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Posts by Southernglory from 2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1178

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:42 am    Post subject: Duterte's Termination of US Defense Pact is Wise & Timel Reply with quote

Philippines Termination of Defence Pact with US is Wise and Timely

By now everybody should know that the Evil Empire, USA is the source of all troubles, turmoils, wars and destructions in this world. The US like its forbears England, Spain, Portugal and Holland has definite plans for imperialistic empire building base on first the militant religious doctrine, 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery' and subsequently the doctrines of 'America's Manifest Destiny' and the doctrine of 'American Essentialism.' A close study of these insidious doctrines will reveal that the US has every intention to bring every other country, in fact the whole world under US bondage and absolute total hegemony. The present US sinister behaviour and diabolical actions throughout the whole world in the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia and Latin America reflects the routes and ways US is taking towards world domination and hegemony. The Philippines is only part of the piece in the chess board where US intends to make use of the Philippines as a pawn to serve its self interests of its confrontation with China and its villainous illogical determination to stop China's peaceful development.

Philippines independence did not come easy. It was born out after years of long painful and deadly struggle against the savage Spaniards and thereafter the life and death struggle against the most cruel and barbaric white Americans of the United States.

In the 1890s the United States stepped out to help the people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to fight for independence against the savage rule of colonial and imperial Spain. In the American - Spanish War in 1898, the United States managed to defeat Spain and got rid of Spain from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. However, the United States reneged on its promises to give independence to these three territories and on the contrary soon established itself as a new but more savage and cruel imperial master. The United States was on a new continuous course of its American Manifest Destiny after wresting an empire from Mexico in its expansion in 1840s. The promise to give independence to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines was a ploy to get the locals to support America's fight against Spain. In truth America justified its conquest of Cuba, puerto Rico and the Philippines is based on its belief in the Darwinian theory that the fittest survive and that it is in accordance with the laws of nature for strong countries to dominate weak countries. So America is on a mission to acquire colonies in far-flung overseas empire. And the draconian policy continues to this day of modern times.

The people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines soon had to start a new war of resistance against the new evil colonial and imperial United States. The resistant fighters in the the three territories were all savagely and brutally put down by the imperial might of US military. The United States has in place a policy of acquiring and annexing new overseas colonies without having to give citizenship to the people who will after all be treated only as dependents of the United States, euphemism for slaves of the white Americans. New colonies like the Philippines and all the newly acquired islands in the Pacific Ocean are to serve as outlets for US trade, commerce and industries and most importantly as outposts for US military bases.

The brave Philippino resistant fighters were so determined that the Americans found themselves engaged in a long and bloody war with the heroic insurgent forces fighting for independence. In this Philippino fight for independence more than three hundred thousand brave Philippino resistant fighters were brutally slaughtered with millions of civillians died in disease and starvatioin as the result of the war. The Philippine resistant fighters resorted to guerrilla warfare against the superior American army whose commander , General Arthur MacArthur , the father of General Douglas MacArthur adopted a military offensive which became more systematically vicious and brutal. Captured Philippino guerrilla fighters were executed as murderers and entire Philippino villages together with their farms, crops and livestock were destroyed by American troops while the surviving residents were shoved into concentration camps to die eventually from malnourishment and starvation. The Americans had treated the Philippinos as subhuman and took pleasure in killing them arbitrarily just as they had done to the American Indian natives earlier. Many philippino civillians who were suspected as sympathisers of the resistant fighters were caught and buried alive in trenches. The proud Philippinos will never forget these American atrocities to their fellow patriotic brothers and sisters in just this recent past.

It is not until the 4th of July, 1946, in the aftermath of the Second World War and due to the fear of Soviet Russia communist influence in taking over the islands that the Americans unwillingly and grudgingly were compelled to give independence to the Philippines. The United States then did not help the Philippines in any way to help the development of the islands but out of self interests it granted massive help to Japan and the European countries as its allies which became revitalised very rich industrial and trading economies to the benefit of US which was indulged in the Cold War power struggle for world supremacy with communist Russia. After half a century of diabolic US imperial rule the Philippines remain a very poor and impoverish country as its wealth and natural resources like copper and sugar industries were exploited and shipped to the United States almost for free.

Now the United States has adopted an illilateral diabolical confrontational policy against China. The Chinese in the last forty years were able to develop with astonishing speed its trade and commerce, its finance and banking, its industries and technology, its scientific development and innovation and lastly its military prowess and technology. The Evil Empire looks at China development with unreasonable awe and fear partly because it found itself lacking behind China in many areas of the new science and technology, in Artificial Intelligence, in 5G and The Internet of All Things. Therefore being irrational and mentally deranged it begins to view China as an enemy to be taken down by all means. Hence it has adopted an undeclare hybrid warfare against China viz the trade war, tariffs, sanctions, massive propaganda and demonization against China in its world dominated mass media, cyber attacks and hacking, vicious and unfounded accusations against Huawei and the illegal kidnapping of its Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wan Zhou, the US coordinated attacks and riots in Hong Kong and Xinjiang and its illicit and dangerous interference in China's internal affairs in selling offensive weapons to the renegade Chinese traitors in Taiwan and its dangerous military harassment of China in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. Being unable to make any headway to take down China it now conducts biological germ warfare against China as seen in the Coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan.

What is most fearful is that in its last card the desperate Evil Empire may throw caution to the winds and provoke an open warfare against China. In this scenario the United States will definitely drag its so called allies especially the Koreans and the Philippines to fight in the front line as proxies to be sacrificed and slaughtered and may be their countries to be destroyed in a nuclear exchange. . Therefore President Duterte of the Philippines is far sighted and wise to waste no time to announce the abrogation of the one sided treaty of the VFA . Just recently after the broad day light assassination of the commander in chiefs of Iran and Iraq , the Iraqi people and their government ordered the Americans and its allies to leave Iraq but US refused to leave giving the spurious reason unless Iraq pay compensation for all its military installations in the country. First Iraq did not and never invite US into the country. US just invaded Iraq to covert its rich oil and mineral resources and use Iraq as a military base to outflank Russia from the south to destabilise Russia. The Philippines must not be caught in the same evil insidious plot and scheme of the white Americans.

The Americans try to portray China as the enemy of the Philippines and South East Asia countries. The Americans first has to demonize China to give a semblance of legality as a self appointed protector of the Philippines and South East Asia countries. But in actual fact and reality the US don't give a damn but thinks the US as a super power reserves the right and the might to make use of Philippines and the South East Asian countries as pawns in their struggle and confrontation against an innocent but peaceful China.

The Philippines and other South East Asian countries and for that matter all Asians and the world must bear in mind that for thousands of years China has been the richest, the strongest and most powerful country on earth but she has never conquer any country or take an inch of other people's land, whereas the US like its forebears England and the European powers have for the last five hundred years been savagely rampaging throughout the world conquering, killing and taking by force all lands, resources and properties from all the non-white countries.

Even now China goes all round the world to talk and discuss trade and commerce, help other countries to develop by giving financial aid, build infrastructures like roads and railways, buildings and factories, schools and hospitals, ports and cities. China believes in helping other countries in a win-win situation where everybody develop and prosper together and every country big or small is treated equally with due respect and dignity. On the contrary wherever US and it western allies go they treat others with disdain as inferiors and think only of their only self-interests and self aggrandizement just as Trump repeatedly like to drum into others ears that Americans will only make America First and all others can perish which is of no concern to the Americans. It is frightening all white people have been thinking in like manner for hundreds of years and that's how they severely exploited and impoverished the people of their colonies in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America.

Remember the words from the bulldog Pompeo, "Wherever we go, we cheat, we steal and we kill." In the words of Mike Esper, America's military bases in the Philippines will bolster US presence in the region to confront China in this era of great-power competition and the Philippines is a strategic location for US military operations against China. China has no interest in confronting with any country and less so with US. China just want to live in peace and harmony with all her neighbouring countries. That China has signed and ratified border treaties in a peaceful settlement with 14 neighbouring countries out of 16, ( except Japan and India ) testified to the peaceful nature of the Chinese people and country. If China had wild ambitions the whole world would have been conquered and colonised by China long ago at the time when no European country can be called civilised and developed. Before the 1500s all the civilized and develop countries in splendour and wealth were found in India, Mesopotamia ( now Iraq ), Egypt, Persia ( now Iran ) Turkey and China. The European countries took off after learning all the science and technologies from China through the Arabs and the Mongols in the early 13th to 15 th century. Thereafter it is all history when the savage European hordes went on a rampage to conquer and terrorise every corner of the globe. This white men's trait of aggressive wars of conquest and terrorism is now carried on by the white Americans whose aim of of world domination and hegemony is reflected in its perennial wars all over the world in the Middle East, in Africa, in Asia and in Central and South America. In view of this can the Philippines and ASEAN countries still trust the white Americans whom the native American Indians have always been warning others that "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."

President Duterte must be wary of CIA and many of Philippines selfish and self-interest egregious turncoats who have been recruited as American spies and agents to turn against their own country. The sooner the Philippines get rid of the Americans and round up all their fifth columns and saboteurs the better it is for the peace and security of the Philippines and perhaps indirectly for all Asia including the South East Asia ASEAN countries.

China and the Philippines have both been victims of western colonialism and imperialism. The Philippines people can be assured China will never invade the Philippines. China and the Philippines have never been enemies and will never be one forever. The evil white Americans have always been driving a wedge between China and her neighbours to serve its imperialistic aggressive interests of perennial conquest and world domination. So let the Filippinos beware of the evil and insidious plot of the wicked satanic white Americans. Thus getting rid of the Americans and its diabolical military bases is a sound and wise strategic move. Kudos to President Duterte and the Filippinos.


Saturday, 15th February, 2020.
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1178

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:08 am    Post subject: Matilah the Dirty CIA Paid Agent Reply with quote

Re: Matilah

You have intentionally and maliciously illustrated every of your posting and comment with a Chinese national flag inscribed with 5 Corona Viruses instead of the usual 5 stars. This is a step too far because you are collaborating with the Evil Empire to cast a horrible insult to China and the Chinese people in addition to the injury of the coronavirus implanted into China by your step father, Uncle Sam. As a paid Evil Empire's agent you have thrown caution to the winds and have indulged in insulting every Chinese in the world with all your evil comments and remarks on China and the Chinese people. Don't you know you are playing a very dangerous game with fire by continually insulting China and the Chinese people while they are at this juncture struggling very hard to fight and contain the disease. You have shown no empathy for China and the Chinese people but like the Americans you seem to rejoice and relish at the sufferings of other people. Like the white Americans you are inhuman and a beast by nature. I guess you are a paid American agent to do Amedrican's bidding to publicise American insidious and malicious demonization against China and the Chinese people. In one clear swoop you have offended all Chinese people throughout the world. You are now warned in no uncertain terms to stop collaborating with the Evil Empire to hurt the Chinese people or else you may have to watch the shadows behind your back everywhere you go. You have your choice. I guess you are a smart idiot of an ass.

Eagles Eyes for Fair Play
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1178

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:33 am    Post subject: US /West Hybrid Warfare Against Asia, Africa & Latin Ame Reply with quote

US hybrid warfare against Asia, Africa & Latin America
The United States is playing God to Asians, Africans and Latin Americans. White criminal racists and supremacists in the governments of United States and the West are assuming and usurping the power of God to decide who will live and who will die in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the forefront of these lethal plots against Asians, Africans and Latin Americans are the Anglo-Saxons and the Jewish Zionist Rothchilds Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street who had infiltrated and hijacked all the leading positions in all the strategic departments in Washington, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, CIA and the Pentagon.

For some years the United States and the West have stated that the earth cannot sustain a high population of 7.5 billion people. They intended to take action to reduce the global population to about 1.5 billion people. They argued that since most of the population are found in Asia and Africa it is only right that reduction in population must take place in Asia and Africa and to a lesser extent in Latin America.

Thus they began to work out some diabolical plans for action to take down the population in Asia and Africa. And they are (1) Use of toxic insecticides and herbicides. (2 )Fabricated Chemical fertisers, (3) Unhealthy gene manipulated GMO food and fruit products, ( 4 ) Fabricated medicines both in liquid and tablet or capsule forms, ( 5 ) Biological and germ implants and ( 6 ) Destructive wars. All these programmes are geared to Asia and Africa to cater for the objective of killing Asians and Africans without shedding blood and without raising any suspicion of their satanic behaviour.

For decades the United States has been exporting millions of tons of the herbiside and weed-killer 'Round Up' to Asia and African countries. Round Up is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It poisons the soil, the food crops and subsequently the people, the consumers. US also export the chemical insecticide, DDT which poisons the food crops and the soil.

The consumption of food and fruit products infected with the herbicide, 'Round Up' will disturb the development of the human embryo or fetus and can halt the pregnancy or produce a congenital malformation or birth defect.

'Round UP' is exported by US companies headed by the Monsanto Corporation, the manufacturer of 'Round Up' which has a monopoly of 'Round Up' in US, Europe and the world. Monsanto has never revealed the toxic nature of 'Round Up' and has never informed the public that it is highly toxic and dangerous to use, and in this cover up it has the collusion of the US administration by senior officials in the US Environtal Protection Agency ( EPA ) which is tantamount to a fraud. In the meantime in the last six or seven decades millions of people in Asia and Africa have died of sickness and diseases due to the use of 'Round Up' .

Officials in Monsanto and those senior officials in the US EPA as well as officials in the European Commission who colluded with Monsanto with intentional fraud on the world at large should be charged, fined and imprisoned.

The US and the western countries also manufactured millions of tons of chemical fertilisers and exported them largely to Asia and Africa. These fabricated chemical fertilisers have secret additives added and are used in Monsanto Genetically Manipulated ( GMO ) planting. The use of these chemical ferftilisers in food crops like rice and maize and fruit trees has a serious injurious effect on the consumers of these crops and fruits as the fertilisers seem geared to induce infertility in both the male and female consumers. The chemical fertilisers poison the food crops and the soil cumulatively over a long period.

Big American and European pharmaceutical manufacturers have a monopoly of modern medicine throughout the world. They control the pharmaceutical products for Asia and Africa which are designed to a slow but long process of poisoning Asians and Africans resulting in sickness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and other related diseases.

Next the white Americans and the Europeans intend to decimate the population of Asia and Africa through the spread of biological germ epidemics. CIA and Pentagon have worked in collusion to implant the Ebola virus in West Africa, the MERS virus in Middle East and the current Corona virus in China. China had in the recent past helped Africa and the Middle East to control and contain the Ebola and MERS disease. But the Corona virus is a more serious strain fabricated in US laboratories intended to kill millions of people with yellow skin genes especially the Chinese. These are all undeclared germ warfare against Africans and Asians calculated to decimate their population. The evil empire must not be allowed to succeed in its wicked ways. Asians and Africans must unite to fight and bring down the wicked and satanic United States.

Lastly desperate United States has been using financial wars and physical wars to destroy Asian and African countries to decimate their populations.

The impoverishment of Asians and Africans are carried out through two distinct direct but related methods. One is to attack and weaken the financial and economic structure and well being of the countries of the two continents. The other is to create instability and destability of the Asian and African countries by provoking hostilities and wars among the countries in the two continents. America has created endless wars in the Middle East, in Central Africa, in north and north-west

In the the financial and economic front the attack is frontal through the manipulation of the American Petro Dollar as a standard of international exchange. Every country which wants to buy or sell products to America or trade round the world must use the PetroDollar to trade. This is a clear disadvantage to Asian and African countries because US is always manipulatinng the currency to its advantage . US rogue bankers and stock brokers will always cheat and swindle unsuspecting Asians and Africans by selling them toxic financial products like mini-bonds. Be wary of American and European private bankers who will use the billions of dollars entrusted to them for sound investments by the Asians and Africans but instead they will always misuse it to deal with endless trading in derivatives and hedge funds which is nothing but pure gambling. In such cases win or lose the bankers will always award themselves first by the millions or billions as service charges. Trading in derivatives and hedge funds is nothing but a super casino which together with the PetroDollar and the toxic financial products are a form of American financial terrorism on unsuspecting Asians and Africans. These financial loses will result in the decline and weakening of the Asian and African economy and ultimately a fatal blow to human survival.

Creating wars, instability and destability is the benchmark of American foreign policy. The Americans will always sow suspicion descension and create instability and hostility among the Asian and African countries. It will then carry out endless propaganda of misinformation and disinformation with a lot of lies, half truths and insinuations to a crescendo before it starts the wars before the unsuspecting Asian and African countries.

The Americans are the masters of shedding blood behind the scenes. They have succeeded in making the Arab muslims and Iranian muslims fight among themselves. The Americans will just enrich themselves by selling weapons to the warring factions and by using the wars at the same time to test their new weapons.

The United States is trying to create civil and international wars among countries like divided Koreas, divided China - Taiwan, foment wars between Japan and China, between India and Pakistan, between India and China and between China and Vietnam or the Philippines. In this way the United States and its western allies led by the rogues in the American government will have succeeded to see how Asians will have died by the millions or billions in a nuclear war among the Asians. This will definitely decimate Asian populations by the billions and fit in the ruthless plans of the evil Anglo-European and American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothchilds-Illuminati cabal and the rogues and scoundrels of the American government.

America is now trying to start new wars of conflagration in the South China Sea by goading Vietnam,the Philippines and Malaysia to go against China . The US objective is to hold total control and hegemony in the region so as to take control of the vast oil and mineral resources in the region.

A wicked desperate bankrupt America must not be allowed to destroy the Asians and Africans under whatever guise and pretext. The whole world must unite in solidarity to bring down the satanic Evil Empire.


Tuesday, 18th February, 2020
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1178

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2020 8:11 pm    Post subject: US & The West Destroyed The Muslim Civilization Reply with quote

The United States & Its European Allies Caused The Destruction of Muslim Civilization.


It is the tradition of white supremacists and racists to kill and destroy other civilizations in order to maintain their hegemony and total control of all countries. Traditionally they have been treating muslims as die hard enemies and the killing of muslims and destruction of the great muslim civilization was expedited by the Americans and the British immediately after the First World War and the momentum of the killings exploded with great speed and brutality immediately after the Second World War. The American genocide of the Middle East muslims continue unabated to the present.

In past milleniums the Muslim Civilization shone in glory and splendour. It was as great and glorious as the Chinese civilization. Like the Chinese civilization it was in the frontline of science, mathematics and technology which were very lacking in European countries. The European countries were then very primitive and perpetually indulged in constant warfares against each other. To the Europeans the muslim civilization was in the olden days a light of knowledge and learning and a torchlight to the way of progress for the future.

How then in the last five hundred years the Europeans were able to stole a march on the Arab muslims and the Chinese? The key to this answer lies the cause of the fall and destruction of the muslim civilization and the Chinese civilization at the hands of the marauding European and the American barbaric aggressions.

Having learnt much of the science and technology from the Chinese and the Arab muslims the Europeans quickened their pace in mustering the science and technology of manufacturing more effective guns and cannons and the building of war ships. Armed with their new found superior weaponery they the Europeans and thereafter the Americans went on a rampage to attack and conquer other countries both in the old world of Asia and Africa and in the new world of the Americas and Australia.

Religion and militant political doctrines play a huge part in the downfall of the muslim civilization. But the main cause of the destruction of muslim civilization is the determination of the white supremacists of Europe and the United States to destroy muslims at any cost and at all cost.

The white men of Europe and America see the muslims as some sort of a contagious dangerous disease and so they coordinate their efforts to take down all muslims wherever they may be.

On the religion aspect both the muslims and the white European and American Christians have been using religious doctrine to justify their mutual hatred and killings of each other. The Arab muslims justify their killings of white men who are infidels or non-believers of Islam and the white Christians similarly justify their killings of muslims who are known as heathens or non-believers of the Christian faith. However, the white supremacists of Europe and America eventually triumphed over the muslims because of their great advancement in Science and technology in the last five hundred years.

The European countries and white America make no pretensions that they are justified in killing muslims and taking away their lands even though the muslims do not do anything wrong to them or give them any provocations; but just for the simple fact that muslims are heathens and therefore reserved to be killed. The white racists and supremacists insist that it was written in the Bible that all nations which do not acknowledge the authority of the white Christian western powers were sinners and so it was their right and duty to make war upon the muslims wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all the muslims they could take as prisoners. Unfortunately this evil white Christian policy was also applied to other people who are non-muslims but also non-christians. This hate muslim policy, the anti-muslim policy and anti-non whites policy has been the US state policy and has been in place since the first years of United States independence in 1775. In fact it was given emphasis by Thomas Jefferson, US second president after George Washington.

The extension of this insidious white supremacist Christian policy continues to this day and is carried out mainly by the United States. The killings and genocide of muslims have not stopped. In fact it has intensified with the advancement of modern weaponery like rockets, missiles, drones and jet bombers.

The killings of muslims have been a long time western obsession. It started with the Christian crusades marching to war against the muslims in the 15th century. It was a long drawn out struggle of life and death between the European Christians and the Sunni and Shia muslims. After more than a millenium of wars and fighting it culminated with the defeat of the muslims. The defeat of the muslims was made easy partly due to the infighting among the muslims between the Sunni and the
Shia sects which was highly exploited by the christian European powers. The end of Islamic power and glory came pretty fast in the 19th Century and after the First World War. The Turkish Islamic Ottoman Empire in the whole of Middle East became the spoils to be absorbed by the British Empire. However due to fear of Russian encroachment the British was forced to break up the previous Ottoman Empire into separate independent states under British protectorate. Hence there are the independent entities of of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Lebanon and Palestine.

However, after the Second World War and with the discovery of rich deposits of hundreds of billions of tons of oil and trillions of tons of natural gas in almost all the newly independent Arab states, a new form of western colonialism and imperialism came in the form of United States capitalism to exploit these resources.

To carry out this new western capitalist colonialism the British and the United States adopted an operandi based on divide and rule system. In 1948 by using intrigue and subterfuge they illegally detached a large part of the Arab state of Palestine and planted the Jewish state of Israel in the midst of the Arab world.

Thus the illicit birth of Israel has been the start of the great sufferings of the Arabs in general and the Palestinian Arabs in particular. In addition the United States and UK insatiable greed for Arab oil and natural liquified gas result in several ruinous wars initiated by US in its determination to dominate the Middle East region under its total hegemony and full control of the oil and natural gas resources.

Other than the love of Arab oil and natural gas the Americans and the British seem to have a natural hatred for the Arab muslims. And perhaps that's the reason they have to plant Israel there to look after the interests of the US and UK. The United States wars on Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Somalia are state terrorism and the most cruel perversion and criminal act against human rights.

Just as George H, Bush and Obama , president Trump does not care to hide his deep hatred for Arab muslims. He called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims from entering the United States.

The American wars against the Arab muslims are most brutal and destructive in criminality. It is a one sided affair of might is right. So they have been using their military might to the fullest. Their endless mass bombings not only killed hundreds of thousands of Arab military personnels but also millions of civilians which they brushed aside without betting an eye lid as collateral damages. The indiscriminate mass bombings not only kill the people but also cause great wanton destructions to buildings and properties. The use of cluster bombs, chemical and biological weapons as well as depleted uranium on the Middle East Arab muslims to maximize the effect of mass killings show wanton disregard of humanity and utter contempt for Arab feelings of self respect and dignity. It is in short American state terrorism with no precedence.

With the killings of Arab muslims by the millions and the wanton indiscriminate destruction of Arab muslim lands and properties by the western powers headed by the United States of America, can the old glorious muslim civilization be revived.

There is some hope only if the whole non-western world and the United Nations Organization condemn in unison the American state terrorism and demand it to stop this terrorism in the Middle East immediately. Also the illegal state of Zionist Israel which spond some of the worst crimes against the muslims in cahoot with the United States must be shut down and the lands return to the Arab Palestinian muslims. All the Jews will then be safely repatriated to all the European countries and the United States where they originally came from. The Arab muslims must get rid of their old illogical scism between the Sunnis and the Shias The west conquests of the muslim world have been made easy and enhanced by the unnecessary quarrels among the muslims of the Sunni and the Shia sects. The Evil Empire, the atrocious United States imperialist always exploit local differences of a national state or national states and capitalise on their differences to instigate fear , suspicion, hostilities and even foment wars to fit its agenda of domination and hegemony over every other country.

The muslims in the world, all the muslim countries , especially the Middle East Arab muslim countries can only gain back their self-respect and dignity and redeem their glorious past by uniting together to get rid of the bellicose Americans from their countries. To this momentous objective Pakistan can help its muslim brotherhood in the Middle East with its nuclear cover and strengthen deep cooperation with Russia, Iran , DPRK and The Peoples Republic of China.

Unless and until the Evil Empire, the United States is destroyed there will be no peace and security for the muslims and other people in this world.


Friday, 6th March, 2020
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1178

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:10 am    Post subject: US Biological Lab Created Viruses Threaten The Whole World Reply with quote

US Biological Lab Created Viruses Threaten The Whole World
American fabricated deadly viruses threaten the whole world :- PART ONE

The Ebola, Mers and Coronavirus are not natural viruses. They are all created in many of the United States chemical and biological laboratories located in US and in many of the US overseas occupied territories and military bases. The use of diseases and germs to destroy other people and countries is not new to US. In the past the United States and its forebears England had used viruses from Small pox and measles to kill and decimate the native American population.

When dotard Trump speaks of ' Make America Great Again ' he is speaking through his arse or anus. America has never been a great nation. How can America be great when European invaders cobbled the country together out of brutal killings and genocide of almost the whole population of native indigenous American Indians and called the invaded lands the United States. This was followed by the continuous killings of African Americans, Mexican Americans and Chinese Americans, even right up to the present. Of course America great teacher of its brutal genocide and atrocities was its forebears the great satanic Anglo-Saxon British imperialist empire. How can the United States of white invaders which through out its history and for hundreds of years has been carrying out brutal deeds of genocide and wanton atrocities against not only against the native Americans but also against many countries in Central and South America and across the seas in Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines and even further afield in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean as well as in the Middle East and Africa be called a great nation. American senseless brutalities and atrocities across the whole wide world is the permanent ugly stain on human life and humanity.

America wants to exercise full control and hegemony of all countries big or small on earth. To gain hegemony it has resorted to lies about getting freedom under the guise of Democracy and human rights. If America cannot have its way with countries which resist American aggression and hegemony then it would use other ways and means to to bring these countries down under for American tyranical control.

The United States would destabilise these countries through creating choas, dissensions, instabilities, strives and wars. The US would weaken and impoverish these countries through currency and monetary manipulation, sanctions, tariffs and trade blockades. One of its vilest methods to gain hegemony is using hybrid warfare against countries which do not toe the US dictatorship. Thus in the last many years US has been using undeclared biological germ warfare against many unsuspecting countries. Its last and final desperate attempt of gaining total hegemony is imposing physical wars against resisting countries.

This article here will discuss how the rogue United States tries to bring down some countries in Africa, the Middle East and China through silent secret implantation of wide spread life destroying viruses in these countries.

The US covets the oil resources in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad all in north west Africa as well as the diamond industry in Sierra Leone and Liberia. CIA implanted the Ebola virus in these countries in 2013 - 2014. In the Arab muslim countries of the Middle East, CIA implanted the MERS virus in 2012 to 2016. CIA did the dirty job not only through its agents which are all over Africa but also via its unsuspecting NGOs.

These countries in North West Africa and the Middle East were lucky to get help from China in their fight against Ebola and Mers. China sent large amounts of medical aid and teams of medical experts to help fight the two diseases. Thus with the selfless help of China the countries of North West Africa and the Middle East were saved from the terrible destruction of the American made Ebola and Mers viruses.

Last year, somewhere in late October, 2019, the American fabricated "American Coronavirus" or COVID-19 was stealthily and secretly implanted in Wuhan by American soldiers who were in Wuhan to take part in an Military World Games. There were as many as a few hundred American soldiers taking part in the games. After the games the American soldiers spent many days enjoying many of Wuhan's splendid shopping malls and went to the country side to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. On hindsight it was reported that many US soldiers were ill with flu like symptoms and they might have implanted the 'American Coronavirus' where ever they. Also recently a video went viral showing an American soldier travelling in a bus in Wuhan, licking his fingers and then rub the salivary moist fingers on the supporting standing poles and hanging rails of the bus. He was definitely a suspect who tried to spread the America coronavirus.

Sometime after the American soldiers left Wuhan, large numbers of Chinese Wuhan residents seemed to have been infected with the strange flu virus symptoms. Was the infection of the strange flu virus among the Wuhan residents incidental with the departure of the American soldiers who left Wuhan some days earlier. If so, it was a strange and mysterious co-incidence. But it was not so for the many American soldiers with flu were definitely carriers of the 'American Coronavirus.'

Subsequent independent research by Japanese and Taiwanese Chinese scientists as well as mainland Chinese scientists disclose that the 'Coronavirus' definitely originated from the United States. The Japanese research revealed that four or five strains of the virus are found only in the US and not in any other countries. The Taiwanese research concluded that the virus originated in American controlled Hawaii. Both the independent research of Japan and Taiwan tally or coincide with the conclusive result of the independent Chinese research. President Trump and his bunch of imbecile untrustworthy political colleagues should be transparent and admit that the Coronavirus originated from the United States. They should now proceed from here to sincerely cooperate with other countries to fight the 'American Coronavirus' instead of playing the blame game of scapegoating China and blaming other countries just to cover their unprepareness and incompetency to deal with the American Coronavirus epidemic.

The implant of the coronavirus in Wuhan by US soldiers was not incidental or co-incidental. It is part of US secret strategy to stealthily attack and take down China through undeclare biological germ warfare. In implanting the deadly Ebola virus and Mers virus in Africa and the Middle East and now the Coronavirus in China, the United States has started an undeclared war not only against China and the Chinese people but also against all the peoples of Asia and Africa.

People of Africa and Asia must now unite in solidarity and brotherhood to resist American brutal aggression and hegemony and fight with courage to destroy the evil satanic United States imperial empire.


Monday, 23rd March, 2020
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:18 am    Post subject: US Biological Lab Created Viruses Threaten The Whole World Reply with quote

US Biological Lab Created Virus Threaten The Whole World : PART TWO

Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the Americans and the British together with the Jewish Zionist had broad plans to bring the whole world under total Western rule and hegemony headed by the United States.

As I had pointed out before in two articles published in this same blog on 9th October, 2016 and on 4th February, 2020, revealing the horrendous plan of the Western countries headed by the United States to reduce drastically the populations of Asia and Africa through multiple means via toxic insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, chemical and biological weapons with biological laboratories genetically designed deadly germs and virus to infect populations, sanctions, trade embargoes, tariffs, monetary and currency manipulations to impoverish Asian and African countries and through outright physical wars carry out either directly by the United States or through CIA instigations to foment wars among local countries in Asia and Africa to fight and kill themselves. These are hideous and monstrous plans of the US and the West which claim that the world is overpopulated with seven and a half billion people and most of which live in Asia and Africa which must necessarily bear the reduction. Thus in this matter of life and death white supremacists in the United States think they can play god to decide the fate of Asians and Africans.

The United States has over one hundred chemical and biological laboratories in both US and and US occupied overseas territories and military bases geared to specifically producing only chemical, germ and virus for chemical and biological wars against other countries.

The present coronarovirus is produced in a military biological lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA, nearby a local military base. Over three hundred and fifty American military personnels who were carriers of the virus were sent to Wuhan, China in October 18th to 27th 2019 to take part in a friendly World Military Games. Surprisingly none of the US participants won any medal. But they were energitically spreading the virus to the Chinese when they went on a wild spree visiting big splendid shopping malls and big farms in the countrysides. About two weeks after the Americans left Wuhan in US military planes there was instant coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan as the two weeks were the hibernation period of the viruses before they broke out in full force. Soon the coronavirus spread out very fast and infected a lot of the population in Wuhan and eventually spread to Hupeh and the whole world.

For the US to claim ignorance of the severity of the Coronavirus and to claim that China delayed in informing US earlier so that US was caught unprepared to fight the coronavirus epidemic is just all hubris and unbelievable. How can the US which fabricated the deadly virus claim ignorance and unprepared.

They have genetically fabricated the virus to attack only people with yellow skin genes especially the Chinese and of course they do not care if the virus also attack the Koreans, Japanese Vietnamese and other yellow skin people for to the Americans they will just insouciantly dismiss it as collateral victims.

However, by nature's will of cause and effect or karma or retribution, the wicked Americans were all too confident and believe that their lab designed coronavirus will not infect people of white genes like themselves and all white people of the western world. They have never been more wrong and due to their miscalculation the coronavirus epidemic have rebounced on them as will of God or nature with vengeance and fury to punish them for all their hideous crimes against mankind. So it is not as though they were ignorant of the severity of the virus and were unprepared for it but the truth is that it is because they were too arrogant and overconfident that the virus would not attack their kind that they would never be bothered to prepare. Thus it is nature's or god's willing that they must reap what they sow. Well, as the Chinese dictum says, " Man proposes but God disposes."

In the meantime while China was fighting desperately against the coronavirus epidemic the United States elites and politicians like Trump, Mike Pence, Pompeo, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross and US mass media as well as some other western countries mass media were watching at China's desperation with glee and even cast aspersions against China. They hypocritically claimed that China's lockdown in Wuhan and the whole country as excessive moves by an authoritarian government, claiming that the excessive moves had infringed on the people's right of freedom of movement. Western media dubbed China's locked down as a "breach of human rights." The New York Times criticized the Wuhan and Hupeh lockdown saying it came "at the the great cost to people's livelihoods and personal liberties." Behind all these hypocritical criticisms is the secret wish of the United States and some of its western allies like UK, France and Australia that China should take no action so that millions of Chinese will be killed down the destructive path of the deadly coronavirus. They know that China is doing the right thing in containing the coronavirus but they are not happy because that is not what they want. They desperately hope the Covid-19 epidemic would destroy China. They disparaged China's political system and governance with deep intention to drive a wedge between the Chinese citizens and the Chinese government. However, their evil design would surely fail for the Chinese people are solidly united as one with the Chinese government and have strong faith in what their government is doing. The United States politicians and government officials constantly disparage China political system and governance and hypocritically blame China's initial slow and delay response to the virus as resulting in the spread of the epidemic to US and the West.Behind all these wild accusations is the shameful intention to cover their own irresponsibilities, inefficiency and incompetency in dealing with the epidemic. Eventually China's much criticized measures are quietly adopted as standard practice in combating the Covid-19 pandemic by all western countries like Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, England and even the US and by all other countries in the world. Now as the United States and its western allies are quietly and closely using the Chinese methods of fighting the pandemic they have to swallow their insulting rhetorics and earlier sinister criticisms against China.

However, at this critical juncture of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is still playing hard politics against China. US has been contriving all ways and means to destabilise China to bring China down. It planned, instigated and fomented the Hong Kong riots from February to late September, in 2019, it tried to stir up the world muslims against China on the Uyghur Chinese issues in Xingjiang, it consistently try to create troubles in the South China Sea by sailing its warships and flying its bombers close to Chinese islands and Chinese coastlines and it never stops interfering in China's internal affairs especially on the Taiwan affairs. Of late even though the United States is suffering the most severe COVID-19 pandemic attack, it still tries to stir up instabilities in the Taiwan Straits by signing the "Taipeh Act." which defies China's objective of a peaceful unification with the breakaway island. All these American plots and hideous acts to undermine China are doomed to fail. On the contrary it may hasten the end of the imperial Evil Empire of USA.

The epidemic situation is getting extremely severe in US and the western countries and instead of cooperating with China and other countries to fight the epidemic the US is bent on shifting focus of public attention to demonize China and to blame China for all their irresponsibilities, inefficiencies and incompetency in taking proper actions to contain the pandemic.

Both dotard Trump and his Republican party and the Democrats are utterly immoral and irresponsible. They would rather sacrifice cooperation with China and intensify conflicts to win elections. They are gambling with countless lives and the destiny of the entire human race.

The United States should reevaluate its China policy and put aside geopolitics to work with China to contain the fatal COVID-19 pandemic. Failing which all the countries in the world should hold the United States responsible for their current plight and disaster and appeal to the United Nations International Court of Justice to demand US pay them trillions of dollars in compensation.


Sunday, 29th March,2020
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:20 am    Post subject: Insane US politicians / Pentagon want war against China. Reply with quote

Insane USA politicians & Pentagon tinker with the idea to start a war against China at the end of the Coronavirus Pendemic.
With madmen and insane crooks and scoundrels and charlatans running the United States government and administration the chances of a worldwide nuclear conflagration in a Third World War is getting very close to reality.

The coronavirus was created by the United States military biological laboratories to kill Asians and Africans and especially to kill the Chinese whom the evil empire considered as its strategic competitor. However, the monstrous evil plot backfired and the coronavirus are now coming to America. But the USA leadership is indifferent because they strongly believe the virus was created to attack ethnic races only with the yellow skin or dark skin genes and would not attack white men. So with such strong belief they gingerly adopted a couldn't care less attitude. The epidemic is now engulfing the whole of the USA with great severity but the politicians are still quarrelling and fighting and Trump and his officials are only obsessed in demonizing China. Instead of fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic the United States concentrates on demonizing China and bullying other countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and many more others.

Now the Trump administration find it hard to fight and contain the coronavirus. Being untrustworthy and irresponsible they try to deflect the people's attention from their inefficiency and incompetence in dealing with the pandemic by playing the blame game of accusing China and the World Health Organisation for all the faults except their own.

The Covid-19 may cause havoc to US economy, trade, commerce and finance. They may find it hard to extricate themselves from this havoc and coming economic disaster. The United States now has an unsolvable debt of about 28 trillion dollars and it is increasing every day. The fear now is the United States in desperation may start a war with China or Russia or attack any of the smaller weaker countries like Venezuella, Cuba, Iraq, Iran or North Korea to solve this critical crisis it created. But war will not solve their problem. It will deepen their crisis and hasten the end of US imperialism.

A New York Times report which is posted in Straits Times on Tuesday, 7th April, on page A16 stated. " US military seeks more funds for Pacific region, post - virus. Additional $29 b sought for 2021 - 26 to bolster deterrence against China once outbreak ends."

But why deter China? What is there to deter China? China has never attacked any other country and has no intention to do so. On the other hand China like many Asian countries has always been on the receiving end of Western aggressions and occupation. China has decided these western and American aggressions have to stop. In the last few decades China and the Chinese people have with grit and gumption simultaneously built up a strong economy and a powerful military to preempt any future foreign aggressions especially those from the US and its western allies. The US is not happy to see China's exceptional rapid development. They arrogantly believe that only the white people have the prerogative to development and to enjoy riches, wealth and glory. But every Asian country and every other country in this world has the right to progress and improve the livehood of their people. The United States feel a strong, rich and powerful China will prevent US from continuing its grave exploitation of the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is this reluctance and inability of US and its western allies to accept China's phenominal rise and its wicked and evil plots to contain China's development which is the cause of all troubles, instabilities and wars in Asia and beyond. All other allegations about deterring China's ambition in Asia and the South China Sea is hogwash and hubris. It is a smoke screen, a veil to cover US monstrous objective to hold sway over Asia and the Pacific cum Indian Ocean region under continuous US domination and hegemony. This can be seen in the over 400 US military bases in the Pacific Ocean region in Japan, Korea, Guam, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands and the Bikini Islands as well as Diego Garcia Islands in the Indian Ocean.

China's position in the East China Sea and South China Sea is clear and transparent. The Chinese islands of Diau Yudao in the East China Sea, the Paracel Islands, the Spratly Islands, the Pratas Islands and all other smaller islands, shoals and islets in the South China Sea were occupied by Japan during the Second World War. However, after the Second World War all these islands were legally returned to China by the United Nations Organization under the Cairo and Potsdam treaties duly signed by all the great powers inclusive of US, UK, Russia, China and Japan. Pretending to forget or ignore these legal bound international treaties doesn't make any difference to China's absolute sovereignty over all these Chinese territorial islands and seas in the South China Sea region. The Evil Empire should stop instigating the littoral states in the region to make false illegal claims to Chinese territorial islands and seas.

However, after the Korean War 1950-1953 and the Indo-China War 1965 - 1975 the US illegally handed the Diau Yudao to Japan and then sabotage and undermine China's sovereignty over the South China Sea islands by promoting the insidious United Nations Convention of the International Laws of the Seas in 1986 to create space for illegal claims on Chinese territorial seas and islands by the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei and in a way Indonesia which claims part of the Chinese territorial seas around the Spratly Islands. All these silly illegal and illicit claims took place at the instigation and goading of the United States.

China has always been the same China and it has always been in this part of Asia unlike US which came over from England to steal the North America continent from the native Americans after genociding almost all of them or around one hundred million of them in the last 300 years. China had not and has never expand its territories at others expense. On the contrary China had lost millions of square miles of territories to other countries like Russia, England, France, Japan and India during the century of humiliation from 1830s to 1940s.

China does not station any of her soldiers outside China and has no military bases overseas unlike the US which has over a thousand military bases all over the world. Surely the American military bases overseas are not for peace, With these military bases the United States has always threatened, bullied and took aggressive actions to force other countries big or small to submit to American dictatorship. America has always used its military might to exercise its illegal extra-territorial rights on other countries so as to secure their wealth and vast natural resources practically for free for the American elites, the Wall Street crooks and scoundrels and the Deep State of the Anglo-Saxon American Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cabal.

US has stated openly that it intends to increase tension against China in the Asia-Pacific region after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak by increasing its armaments of new radar warning systems, more new cruise missiles, additional forces and new intelligence-sharing centres to improve and enhance US military's ability to confront and deter the People's Liberation Army. US Defence News stated clearly that its military and the Pentagon is preparing to face increase tensions against China amid the pandemic and the post pandemic. It stated that its current and former national security officials have strongly supported increase in its military power to shore up its illicit operations in the region. They intend to focus more urgently on threatening China's economy and military after the pandemic.

While in a threatening mood against China, US lawmakers and military strategists at the same time expressed fear of the accuracy of the powerful lethal Chinese missiles. It said US needs to disperse its forces in Asia other than those now largely concentrated in Japan, South Korea and Guam.

Where else can it disperse its forces? Vietnam will not entertain American forces in its territory for US aggression against China for it knows it doesn't pay to antagonize China. The Philippines, may be, may be not , depending on the whimsical judgements of the government of the day. Like Vietnam no sensible Philippino government will allow US forces to use its territory to launch attacks against China. Taiwan, definitely not for it will be tantamount to open declaration of war against China. In such a scenario Taiwan will be devastated and both USA and China will not escape unscathed and the destiny of the world will be held in the balance from unlimited nuclear exchange. Are the mad and insane Americans and its allies ready to accept such a scenario.

The days when US or any of its allies or any combination of hostile forces can attack China with impunity are over. Don't press China too much. It doesn't pay. China has yet to take revenge and demand compensation for the hundred years of humiliation it suffered at the hands of US and the West. Any country which trifles with China now will be signing its own death warrant.

US may start a war against China but it may not be able to stop it short of mutual annihilation. Is that what the bellicose insane politicians and warhawks in US want it? Is it worthwhile to be insanely aggressive against China now? In a nuclear war nobody wins. Think hard and pull back and don't let your false ego and fake honour to default to go over the brink of armageddon for you may not have a second chance. China does not want war, but China is not afraid of war either, and if forced to China will fight to win.


Monday, 13th April, 2020
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