous and think this is so. Or how many of you are just like the bunch of twits and half twits thinking everything is fine, believing like the twits and half twits that they are doing great to keep Singapore prosperous and the Singaporeans will continue to have a great life of abundance under wise and able leadership for another hundred years?

Not many leaders would intentionally or consciously want to destroy their own country. It can only happen when they did not know that they are twits and half twits and instead of doing good for their country, like Trump's call to make America great again but actually doing the opposite. Of course he did not know that he is harming the USA and all Americans. This is how life is all about, and how great empires failed and fell, not for want to do something about it, but doing every wrong that they thought were right. And this can only happen when twits and half twits walk around thinking that they are geniuses and the most talented people on earth.

It always happen and never fails to happen. When the time is ripe, the durian will fall. They would not have signed the CECA if they knew that it is bad and will destroy the country and bring them along as well. They would not have done a lot of things if they knew that they were bad, like wasting so much money on white elephant projects, like wasting billions on foreigners instead of our own students, like flooding the island with more and more wildlife, like the insanity of wanting to have 10m or 20m people on this piece of rock. To them, these are all great things, for the good of the country and Singaporeans. Only history will pass the verdict when it is over, when twits and half twits would be confirmed, not as geniuses or talents that they believed themselves to be.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14149
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The real Chua Mui Hoong
Opinion editor of ST, Chua Mui Hoong, has for many years been on the receiving ends of brickbats defending the PAP in her opinion pieces in the ST. Many unkind words were used against her and her tribes in the organization with scant reservation.
Han Fook Kwang too was not spared though in the last few years he has taken a bolder front in criticizing and sharing contrarian views against govt policies and positions. In his retiring years, the restraints placed on him when he was the chief editor have seemed to be loosening and it is time to say what he really wanted to say for so long.
Chua Mui Hoong, though much younger and still far away from retiring, has finally taken a stand and stood up in defence of Alfian Sa’at, our local poet when the latter was attacked by Ong Ye Kung. This was what Chua Mui Hoong wrote in the Sunday Times, ‘I was disturbed by the way Education Minister Ong Ye Kung cited a few lines from Alfian Sa’at’s poetry to pain him as someone who might be disloyal to Singapore.’ She went on further to say this, ‘the 4G is a chip off the old block. Inheriting the same political DNA as the first three generations of PAP leaders, it is now merely showing its true colours. Online, some commenters drew this conclusion, citing the use of tactics of name-calling, character assassination and adhominem attacks to label critics negatively. The 4G in this view is just new wine in old bottles, and Singapore’s political development is as stymied as today as in the 1980s and 1990s.’
This is about the strongest statement someone from the establishment could say in print against a minister. This is the true Chua Mui Hoong, sharing the same feeling as Han Fook Kwang, Leslie Fong etc etc, that after so many years of being bottled up, it is time to let it go, establishment or not establishment.
The use of character assassination has been very effective in the past and many opposition candidates fell and suffered lifelong stigma with their life totally destroyed. Chee Soon Juan is one of the victims and till today, many unthinking still harboured this anti Chee Soon Juan trait and attacking him, hating him is second nature. The young of today and the bottled up old of yesterday could not and would not stomach such personal attacks any more.
New wine in old bottle is still new wine and those who have seen the history of Singapore’s politics, grew up with such abuses, have very little tolerance and deference to new wine to do the same. Time has changed and the personalities have changed. To be stymied and trying to live and behave like in the 1980s and 1990s by young upstart is very uncomfortable and difficult to bear.
A young shoot of revolution is sprouting not in the young but in the not so young, that the old, harsh and uncivil ways to deal with political opponents, all Singaporeans, all wanting to do good for Singapore, to smear them and call them names, is not only out of fashion but also out of context, out of time and character. For an opinion Editor like Chua Mui Hoong, still very young in life, to openly saying it out in defiance of the old ways is very telling. The revolt is coming from within. The new wine does not have the same hold on the old stalwarts of the establishment and the seniors at large. They don’t hold them in awe and in fear. They just don’t have it to be acting and behaving like the old guards, with nothing achieved and no authority to swagger around like untouchables.
There is a silent revolution in the making, led by the old wise of yesteryears that do not see much in the 4G that have nothing to show but acting as if they have arrived just by being put up there. Remember the tortoise sitting on top of a 20 foot pole? How did it got up there?
Would there be more Chua Mui Hoongs, more Tommy Kohs to rattle the status quo?
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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