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US inciting South - East Asian countries against China.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14149
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The most powerful navy in Asia?

Many would say China or Russia or Japan. Wrong, very wrong. These countries may be strong, China or Russia may be able to give a bloody nose to the Americans if there is a war between them, but they are not really that strong, militarily. The USA is still the most powerful military country in the world, but they would think very hard to want to start a war with China. They would irritate and provoke China by their childish and mischievous acts of freedom of navigation. But when China responded aggressively with their warships, the Americans would complain that China is not observing the rule of engagement and would back off. They tried to push the Chinese but would scoot off when the Chinese pushed back.

The Americans would not go to war with China as they know that it is a war they could not win. But some countries in Asia would not think so and would challenge China militarily and would want to go to war with China. It used to be Vietnam, but after a few sea battles, Vietnam knows that they were no match to the PLAN despite defeating the American war machine during the Vietnam War.

The next candidate was the Philippines. They used to arrest Chinese and Taiwanese fishing boats and dragged them to Manila only to return the boats and crew after extracting a huge ransom. This went on for many years and their last act to intimidate China was with their biggest warship, a piece of antique donated by the American naval museum in an island tussle. The Chinese responded by surrounding the piece of antique with bigger warships and submarines that sent fear into the rogue Pinoy sailors. They quickly made a fast retreat citing lack of fuel and supplies. That was the last time the Chinese heard of the Pinoy pirates, and since then no more Chinese or Taiwnese fishing boats were arrested by the Pinoy pirates. Peace and order have returned to the South China Sea vis a vis China and the Philippines.

Recently two more powerful navies appeared in the South China Sea and have no fear in challenging the PLAN and would not hesitate to go to war with China. No, not the Australians or Brits or France, and definitely not the Canadians. They ageing little warships are no match for the Chinese navy. The new challengers are really very powerful navies. No, the little red dot would not dare to challenge China to war. They myth of punching above its weight has been exposed and trashed away.

One of the two powerful navies is the Malaysian Navy. Under Hishammuddin, when he was the Defence Minister, he threatened to send his powerful warships to attack Chinese warships. See how powerful is the Malaysian Navy. Even the Americans would not dare to do such a thing. The Chinese Navy would flee when they hear jihad or amok rising from the Malaysian Navy.

The other powerful Navy that could win a naval war against China is none other than the Indonesian Navy. They have sent in more than 1,000 soldiers into the Natuna Islands and built a big naval complex in preparation for a war with the Chinese Navy. They are very confident of defeating the Chinese Navy and told the Chinese that they would defend their territorial waters fiercely against the Chinese Navy.

China got to be very careful when operating in the South China Sea with these two big naval powers in the same area. For their own safety, China is best advised to stay away from the South China Sea and run when the Malaysian Navy or Indonesian Navy is in the vicinity. Don’t play play with the two most powerful Navies in South East Asia.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14149
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The truth about the rioters and arsonists in Hong Kong protest
As the rioting and destruction get more serious by the days, the truth of this fake democracy and freedom movement is getting clearer. The idiots are waving the American flags and calling for Trump to intervene, maybe sending American boys and girls to fight for their fake democracy and freedom cause. Would the Americans be as stupid as the rioters and arsonists to die for their delusion?
The stupidity in the Hongkongers has been exposed. The myth that they are pragmatic and smart people is starring down at them. They were supposed to be innovative, creative and clever business people that would easily grasp what is good for them, not wild imaginations and useless idealism. The prosperity of Hong Kong in pre handover days and post handover days was political circumstances in the earlier case and the generosity of China when it returned to China.
The Hongkongers could not see these and believed that the prosperity of Hong Kong was due to their industry and cleverness. Never have they been so wrong, never have the academics and historians been so wrong in their conclusions. When the Cold War was waged by the West to contain China, Hong Kong was the only window and gateway for China to trade with the rest of the world. Everything in and out of China went through Hong Kong. How not to prosper as a conduit of goods with little value add, little creativity and innovation, no need technology and engineering? Has Hongkong produced anything worthy other than a middleman and overpriced housing?
After the return to 1997, China bent backwards to ensure Hong Kong prospers as a rich city of China and offered exceptional assistance to make sure this happened. The generosity and magnanimity of China were taken for granted, ignored and refused to be acknowledged. The Hongkongers continued with their smugness and delusion that Hong Kong’s success was due to them. And they believed that they could survive and prosper on their own, maybe with western crutches, without China. How silly and naďve the Hongkongers have proven to be.
Now this fake protest that is turning more violent by the day, for what? The Extradition Bill was not an encroachment or erosion of their freedom or democracy. It was a criminal bill, to bring Hongkongers that committed crimes overseas to justice. It was initiated by the Hong Kong govt, not by China. An extradition bill is a normal bill that many countries have signed with their counter parts to ensure criminals did not go free. Going against this bill is protecting criminals, not about democracy or freedom.
The Hong Kong govt has formally withdrew this Bill but the rioting and protest continue with increasing violence and destruction. Maybe this is a good thing. Let Hong Kong burn, let there be blood and carnage on the streets, inflicted by the rioters and arsonists and thugs. Let these be the reasons for the Hong Kong govt to come down hard on the arsonists.
The fake protest and lawlessness must come to an end. Hong Kong and the Hongkongers would pay the ultimate price for exposing their stupidity and silliness and for betraying the Chinese people and becoming the running dogs of the West.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14149
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shameful Hong Kong activists crying to their white fathers in Washington
A few Hong Kong activists appeared in the American Congress urging ‘members of the US Congress to pass legislation to combat human rights abuses in the city, rejecting any suggestion that such a move would be inappropriate US involvement in another country’s affairs,’ reported by Reuters.
According to this singer activist Denise Ho, ‘This is not a plea for so called foreign interference. This is a plea for democracy.’ Does she have a brain? Is Hong Kong a colony of the USA? Is Denise Ho a citizen of Hong Kong or a Canadian?
Another idiot, Joshua Wong, said, ‘Beijing should not have it both ways, reaping all the economic benefits of Hong Kong’s standing in the world while eradicating our sociopolitical identity.’ This is another case of stupidity has no cure. This boy is still living in the 19th Century when China was weak and poor and at the mercy of the white imperialists and colonialists. He still believes that the white imperialists and colonialists are strong enough, and China weak enough, for them to walk into Hong Kong to whip the Chinese. I can’t believe the Hongkongers believe in the silliness of these kids, thinking that Hong Kong belongs to them and the Americans and they could ask the whites to tell China what to do.
And they blamed all this to ‘the creeping interference by Beijing in Hong Kong’s affairs, despite promise of autonomy.’ And this creeping interference is due to the Extradition Bill to bring criminals to justice proposed by the Hong Kong legislature, not China. What has the Extradition Bill got to do with creeping interference by China? Who is misleading who?
An extradition bill is a normal international agreement between two administrative states to bring to justice criminals committing vicious crimes in their respective countries. If an Extradition Bill is interference in another country’s affair, then all the countries with Extradition Bills are also guilty of this allegation.
How many stupid people believe in this childish logic? Only the unthinking will think so, that an Extradition Bill on criminals is interference in another country. In legal terms, to use this as a cause is a miscarriage of justice.
The few traitors would have been executed on their return in Imperial China, but not in modern China. Hongkongers must know that the reprieve they are having, under the one country and two systems would come to an end in less than 28 years. The 50 year grace period is not to let Hong Kong to run continuously under a different system but to be gradually merged with China under one China one system. The earlier Hongkongers get this message into their heads, the earlier they adapt to the system in China the better it would be in their interest. By the end of the 50 year grace period, there will be no more one country two systems. Period. The Basic Law is only for an interim period, not to be permanent, to facilitate the gradual integration of Hong Kong into China proper, not to be totally different from China.
The reality, Hong Kong is a part of China. A tiny piece of rock cannot change the whole of China or be different from China. The protesters and those that cannot live with China when China takes over Hong Kong fully have the choice to leave Hong Kong. They can leave Hong Kong, but Hong Kong cannot leave China. 2m Hongkongers can leave Hong Kong, China. 2m Hongkongers cannot be allowed to disrupt the stability and security of 1.4b people in China.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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