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The rise of India
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14426
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

String of Pearls - India believes in American lie
'The “String of Pearls” refers to the Chinese sea lines of communication which extends for over from the coast of mainland China to the Port of Sudan.

The term was first used in 2004 in a classified internal report to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld titled “Energy Futures in Asia” which was produced by defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. The report which was leaked to the public by the Washington Times, stated that China is adopting a “string of pearls” strategy of bases and diplomatic ties stretching from the Middle East to southern China.

“China is building strategic relationships along the sea lanes from the Middle East to the South China Sea in ways that suggest defensive and offensive positioning to protect China’s energy interest, but also to serve broad security objectives” [1] .

The “String of Pearls” is also described by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher J. Pehrson in his study String Of Pearls: Meeting The Challenge Of China’s Rising Power Across The Asian Littoral'

The above is quoted from

This concept was first mooted by the Americans to describe the Chinese strategic plan to overcome the American plan to choke off Chinese shipping in the Indian Ocean through the Malacca Straits. The Americans have been carefully developing all the choke points along the Indian Ocean and the control of the Straits of Malacca and could cut off Chinese supply of oil from the Middle East by controlling these waterways.

China is the largest trading nation today and is heavily dependent on the sea lanes for its oil supply and to export its goods to the Middle East and Africa. The American control of the sea lanes is a serious military and economic stranglehold on Chinese shipping and could cripple China in the event of hostility with the Americans. It is in China's interest to secure the sea lanes and develop alternatives to move its goods/oil to and from the Chinese mainland. Developing ports in the Indian Oceans, in Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar is a matter of life and death to China.

The building of these port facilities is mainly to counter the Americans and has barely any direct consideration of controlling and competing with India. Similarly, the BRI, the development of rail and roads across the Central Asia to Europe has the same strategic considerations, to provide alternatives in case the sea lanes are blocked by the Americans.

For some egoistic reasons, the Indians chose to take this American concept as a direct challenge to their dominance in the Indian Ocean and sought to erect all kinds of barriers and resistance to the Chinese activities including refusing to be a part of the BRI. China's inclusion of a highway through the India subcontinent is the best proof of Chinese intention to bridge Asia and Africa for trade and communication and not to contain India in a strategic competition. India in all consideration is inconsequential to China's strategic thinking. The enemy of China is the Americans, not India. India and China could coexist and grow and prosper together by having more trading and economic relations. China does not harbour any ill intent to challenge or invade India. It is unnecessary and meaningless to do so for China.

Unfortunately this egoistic India, thinking too highly of itself as the next superpower, chose to interpret every Chinese action as aiming at India. And thanks to the fanning of the Indian ego by the Americans, they exploited this Indian weakness to drive a wedge between India and China, pitting India as a competitor to China and China's rise as India's fall. The string of pearl concept falls in nicely into the ambitious thinking of the Indian planners. They must oppose the string of pearls that China is developing in the Indian Ocean as a plan against India, not against the Americans. The Indians also include the BRI as against the interest of India as it promotes the interest of China.

Sino India relations thus keep going downhill with the Indians becoming suspicious of every China initiative north and south of India. India thus chose to continue to remain a slum country, refuse to join the BRI and prosper together with the rest of Asia by becoming part of this international trade road initiative. If Indian thinkers were more forward thinking than being consumed by their wild ambition of being better than China, instead of both developing together but seeing China's development as a threat to this backward country, India today could rebuild its infrastructure to mirror what is happening in China with Chinese assistance and cooperation to better the lives of Indians and at the same time push India faster into the ranks of developed nations.

But small minds would not see goodness in all the developments around them and chose to bury its heads in the sand, thriving in a mentality of enmity against cooperation with both parties moving ahead together.

At the rate India is going, on its own, with the Americans only able to sell it more weapons, its economic and infrastructure development would only be on a standstill and its big power dream only a fleeting dream. The only country that is very happy with this development is the USA, with India as one of its pawn and wasting precious little resources buying useless American weapons at the expense of its economic development and the well being and prosperity of its people.

India can continue to live in its imaginary fear of China that historically had not invaded any Indian territory and neither has any ambition to want to seize any Indian land. India can also continue to believe in its own lie that the 1962 border war was initiated by China to seize disputed territory despite China defeating India and withdrew to the original LOC. If China wanted to take advantage of the war, China could simply sat on the new land that it occupied after the war. This act of generosity did not sink into the heads of the egoistic Indians till today. The pride of the Indians would not allow them to admit their guilt, and chose to believe in their make belief, their own lie, that China was the invader and not India. Why would China want to invade a slum country and inherit all its problems?

It is so pathetic that India, despite having so many brilliant minds, could not face reality squarely and chose to continue to live in their own lies and myth of China. The string of pearl and the BRI are parts of China's strategy to break free from the American fence built to contain China, nothing to do with India. India should not think too highly of itself, its self importance that these are to contain India.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14426
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 8:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Indian talents overseas and their achievements
India has a lot of talents but somehow unable to use them at home to turn India into the next super power and still stuck in the mud as a slum country. Why is this so, why are Indian talents so successful overseas, in USA, UK and in Singapore, but would be unemployed and their skills untapped, unrecognised and unused in India? This is a paradox that only India and Indians could answer.

Let's look at the brighter side of this sub continent. Indians overseas are extremely successful in getting themselves hired and employed in top jobs in Fortune 500 countries. This is no mean feat. No other nationals could do this so successfully except the Indians. The overseas Indians may not have the talents to build up companies and big corporations on their own. Building big and successful companies is not their forte. But talking themselves into the top jobs of big and successful countries is something that overseas Indians are extremely good at. They are even able to convince the white supremacists to hire them to helm their top jobs and many senior management positions. And this phenomenon is not going to stop and would continue to grow and may see many top European and American and even Singaporean companies being taken over by Indian talents and run like Indian companies.

This exceptional talents of the Indians did not stop just at the corporate level and industries. The Indians are also talking their ways into top political jobs in the USA, UK and Canada. The mayor of London is an Indian, the next British PM is likely to be an Indian. Several Indians are in the current British cabinet. The defence minister of Canada is also an Indian. Such successes only show how good and easy for the Indians to penetrate into western establishments, including political offices to become their national leaders.

India must take note of this special achievement of overseas Indians and their ability to take over corporations and even govts. India should make special effort to institutionalise this trend by grooming more Indian talents to go overseas and take over corporations and even govts that are willing to be taken over by them. If the later is successful, India could recolonise Britain and the USA peacefully and become the world's Number One super power without firing a bullet.

Well done India and Indians. But please leave Singapore alone. Taking over Singapore is a piece of cake with many daft Singaporeans not knowing what is happening. Singapore is too small and not worth the effort even if some silly Singaporeans do not mind it being taken over by India and actually wanting this to happen. Let Singaporeans have some air to breath. We do not want to reach the point when 'We can't breath'. Have mercy on the daft Singaporeans, go take over the big countries like the USA, UK and Australia.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14426
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sino Indian border fist fight
'India and China have never even agreed on the length of their "Line of Actual Control" frontier, and each side uses different frontier proposals made by Britain to China in the 19th century to back their claims....

"China, with its better infrastructure, with its better military capabilities, perhaps thinks that this is the time to push India, to see how far India will go," Pant told AFP.' CNA

The above is reported in CNA on the recent border scuffle between Indian and Chinese soldiers. 20 Indian soldiers were dead and there were undisclosed casualties on the Chinese side arising from unarmed hand to hand combat between the two sides with no bullets fired. As expected, loud mouth India claimed at least 45 casualties on the Chinese side. Indians always win, like the Americans.

The AFP report is as usual seen from the western eyes, that India and China were using the 19th Century British proposal for negotiation. This is outright false and misinformation. China would never use a map arbitrarily drawn by a mad white man during the British Empire, scrawling whatever he liked as part of the British Empire as a basis for negotiation. China would not accept such nonsense from the British against its national interest. It is the Indians that are using this British so called maps to tell the Chinese that the disputed land belong to India because they think they have inherited the British Empire and whatever the Brits claimed to be part of their Empire.

And there were many instances of India pushing the barrier and crossing into Chinese territories to harass Chinese soldiers. Doklam was a good example of India attacking Chinese construction workers in the name of defending Bhutan's territory. And in this instance it was the Indians building roads into Chinese territory. The cocky and arrogant Indians think that they are more powerful and better equipped to defeat the Chinese soldiers, not like the AFP report above that China was pushing India with its better infrastructure and military capabilities. India is the aggressor, just like the 1962 border war but when got walloped, claimed to be the victim.

China has lost patience with the constant incursions, provocations and harassment of the Indian soldiers and have built up its forces in the region, and ready to take on the Indians if they continue to be reckless and adventurous.

The only way the Indians could win a war with China is a talking war. There is no way the Indian soldiers could match the might and military sophistication of the PLA. The PLA is the only military force that had fought the mighty Americans in a massive conventional war in Korea and won. And this was during a time when the Americans were at the peak of their military power while China was at its weakest, just coming out of a civil war with the KMT and the destruction by the Japanese in WW2.

India could not even win a war with Pakistan but daily telling the world how capable it is and how ready it is to fight and win a war with China. If China could thrash the Americans at its best, with basic small arms against air, naval and heavy artillery weapons from the Americans, what is there in the Indian military to fight against a China today with some of the best weapons and well armed and trained PLA?

The Indians better stop their nonsense and seek a negotiated border settlement with China than craving for another war with China when it would be simply a mismatch of military and economic strength. It would be suicidal for India to even think of launching a war with China.

Make peace and cooperate to grow and prosper with China is the best way out for India...and stop spouting nonsense about how superior India is vis a vis China. A slum country acting and behaving as if it is a super power. The world is only talking about G2? Anyone heard of G3?
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14426
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sino Indian border brawl or ambush - A piece of rubbish reporting
Brutal details emerge of India soldier 'ambush' on contested border with China as Modi tries to calm tension. Joe Wallen, The Telegraph.
As the sun began to set over the Himalayan peaks, Colonel Santosh Babu and his unarmed platoon of 50 Indian soldiers on Monday set off on a patrol across the strategically crucial Galwan Valley in Ladakh.
Their mission was probably the most important in recent Indian history - to ascertain whether Chinese troops had withdrawn, as per an agreement between senior army officers from the two nations, from territory which had previously been administered by India for decades.

Instead, to their surprise, what Colonel Babu's men found were temporary Chinese all-weather tents and roughly enemy 100 soldiers waiting at a location called Patrolling Point 14.

Despite being outnumbered, the Indian soldiers confronted the Chinese troops. Some started to remove the tents, sparking a long and brutal man-to-man brawl that has brought the two superpowers to the brink of war. ...

“Just when the Indian soldiers, who were on patrol started removing Chinese tents and material, it evoked a violent response from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)”.

As the fight continued, both sides called for reinforcements but Chinese troops again significantly outnumbered those on the Indian side, allegedly 500 to 100....

Indian Army sources told the Telegraph that 23 troops are now confirmed to have died but casualties will significantly rise, with 110 soldiers injured and more troops still missing....

The Indian sources say China suffered 35 casualties during the clash, quoting U.S intelligence material, a development Beijing said it wasn’t aware of.

The above is the most unprofessional piece of reporting with hazy and garbled facts and fuzzy numbers. How did the reporter gathered these facts? From slippery tongue witnesses of course. Now wonder all the facts were so funny and illogical and the numbers as good as guess work.

Read this, the 50 Indian soldiers were on a survey mission. But they ended up removing the tents of Chinese soldiers while being outnumbered. How arrogant to start such an aggressive act, to walk into Chinese camp to remove the tents of soldiers of another country. Who did these Indian soldiers think they were? Such hostile acts would definitely invite retaliation from the Chinese side. And the Indian news all over are still claiming that they were provoked by Chinese soldiers. Isn't it clear who were the aggressors? In this report the heading was 'ambush'. What utter rubbish! Does the reporter know the meaning of ambush?

And look at the numbers, 50 Indian soldiers provoking 100 Chinese soldiers. Though both called for reinforcement, with claims that there were 500 Chinese soldiers to 100 Indian soldiers, and only 23 Indian casualties against 35 Chinese casualties. The numbers gets more confusing with the Indians claiming 110 soldiers injured and more are missing. How many more? It seems that this brawl would have involved at least a few hundred soldiers from the Indian side and 5 times more from the Chinese side. That would be around a 1000 men involved in the fight from an initial 50 Indians against 100 Chinese.

And the funny thing, the Indians did not know how many casualties were from the Chinese side but the Americans that were not there were able to provide the number of Chinese casualties. The Americans must be Gods, omniprescience, all knowing. And the Indians damn were bloody good fighters, outnumbered 500 to 100 but able to inflict more casualties on the Chinese side, and they were ambushed!

Slippery tongues indeed. Talk like real. What is real? Who started the fight or provocation? How come all the great fighting Indians landed up in the river but not the Chinese? Is the reporter saying that the Indian soldiers were all pushed into the river by the Chinese soldiers?
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14426
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

India threatening to align with the Americans against China
Under the impact of Chinese power and Xi’s revisionism, as former Indian diplomat Vijay Gokhle wrote in the New York Times recently: “The world needs balance — at the moment, no country other than the United States has the means to ensure it.”

For far too long, New Delhi has maintained a preference for strategic autonomy rather than strategic alignment with the West. Chinese actions have more or less forced India’s hands.

Yogesh Joshi is Research Fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore.

The above is quoted from CNA. This is a typical Indian rhetorical statement as if China is so afraid of India aligning with the Americans to contain China and China must coax India and court India if China did not want this to happen. This is like expecting the racist Australians to be nice to China and not to be too friendly with the USA. China has long concluded that India is an unreliable partner in geopolitics. India would always be a secondary power and clinging to the coat tail of the Americans like a mouse sitting on the head of a tiger and shouting at everyone.

China has no disillusion that India is going to be on the side of China. India has always been taking the side of the Americans against China. Period. There is no need for such an incident to push India into the American camp. It has always been in bed with the Americans.

China can only hope that India be a responsible neighbour and avoid creating trouble and mischief at the borders. Unfortunately this is a bit too hard to wish for knowing how sneaky and conniving the Indians are. Their super power dream has misguided their thinking and sensibility. They still think they are in the same league as China and China is viewing India as a strategic competitor. Not for another hundred years before India can think of catching up with China.

Between China and India there is no meaningful comparison. Perhaps India can claim number one when its population exceeds those of China.

PS. India has sent more soldiers and heavy weapons to the border, including a division of tanks. Trying to be aggressive, to attack Chinese border guards. Now got whacked and crying father and crying mother. If they had the upper hand, they would not behave like cry babies.

As usual, sabre rattling, want to fight with China again, trying to tell the world and China their prick is bigger and would rout the Chinese PLA. Talk is India's top weapon. Listen to their news and social media you would think they would be marching to Beijing soon. Typical big talk and lots of noise but would be fleeing when war starts.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14426
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Slippery India outwitted by China - So poor thing.
There is a long history of India’s dealings with China, and almost all of the reverses that India has suffered have been during the previous rule, particularly of Congress regimes. It all started with the Tibet’s annexation by China which India accepted quietly in 1959. In 1962, the loss of large chunk of territory, and the then Indian Prime Minister interpreting it by saying that “not a blade of grass grows there”, sums up the attitude towards border issues.

During the 1980s and 1990s, when China started taking lead over India economically, militarily, and in infrastructure construction, India was not able to respond and match up in equal measure. In the 1990s, boundary management agreements were signed that further limited India’s manoeuvring ability, particularly the 1993 Accord.

The United Progressive Alliance era (2004 to 2014) allowed multiple transgression of Indian land through deceptive salami-slicing methods of the Chinese, and even lost lands in Demjok areas of Ladakh during the period of 2008 to 2012.

AK Antony, the then defence minister, conceded in Parliament that we have lost the infrastructure race with China. It was in this era, that the serving army chiefs repeatedly pointed out how our armed forces were facing shortfall of critical ammunition and border infrastructure woes to counter enemies.
The policy paralysis was reversed following the regime change in 2014 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed decades of drift in India’s policy towards China by bridging the infrastructure gaps in border areas by constructing roads and bridges with faster pace.

It was PM Modi who dared China on several fronts and foiled its bids in Doklam, stopped RCEP, and strongly opposed Chinese dream project OBOR.

The above is reported in the hindustantimes.

If you believe in the above double talk, you would get away with the feeling that the Indians were so pathetic, so hapless and were outwitted by the poor peasant Chinamen that were never good in their glib but were able to outdo the slippery smooth talker Indians and made the Indians look like little lost children. And for several decades India were standing idly by, unable to do anything while China was 'annexing' Tibet and seizing chunks of Indian land. Like some of our clowns used to say, the Indians are so nice people, so timid. They would not dare to create trouble for the Chinese and would just look and let the Chinese do as they want. Of course India would love Chinato take away everything. Remember Little India Incident?

Then came the punchline at the end of the above article, India always win and came out better off than China. India foiled China's bids in Doklam, Bhutan, India stopped RCEP, so clever, India opposed Chinese OBOR, so powerful. Who cares whether India is in the RCEP, OBOR or not, like who cares if the US is in the TPP, the world moves on with or without them. Irrelevant.

If you know what the Indians did at Doklam which is not part of India but Bhutan, if you know how arrogant and cocky the 50 soldiers led by the colonel Singh in removing Chinese army tents, would you believe that the Indians were so timid, so hapless against the Chinese? Even not Indian land they would dare to attack the Chinese.

The cocky Indians have always been the aggressor at the Sino Indian border and only cried foul after their aggression got hammered like in the 1962 War and the recent brazen act of removing Chinese army tents in Galwan Valley. And when the Chinese hit back and inflicted severe casualties on the Indian side, they would play victim, cried to the world that they were victims of Chinese aggression. In the case of the Doklam Incident, the Chinese were caught off guard and the Indians stood to blare their victorious aggression. If the Chinese were able to thrash them at Doklam, the Indians would again cry foul, blaming the Chinese for starting the fight.

This is how typical bully India would act and behave. Start a fight, if lost, play victim. Until today, the Indian narrative of the 1962 Sino Indian Border War was started by China. But the whole world knew that it was the Indians that started to encroach on Chinese territories. China fought back and pushed to the outskirt of New Delhi before withdrawing to the previous status quo position. If China started it and with intent to claim more land, Chinese forces would simply stay put and sit on the land they occupied and India would not be able to do anything. The Indian lie till today is still being spread and celebrated by their western supporters.

With the Indians, always thinking so highly of themselves and talking so big of themselves, could they so easily be outwitted by peasant Chinamen? Are the Indians admitting that they were so stupid?

The Indians would concede to be lesser beans to the westerners but never to the Chinese. It is in their bones that they are smarter than the Chinese despite their slum and dysfunctional third world cities standing starkly beside the sparkling modern skyscrapers of Chinese cities for the world to see. The western tourists love to visit India to see the slum and backwardness. It would be the greatest insult for the Indians to be seen as less smart than the Chinese. They would die just thinking about it. Cannot be! Indians are definitely smarter than the Chinese. See, Indians can speak good English, Chinamen cannot. Indians got literary awards in English, Chinamen did not. Indians are CEOs of many big western MNCs. Chinamen only CEOs of Chinese MNCs, not wanted by western MNCs.

Verdict, Indians are smarter than Chinamen. Happy.

PS. '“We, the nation, lost twenty brave soldiers in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh on June 15-16. They laid down their lives in the ultimate act of sacrifice, valour and duty to our country. Our brave hearts defended the motherland till their last breath and for that we owe them, and their families, our eternal gratitude,” Singh said.'

This is not bravery Manmohan Singh. This is stupidity. You do not walk into another country's army camp and start to pull down their tents. Idiots! You deserved to be shot.

Knowing the Indians, there is going to be a strike against the Chinese. The Chinese is prepared for it and waiting in ambush. The Chinese are able to read the thinking of the Indians like an open book.

Wait for the next episode. Sure to come, like they did to the Pakistanis. But they are so drunk with their pride, hurt so much, that they think the PLAs are Pakistanis soldiers, waiting to be attacked by them. The Indian Army are given a free hand to deal with the Chinese. Did they know that the PLA is also given a free hand to deal with the Indian Army?
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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