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Posts by Southernglory from 2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:04 pm    Post subject: Dr. Mahatir Mohamed back in Malaysia Poloitics Reply with quote

Dr. Mahatir Mohamed back in Malaysia's politics
Dr. Mahatir has returned from retirement to fight in politics again. His mission is to right the wrongs which he thinks PM Najib is committing He has been accusing Najib for corruption . He conveniently forgets that Najib was his perfect loyal student who learns all the tricks from him .

In his twenty-two years rule Mahatir had played with the country and the people's welfare. Who benefitted from Mallaysia's fiasco in its lost of billions of dollars in Malaysia's investment in the sick British pound. Well, of course Soros the Jewish elite made billions from it. Other than Soros who else benefitted? That is a big question mark.

What happened to Malaysia Airways ? Who benefitted from its lost of billions of dollars? What about the lack lustre development of Port Klang , another multi billion dollar project? Where had all the money gone? Who was the transport and communication minister there and then.

How do some of the scions of Malaysia's prominent politicians become multi millionaires or billionaires overnight?

Dr. Mahatir brought disharmony to the country by practising ill conceived religion and narrow racialistic politics to benefit his party's agenda. So don't be a hypocrite and accuse PM Najib just to suit his own agenda.

His unbecoming or sour talk about Najib's China's capital and investment in Malaysia smacks a nuance of his being now an American mouthpiece . Since when has he decided to become an American poodle to speak ill of China. Under the Evil US Imperial Empire's influence he illicitly and shamefully claims some of the Chinese islands in the South China Sea. He seems to forget there was no country call Malaya or Malaysia until the British chose to leave in 1957 and 1965 when it found that British colonialism was untenable in the face of history. Even then England never claim the Chinese islands in the South China Sea. In fact England and all the West including US and Japan have always recognized the Paracels and the chain of Spratly Islands as Chinese territories. In fact all the islands in the South China Sea have since time immemorial been Chinese territories as far back as the Chin or Han Dynasty over two thousand years ago

In 1986 the West and US floated the UNCLOS - United Nations Convention of the Laws of the Sea. China had asserted that UNCLOS should not and must not encroach or supercede China's historical ownership of her South China Sea's territories before it signed the agreement in later years. However USA itself refused to sign the agreement fearing a lot of legal suits would be filed against US unlawful occupation of other peoples or countries islands and territories. In short USA will not subject itself to international laws it helped to formulate.

Dr Mahatir by his action and stupid assertion that Malaysia has claims to some of the Chinese islands in the South China Sea is thus incongruent with Malaysia's history. Has Mahatir been smoking too much of American pipe and has suddenly come under US's sinister influence.

Those who sleep with the Evil Empire will always end up in big serious trouble and eventually lost their countries' sovereignty. There are too many cases to enumerate. But just to mention a few recent ones like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Iran when it was under the Shah.


Monday , 09th April. 2018
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:13 pm    Post subject: American Arrogance, Aggression and Imperialism PART 3 Reply with quote

American Arrogance, Aggression and Imperialism. Part 3
US president Trump is a devil incarnate. He has now surrounded himself with a hundred percent war hawks in his cabinet whose hawkish views on foreign policies are in sync with his. His latest addition, John Bolton is a racist and white supremacist who has no qualms showing his extreme views and has always been a devil's advocate on attacking China, North Korea and Iran. Trump may be setting the background for war with Russia, Iran, China and DPRK. The world is in a critical stage and may end up in thermonuclear war and armageddon for mankind.

The problem is too many ex-colonnial countries especially those in South East Asia or to be more explicit ASEAN countries like to sleep with the devil, the Evil Empire. Well, US has might, military might and to them they may equate might is right and so they think US has the right to do all the evil deeds against others and there shall be no question asked. Many of these ASEAN leaders have their own personal self interest and agenda and cannot think in terms of wider benefits for ASEAN and their countries.Their warped minds have been captured and enslaved by US subtle propaganda to think and follow the ways and decisions of Washington. By now they should have realised that US is and has been an evil aggressive and expansionist country that has been on a wild rampage for the last two hundred and forty years attacking, killing. conquering and taking over and annexing other people's lands practically with impunity. They should be more pro-active in their thinking to pre-empt US from turning South East Asia and the South China Sea region into a hot bed of strive and warfare concocted by US as it has done to the Arabs in the Middle East.

ASEAN politicians especially the leaders appear to be daft and ignorant of world history and politics. It is incumbent that they should ground themselves in world history and politics to get a better and true perspectives of the world.s present situation so that they can make a better judgement themselves and not be dictated by the likes and dislikes of US and Western imperialists.

There will never be peace in this world so long as the Evil Empire arrogates to itself the right and the power to control every country and to hold every country in servile obedience to American dictates and hegemony as what its predecessor and forbears imperial Britain had done. Let the ASEAN leaders and politicians listen and learn from the native American Indians, " Never trust whitemen, for they speak with fork tongues. "

Well, trust whitemen at your own peril. In the Middle East US plays on the narrow interest and mistrust among the Arabs religious bigotry of the Sunnis and the Shites and sow further dissension and deeper mistrust among them that they are easily manipulated by Imperial US to strive and fight among themselves not knowing that destabilisation , choas and wars ultimately suit the American agenda of taking full control of the Middle East and there together with the oil and other rich mineral resources beneath the Arab soil and seas. ASEAN countries must be wary of evil and insidious American manipulation in the South China Sea and not fall into the same fatal trap that the Arabs in the Middle East had fallen. ASEAN leaders and politicians must be more sanguine about the truth and history of Asia especially the South China Sea region and not rely on the Evil Empire's toxic propaganda whose aim is to plunge the region in permanent wars and turmoil among some ASEAN countries and China just as what is happening in the Middle East because of evil American plots and scheming.

China is not aggressive and expansionist which is the hallmark of imperialist US, Japan and the West. Just like all the ASEAN countries, China, India and all African and South American countries had been held in bondage for decades or hundreds of years. China has no soldiers or military bases outside China unlike US which has over one thousand military bases all over the globe. These American military bases will ensure all countries listen and obey American dictates or otherwise face destruction and regime change. America has fought more than two hundred and thirty wars of aggression and expansion since 1775 to pursue its aim and ambition of eventually conquering the whole world under US total dictates and hegemony. Since the end of Second World War in 1945 America has continually attacked, dismembered countless countries, killing millions of people , carried out assassinations of national leaders who did not listen and follow American dictates and brutally carried out regime change as seen in Iraq, Libya, Korsovo, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. The Evil Empire intends to carry out regime change in Syria and North Korea or DPRK but has been stopped by Russia's intervention. The Evil Empire's next targets for regime change are some South American countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Ecaudor, Bolivia and Peru and some other African countries like Sudan,Somailia, Nigeria and Angola and also may be Cambolia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand in South East Asia.

It is timely to warn ASEAN countries not to be taken in by American toxic propaganda and go into unnecessary permanent strive and wars among themselves or with China. The Evil Empires's aim is to pick up the pieces after the war torn countries have sapped their energy and strength and rule over everybody as an overlord and thus enrich the Evil Empire with all the wealth and resources under its total control and hegemony.


Friday, 23rd March,2018
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:42 pm    Post subject: Unlawful Bombing of Syria by the Evil Empire, UK and France Reply with quote

Unlawful Bombing of Syria by the Evil Empire , UK and France
Three Western rogue countries, USA, UK and France have started their unlawful bombing of Syria without United Nations approval. They think they are above International Law and that "might is right" and their Bomb is the law." US secretary of Home Defense and Security Pompieo arrogantly said that US is unique and exceptional and so US can attack any country and kill other people with impunity.In their cowardly attack on Syria what message are they sending to the world. Are they telling us that small countries need to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to deter US / Western aggression. President Kim of DPRK must tell Trump that talk of denuclearisation of North Korea is off the table. Since the end of Second World War in 1945 America has attacked many countries, assassinated many national leaders for regime change and killed and murdered more than two million people. With the killings of millions of innocent people and causing national tragedies and abject suffering to millions of others USA must one day pay a bloody price of national retribution. There will definitely be blood and fury in choas and revolts by the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans who will rise up to fight for their own independent national states and stop absolute white American domination forever.

The Evil Empire must not be allowed to have its evil ways in Syria or for that matter in North Korea and Venezuela. USA wants to destroy Assad and instal in his place a pro American stooge. The accusation against Assad for chemical and gas attack is all fabricated. The USA and its Western European allies have a long history of doing evil things and then put the blame on others so as to lay a basis for attacking the intended victims for regime change.

The chlorine gas attack in Douma if it was true was definitely the work of USA. Just remember USA used poisonous gas in the Korean War in 1950 -1953 and in Vietnam 1965 -1975 that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and maimed for life millions more. In the case of Syria there is clearly a conspiracy among USA and its European allies UK and France to find an excuse to attack Syria and bring down the democratically elected legitimate Assad government. The fake accusation that Assad used gas or chemical attack is just a ploy to attack Assad and bring down his government. Even if Assad and the rebels used poisonous gas against each other in their civil war it is none of the West / USA business to interfere but up to the Syrians to settle their own national problems

Syria is suffering the modern version of the "Gun Boat Policy " that China was subjected to attack, conquest and humiliation by the same cohort of beastly western barbaric countries in the 19th Century from 1830s to around early 1940s. They first instigated a pro American anti Assad rebel group against Assad. They fomented and supported and funded the anti Assad rebellion and started the Syrian civil war. They have no right to interfere in this Syrian civil war. But interfere they did and they also supported and armed the ISIS and other disparate groups of anti Assad fighters to destabilise Syria to overturn Assad's government.

In the 19th century from 1830s USA participated with England, France, Russia, Germany,Japan, Italy, Holland and Spain in the Gun Boat Policy of aggression against a weak China, They adopted a common policy of dismembering a weak China carving out China into separate parts with each part under the specific control and occupation of each invading power. They alluded to this outrageous episode of China as "cutting the Chinese Water Melon." This Gun Boat aggression caused China to lose over three and a half million square miles of Chinese sovereign lands to Russia, England, France and Japan.

Syria is now subjected to the modern gun boat policy as well as the other Arabs and muslims in the Middle East. They are carving out and dismembering the Arab and muslim countries under the guise of helping the Arabs and muslims to achieve democracy and human rights. They had carved out a big chunk of Palestinian land in 1948 and planted in it the Jewish state of Israel so that they could get rid of all the Jews in Europe and America, Then in 1956 they carved out the Syrian territory of Golan Heights and gave it to Israel. Now they are trying to rob away more of Palestinian and Arab lands.

The true intent of USA / Allies is to destabilise the whole of the Middle East withe the ultimate aim of capturing and controlling the region to suit their agenda of acquiring for free all the oil and gas and other rich natural resources in the region and to utilise the region as a strategic military base against

Syria is suffering the fate of US aggression because it does'nt toe the line of USA dictates and is a stumbling block in the path of USA sinister plan against Russia.

USA and its western European allies have always planned to make use of Syria as a strategic military base to contain Russia from the southern frank . They plan to sabotage and undermine Russia's economy by building an oil pipe line from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through Syria and then via Turkey to Western Europe. This will stop Russia from selling its oil to western Europe and deprive it of business and foreign exchange knowing that oil is Russia's main export and an important cornerstone of its economy. Syria however, is a friend of Russia and refused to let an American oil pipe line running through Syria to undermine Russia. This is the crux of the problem and so America must remove Assad in order for its insidious plan against Russia to be carried out.

USA plans to take down Russia and perhaps China too because these two countries post a capability to stop USA's ultimate aim of conquering the whole world and bring it under USA total control and hegemony in a New World Order governed by America's fascist dictatorship.

America is a satanic country run by a cohort of wild rogues and scoundrels and warhawks under the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cartel. The primacy of the USA Illuminati Cartel organisation is grabbing complete power, money and finance and wealth at the expense of every country in this world. USA attack on Syria is just one its countless cases of primafacie illicit and illegal execution of regime change. Russia and China must lead the free world to stop American brutal carnage and unlawful interference of other countries' internal affairs. America should get out of Syria and the Middle East as well as out of Korea, East and South East Asia.


Monday,16th April, 2018
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:15 pm    Post subject: Most Deadly International Fake News Come From USA / West Reply with quote

As a follow up to Redbean's article "Most Deadly Fake News Come From the State" I would like to add further that the most deadly international fake news come from US and its western European allies . They dessiminate their fake news and deadly propaganda via the mass media like CNN, Fox News, BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist and spill all over the world's other mass medias and newspapers.

Accusing China of being aggressive and expansionist is fake news.

US and its western European allies and Japan like to paddle falsehoods about China. They accused China falsely of being an expansionist power trying to claim the island territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The South China Sea islands, the Paracels, the Spratlys, the Scaraborough islands, the Mischief Reeves and other islands are inherently and historically Chinese territories. They were taken by the Japanese during the Second World War. After the Second World War the Paracels, the Spratly islands and the Diao Yu Tao in the East China Sea were lawfully returned to China by the United Nations at the San Francisco Treaty solemnly signed by US. England, France Russia, China and Japan itself. China doesn't need to claim these island territories because they are her sovereign territories from the very beginning and since time immemorial. To accuse China of being an expansionist in her own lands is just gross mischiefs by US, the West and Japan to create misunderstanding, choas, dissension, destabilities and may be war among the countries bordering the South China Sea to suit their insidious agenda.

It is fake news to claim that Taiwan is an independent country

US and its allies like to falsely claim that Taiwan is an independent country. Taiwan is not an independent country. It is a breakaway province from China. When the KMT - Kuo Mintang party under Chiang Kai Shek lost the Chinese Civil War against Chairman Mao's Peoples' Republic of China he fled to Taiwan. US then interfered in the Chinese civil war by stationing its Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Straight to prevent the Chinese Liberation Army from crossing the Straight to take Taiwan. Technically America is still interfering in the yet unfinished Chinese civil war. USA has been the stumbling block to eventual Chinese unification by the Chinese in both mainland China and Taiwan. Though the whole world including USA itself have recognized Taiwan as an inherent part of China but USA is still stubborndly and illegally and illicitly supplying arms to Chinese traitors ruling Taiwan under USA protection. USA evil motive is to instigate the Taiwan Chinese to declare independence knowing it is a red line that China would not allow. US is trying to use Taiwan as its unsinkable aircraft carrier in its future conflict with China.

Claiming Diao Yudao is Japanese islands is fake news.

Japan under US support claims Diau Yudao or Senkaku islands as the Japanese called it. After the Second World War Diau Yudao was legally returned to China. But after Chiang Kai Shek's KMT defeat in the Chinese civil war USA mischievously placed the islands through the United Nations under USA trusteeship administration. USA refused to hand over the Diau Yudao to communist China but wickedly placed it under Japanese administration in 1976. USA intention is to make use of Diau Yudao as a bone of contention between Japan and China to sow the seeds for their future potential conflicts.

USA and its western European allies England and France paddle a lot of fake news regarding president Assad and Syria.

They accused Assad of using chemical weapons in Douma on 7th April,2018. Yet they refused to let Inspectors from OPCW - Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to inspect and verify the accusation before they started to bomb the site of the attack.

Assad has no need to use gas or chemical weapons against US supported rebels and ISIS for he is already winning the war and the rebels in Douma have almost surrendered.

The alleged chemical assault if it took place at all was clearly the work of US supported aysh-al-Islam , the jihadist group in control of Douma at the time of Assad alleged chemical attack. USA in using its proxy to stage the alleged chemical attack was part of its propaganda campaign to discredit the Assad government.

Accusing Assad of as a "Gas killing Animal " smacks of moral hypocrisy when Trump and USA just supported and funded Saudi Arabia by equipping Saudi Arabia with heavy weaponery of bombs, missiles and bombers that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians and created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the last few decades. Also USA has never stopped the use of gas and chemical weapons to suit its killing agenda as seen in its illegal wars in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. If Trump and USA really care for the fate of the Syrian people he should take in the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and not ban their entry to US.

Also why should Assad be stupid to use gas or chemical attack at the time when Trump just openly announced he would withdraw US forces from Syria because ISIS has been defeated. It has not been proven that Assad or his military ordered the chemical attack that Trump seized the opportunity as a pretext for launching his attack. The bombing of Syria must be seen in the light of Trump trying to divert attention from his domestic political problems and James Comey open accusation that he was grossly incompetent and unethical in his mafia style of dictatorship.

Trump was possibly challenged and goaded by anti Russia Republican and Democrat hot heads and warhawks to take some sort of actions after he had openly threatened to bomb Syrian and Russian bases to show that he was not a weakling in facing against a powerful nuclear armed Russia. This was an attack on his fragile ego in which the peace, security and survival of mankind in the world must not be held hostage.

Sadly and ironically the silly people and politicians of many third world countries seem to be easily bought by American fake news, propaganda, missinformation, disinformation , outright lies and balonies .

The world can only be safer if the people can wake up to the evils of America and condemn in unison American atrocities and illicit wars everywhere.


Wednesday, 19th April, 2018
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:42 pm    Post subject: KKorean Peace Talks and the American Warhawks and Neocons Reply with quote

Korean Peace Talks and The American Warhawks and Neocons
The two countries Korea and China were divided due to the interference by America and Russia in their civil wars. Without the American and Russian interference Korea and China will today be two happy united countries.

The separation between North Korea (DPRK ) and South Korea ( ROK ) and between Mainland China and Taiwan was due to the fraud and divisive evil ideology and doctrine imposed on the Koreans and the Chinese by the West headed by US and by Russia. After the Second World War both US and Russia had competing plans to dominate and control Asia. Using its bogus democracy and self serving evil doctrines US occupied South Korea and Taiwan while Russia occupied North Korea and perfunctorily supported Chairman Mao's PRC. If US and Russia had not interfered in the Korean civil war and the Chinese civil war the Koreans and the Chinese today would not have been divided but remain as two dignified united countries. America has consistently persisted in maintaining a divided Korea and a divided China to suit its agenda and ultimate aim of world conquest and hegemony.

While most Koreans aspire to be united and most people and countries in the world hope for a successful peace talk leading to the unification of the two Koreas not every body or every nation look forward to the success of the peace talks. The Japanese under the despicable Abe definitely do not want to see a united Korea. A divided Korea will serve Japanese insidious agenda of military revival for its secret aim of seeking revenge and potential plan of aggression and conquest of Korea, China and Asia again and this time with the help and connivance of America. There are some treacherous Korean traitors who for their own selfish interests will never want to have a united Korea but rather prefer to serve their Japanese and American masters servilely for their own personal benefits.

Even Trump's personal interest in the talks is under scrutiny. Is he using the talks in bidding his time to serve his secret agenda of other more morbid underlying plans for greater aggression somewhere else in Asia or in the South China Sea region. His sincerity in the peace talks is doubtful granted that he is a dishonourable man who often flip flops on his decisions and agreements . Also he has to contend with the large numbers of warhawks , neocons and the powerful Deep State of the Shadow Government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cartel which controls Wall Street, CIA and the Pentagon and whose doctrine of perpetual and permanent warfare to generate wealth and profits for the Cartel do not bode well for the talks. The American warhawks, neocons and the Illuminati Cartel thrives on wars and never believe in peace.

The Russians also may not want to see a united Korean nation or a peaceful North East Asia or Asia because of Russia's own guilt of aggression against a weak China before and therefore the Russians harbour a lingering fear that a peaceful united China may one day settle accounts with Russia for illegally occupying over three million square miles of Chinese lands north of the Heilongjiang River in Siberia and the Maritime Province in the Pacific coast during the time of the Opium Wars of 1839 to 1842 and 1856 to 1860.

However it is the hope of all Koreans and Chinese and all peace loving people and countries in the world that the Koreans and the Chinese will eventually be united as a single Korean nation and a single Chinese state in order to have genuine peace throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

The fate of the Koreans and the Chinese , their peace and livelihood, their economy and political and territorial integrity should not be held hostage by the American warhawks, neocons and the Illuminati cartel. If Trump and the Americans are sincere in a peaceful world they must openly denounce and renounce all their evil religious and militant doctrines such as the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, the Doctrine of Exceptionalism and llilateralism of the Neocons and the Doctrine of Permanent Warfare of the Zionist Illuminati Cartel.


Saturday, 28th April, 2018
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 9:28 am    Post subject: Western Concocted Toxic Democracy for Non-Western Countries Reply with quote

Western Concocted Toxic Democracy for Non-Western Countries
The Evil Empire and its Western European allies adopt two facets for 'Democracy'. Liberal democracy is for US and its Western European allies. The other the western concocted toxic democracy is for non-western or non-Caucasian countries and will be dictated and imposed by force by the Evil Empire on non-western countries which do not toe the Evil Empire's line. Under the toxic democracy the targeted non-western countries must listen and obey the Evil Empire's words and orders . They must do what US / West tell them to do. They cannot do things on their own and if the West say cannot do then they must not do.

USA and its European allies always make use of 'Democracy' as a front or tool to demonise other countries like Russia, China and Iran which have gained substantial political and economic influence worldwide . Earlier they had demonised Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya before subjecting them to attack and destroyed and their leaders hounded to death and the countries taken over by the Evil Empire and its allies. The new targeted countries for regime are now Iran, Syria, DPRK, Venezuella and Malaysia and may be President Duterte's Phillippines.

The Evil Empire and its Western allies make it a norm to make use of 'Democracy' as a front to create choas, trouble, dissension and to destabilise countries and regions and to carry out regime change of non-western governments they do not like.US and the West always try to deceive the world by disseminating its fake toxic democracy through its control mass media and news agents throughout the world by claiming that the people of the targeted countries are in favour of western democracy.

Then through their fifth columns, lackeys and self-interest traitorous opposition leaders in the targeted regime it encouraged them to join the Evil Empire to noisily and vociforously condemn the regime for for denying the people's right to democracy - the toxic version though. The Evil Empire and its allies will then covertly provide material , financial and political aid to the regime's opposition underground fighters . Then the Evil Empire will use its controlled mass media to drum up tensions and keep the heat boiling until it reaches its climax and hits its full effect.

If things go on as planned by the Evil Empire, a new pro US dictator will take over the government and thus the regime change is accomplished. ( This happened in Indonesia in 1965 when CIA infiltrated President Sukarno's military and plotted a coup which overthrew his government and with a new pro USA dictator and puppet General Suharto grabbing total power after killing more than a million Indonesians both natives and Chinese after falsely accusing them of either being communists or leftist socialists. ) However, if it is unsuccessful CIA will instigate and incite open rebellion in a colour revolution. If it is successful the Evil Empire will make the new pro-American dictator cum puppet a junior member of its empire.

Another Evil Empire's tactic is to use its massive propaganda against targeted regimes by claiming that since democracy is the best form of government people everywhere will naturally opt for it . Countries which do not subscribe to corrupted western democracy are considered uncivilised and inferior. This is a wild and arrogant claim as if only the Evil Empire and the West have a sole monopoly on democracy. Yet democracy has been taught by Confucius and Mencius in the deliberations of ancient Chinese political philosophy. As an example a bad and incompetent government will forfeit 'The Mandate of Heaven' and the people will have the right to revolt and remove this government.

In America the Democrats and the Republicans do not practise true democracy. They practise a form of duopolitical dictatorship and both work under the mandate of the deep state dictatorship of the shadow government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cartel. Controlling members of the Illuminati cartel include personnels from Wall Street, big business conglomerates, bangsters like Citi Bank, Jp Morgan, Bank of America , the Federal Reserve Bank, CIA, FBI and the Pentagon. The democrats and the Republicans are actually two sides of the same coin. They are both unboundedly wicked and evil and they act and practise the same hawkish militant foreign policy of using democracy and their aggressive divine militant doctrines as a tool and medium to justify their foreign aggressions.

In the western form of liberal democracy only a small cohort of sellfish and self- interest politicians rule and serve the interest of only the one percent elites at the expense of the large majority of the population. Its fake democracy just use election as a form of mechanism to alternate power control between the established political parties just like the Democrats and the Republicans in America.

But for the Chinese people the essence of democracy must be seen and practise with the people in charge. The government and its leaders must truly and sincerely serve the interest of the vast majority of the population. It must protect the people's safety and livelihood. When the government fails to carry out its duties and responsibilities it will forfeit 'The Mandate of Heaven' and that is the people have the right to revolt and remove the bad and incompetent government. But in the fake western liberal democracy evil governing party leaders will manipulate laws and rules to entrench themselves and their party in power, all at the expense of the welfare of the people and the country. Some ex-colonial countries in South East Asia have copied this western democracy to the detriment and suffering of the people.

Non-western countries should question the dubious value of western liberal democracy. The western liberal democracy is actually a sham, a ponzi scheme to exert dictatorial control over others . Their democracy is the greatest western con political design and ponzi scheme to be imposed on non-western countries. They try to use their toxic democracy to cheat and swindle and fool the people of non-western countries. They use toxic democracy to brainwash intelligent people into jombies who are deprived of their thinking power and who will have to numbly follow the dictates and orders of the West in its totality. Western toxic democracy has a built-in dimension to exercise and practise hegemony, neo-colonialism and dictatorship over non-western countries.

So non-western countries in Asia, Africa and South and Central America need to bear in mind the above points when the evil insidious Evil Empire and its Western European allies try to propagate or sell their toxic democracy as the best system of governance any government can have.


Saturday, 5th May, 2018
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1189

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 4:16 pm    Post subject: US/West Criminal Acts Commit Grave Travesty of Human Rights Reply with quote

US / West Allies Constant Criminal Acts Commit Grave Travesty of Human Rights

Besides using Democracy US/West also constantly use Human Rights as a front to demonise other countries which are opposed to US / West toxic policies and aggression or refused to toe US line and dictates. Such independent minded countries are usually targeted for frontal attack and regime change to be replaced with a pro US dictator.

US / West adopt double standards in the question on Human Rights. US can do anything no matter how evil it deems fit . The non-western countries cannot do what the US/West is doing but must listen and do what they dictate. It is a One World Order to be dictated by US/West and under US total control and hegemony.

The thirty articles in the UN Charter on The Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 have been completely torn to shreds and abused by US/West. Their morbid brutal behaviour and actions against non-western countries have made a mockery of the universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Contrary to the declaration of the brotherhood of mankind US/West contrive all ways and means to undermine the rights and freedom of other peace loving non-western countries. The white Americans / West believe otherwise and claim they are unique and special and are superior to non-western people. This is a wild and arrogant claim which the non western countries must demolish it.

US/West use constant barrage of mass propaganda through their control of mass media outlets throughout the world to demonise others and to carry out toxic disinformation, misinformation, deceits , lies , half truths and innuendoes to undermine targeted countries. They carry out illegal sanctions to undermine others economic progress and development through their complete control of the toxic petrol dollar which has a tight hold on the trade and economy of every other country, The non western countries must work out a way to demolish this petrol dollar so that US can no longer have a strangle hold on other countries economy.

US/West have always demonstrated that 'Might is Right'. Through their military might they never hesitate to use coercion to force others to yield to their demands for military outposts, for submission to their orders and commands , failing which the countries will be subjected to attack and regime change.

One of US/West greatest breach of Human Rights is the use of their various evil religious and militant doctrines to justify their killings, tortures, murders, genocide and conquest of other non-Christian lands which are still taking place before our eyes these days. There are endless examples of their evil deeds all of which gravely breach the travesty of Human Rights.

Their abuse of Human Rights is historical and never ending even to this day. The almost total genocide and decimation of the native American Indians is one example. The lynching and killing of African Americans and other races like the Mexicans and the Chinese is another. Even now the few left over remnant native American survivors are being ill treated and put in dreadful reservations in arid semi-desert areas.


In using its religious and militant doctrines as a foundation of its Foreign Policy US commits serious crimes against mankind and thus against Human Rights. Their evil doctrines are still being used to justify and empower them in their attack and conquest of many other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, Yemen and previously Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia of Indochina. Other countries within their target range for attack and regime change are Iran, North Korea ( DPRK ) , Philippines, Malaysia, Venezuella and some other South American countries.

If US/West are serious about the sanctity of of Human Rights they must openly renounce and denounce the practise of their religious and militant doctrines so as not to breach the Human Rights clause on " the peaceful coexistence of countries and the upholding of fundamental freedoms and social justice. " They must stop kidnapping and arfbitrarily arresting people to be kept in solitary confinement for torture in Guantanamo , a US illegally occupied enclave in Cuba. Guantanamo should be rightfully returned to Cuba's sovereignty.

US pervasive faith in white men's uniqueness and superiority and its divine power and mandate that it arrogantly states it is not bound by Human Rights moral or legal standard and so it can carry on doing all the actual evil deeds that it has been doing all along without fear.

American politicians, statesmen and military officers like to boast that they are unconstrained by international law or Human Rights because whatever US does is blessed by its God, Jesus and so is beneficial and above critique. This is an open insult, abuse and travesty of Human Rights.

Instead of protecting small and weak countries rights and freedom and upholding justice US has been using its military might to carry out its aggression, oppression and repression of other countries with impunity. This is an affront against human rights and human dignity. This is seen in its endless attack on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, DPRK, Panama, Nicaragua and Venezuella. Those countries have been dastardly destroyed through US massive bombings and hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians have been killed which US conveniently shrugged off as unfortunate collateral damage. This is a callous disregard for human lives and they don't care or bother because they are all non white victims.


It is a travesty against Human Rights and a crime against humanity when US/West use sanctions and financial fraud as a tool to destroy other countries economy and livelihood. It is able to use currency and finance as a tool and weapon because of its total control of the illicit petrol dollar . This is an abuse which all non-western countries must unite to take it down.

Another US/West act against Human Rights is its initiating, organising, supporting , training and funding of terrorist groups and organisations to carry out subversion and uprising against countries and governments which do not follow US dictates. Terrorist organisations like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Etim and many others are all initiated, trained, supported and funded by US via CIA.

US/West use religion as a front to create and foment trouble, choas and uprising. This is perverse to Human Rights. As major religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Christianity can be corrupted into different splintered forms US / West use it to to serve its different agendas and capitalise on using the inherently divisive nature of religions to topple governments which do not follow US dictates and to replace such governments with pro-US lackeys and dictators. Christianity has always been corrupted and subverted and used as a weapon of subjugation by US/West as per example Hawaii and the Philippines.

US adopts perverse logic on terrorism. It condemns terrorism when it is directd at US and its Western allies. However, US will always justify and support the use of terror against all other non western countries which are opposed to US policies and hegemony or when US monopoly of power is threatened as is seen in the Middle East and South China Sea region. US/West perversely portray that terrorism by non-state organisations or individuals is more heinous and grotesque than state terrorism carry out by US/West in their mass bombings resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians death . Yet through constant use of mass propaganda and brain washing US manage to convince many third world countries to agree with its perverted view notwithstanding the fact that their people have been oppressed, impoverished and plundered by US and the West for centuries.

In open defiance of Human Rights US/West always justify its aggression and illegal wars on the pretention it is fighting evil. When US/West are victorious in these illegal wars they always justify that the use of all means and weaponery are legitimate to defeat the losers who will suffer the fate of being labelled by them as criminals and terrorists as seen in the case of Saddam Hussein Colonel Gadaffi and Osama bun Laden.

Also US used of blanket shelling and bombing with depleted uranium in the Korean War, Vietnam war and Gulf war is a gross violation of Human Rights.

US/West commit heinous crimes against Human Rights when it exploits and endangers the safety and security of countries and regions by exploiting the divide among these countries such as the divide between China and Taiwan, South Korea and North Korea, China and Japan, China and Vietnam, India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, Sunni Arabs and Shia Iran and India and China.

US incessant build up of over a thousand military bases around the world is its greatest perversion of Human Rights as they pose a lethal threat and grave danger to the peace and security of other countries and regions per se.


Friday, 18th May,2018
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:50 am    Post subject: US Imposition of Illicit Tariffs Has Deep Implications Reply with quote

US Sudden Imposition of Illicit Tariffs on Chinese Imports Has Deep Implications
After several rounds of talks and negotiations by the US and Chinese trade delegations they had after much consultations reached a consensus not to have trade war. But the latest White House statements on slapping tariffs on Chinese imports is a reckless move which will have widespread impact on world trade and economy. China will not accept it with folded arms but will retalliate measure for measure.

There is no credibility in US trust and honour when it always backtracks and and turns its back on treaties and agreements. No wonder native Americans always say and warn that Whitemen speak with fork tongues and cannot be trusted. They signed treaties but break them at the earliest convenience to suit their interest and agenda.

Under the US latest announcement they intend to illicitly implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls on Chinese individuals and entities linked to the acquisitions of industrially significant technology. US is placing restrictions on Chinese trade and commerce especially it dictates that China should stop its impetus on "Made In China 2025." US is behaving like its forebears the British whose treatment of a weak China in the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1850s was disastrous for China. But US should not dream of doing the same to China because it is now dealing with a China which is rich and powerful and is well armed with nuclear teeth.

US lacks sincerity in trade discussions and will walk away from further discussions just as the delegations are on the verge of achieving positive results.

US has historically always been negotiating in bad faith. It uses negotiations as a ploy to lull the opposite party into confidence while in the meantime it cranks up its evil plans to take advantage of its opponents. This much the native Americans, the Hawaiians, the Cubans and South Americans had much experience of the evil and crooked ways of the white Americans can teach us.

China is gravely wrong in supporting US sanctions on North Korea and in its denuclearisation programme. It is US strategy of holding some semblance of stability in North East Asia to allow it time to build up its naval operations in the South China Sea to confront and contain China.

US and Japan have no real interest in a peaceful united Korean nation for that will presumably nullify US excuse of its intention of continuing to further maintaining its military bases in Japan and South Korea with the ultimate aim of containing Russia and China.

There will never be peace on this earth unless the White Americans are totally destroyed.


Thursday, 31st May, 2018
Posted by southernglory1 at 1:05 pm 13 comments:
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:16 am    Post subject: A Short Impromptu Discourse About Capitalism and Communism Reply with quote

A short impromptu discourse about Capitalism and Communism
Communism as we know is the struggle of the proletariats or working class against the exploitative nature of the elitist Capitalists. Communism is an economic cum political philosophy about the class struggles to put an end to class society and capitalism and the triumph of the proletariats over the bourgeoisie capitalists.

The ugly head of western capitalism has been so widespread and destructive that it caused countless wars and revolutions against capitalism and result in the creation of the economic and political philosophy of communism of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Capitalism is the unconscionable exploitation of the large majority of the working class population by the small elitist minority of the rich bourgeoisie capitalists. This is what happened in Europe and America in the industrial revolution of the 19th Century when workers were extremely exploited by the industrial capitalists and made to work long hours like slaves and animals with very meager salary and low income. The working class were made to suffer terribly hard with no recourse to justice.

That sort of selfish and immoral toxic extreme capitalism has now resurfaced in America and Europe and in many non-white capitalist countries which were once former white governed colonial territories.

Capitalists who are fair and have conscience and who treat their workers and society well with respect and justice should not fear communism. Communism is just an economic and political philosophy born out of the inhuman exploitation of the proletariats or working class people by the heartless capitalists, the bourgeoisies.

In fact the Christians should be proud that Jesus was the first communist in this world . Jesus economic philosophy and that of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels communism subscribe to to the same belief that to have a fair and equitable society , "Everyone must contribute to the common pool according to their abilities and receive according to their needs." Of course due to the weakness and the selfishness of human nature communism philosophy must be tweaked to find the mid-way practice for the good of mankind. And this mean or middle path comes in the form of socialism.

All socialist governments must ensure that capitalists will no more have the liberty to exercise mass cruel exploitation of the working class people , the proletariats and that the proletariats must also discharge their duties and obligations responsibly for the common good of society..

Of course the society at large must be alert and prevent the governing authority from sliding into assuming the mantle of the cruel capitalists. We are already seeing this happening in America , Europe and some ASEAN countries where the elected governing officials are avariciously paying themselves out of the ordinary with sinful astronomical salaries while the people at large are made to suffer with low income and further burdened with all kinds of illogical direct and indirect high taxes and various ponzi schemes to hijack their savings. In fact these new class of governing officials are worst than the old capitalists for they just grab whatever money they want without any of their own economic output and contribution and justified it with enactment of laws favourable to their illicit behaviour. If that goes on persistently society will flounder and turmoil and instability will definitely arise. It seems a new kind of capitalism has sprouted. It is the group or herd instinct capitalist dictatorship in which many faceless pseudo capitalists join forces under the banner of a party to fool society under the guise that they are part of the democracy system.

The citizens of the world must be awakened and rise up again to take down all kinds of evil dictatorship that are against the interest and welfare of the proletariats or working class .


Tuesday,26th June, 2018
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:33 pm    Post subject: White Men's Pathological Psyche of Hatred Against Non-Whites Reply with quote

White Men's Pathological Psyche of Hatred Against Non-whites

White men's psyche of their superiority above all non-white people and and hatred and beastly instinct to kill and destroy non-white people are historically inherent and pathological in nature. We witness this in their killings and genocide of native tribes everywhere on earth in the Americas, Australia, Asia, Africa and New Zealand during the last four or five hundred years of their aggression, expansion and conquests.

These killings and massacres are still going on under the guise of protecting democracy and human rights. USA and its Western allies have no qualms in killing millions of muslim Arabs in Middle East and others in Afghanistan, Africa, Central and Latin America through mass bombings and economic sanctions. This is part of their diabolical programme of reducing world population of seven billion to two or three billion by killing non-white people.Other methods of reducing non-white people are by chemical and biological means to cause diseases and infertility .

To galvanize their brutal patholoogical behaviour they formulate evil militant religious doctrines to give psychological religious support to their evil deeds of killings, massacres and genocides.

They will not allow others to rise up and be equal or better than them and should there be any sign of other non-white countries coming up in wealth, status and power they will find it discreet to first discredit them with all kinds of vituperative and hate propaganda. Then as a last resort of their desperation they will create opportunistic insidious incidents to start a war to take down the country or countries which they think is getting strong or powerful enough to post them a challenge. We see this now in USA and its Western allies aggresssive warlike behaviour in the Middle East. Africa, Korea, East Asia, The South China Sea periphery and Venezuela in South America.

USA and its Western allies and Japan have in the last few years or decade been lambasting China with vitriol language and stirring up a lot of shit and hatred against China and the Chinese people . It seems it is in their hereditary traits to hate the Chinese. They despise and hate the Chinese when the Chinese people were down and out. Now when China and the Chinese people have arisen like the phoenix from the ashes and is strong, rich and powerful they have become envious and hate the Chinese all the same for coming around with great achiements and success.

What do these pathological barbarians really want from the Chinese. Or are they just chronically insane and cannot fathom Chinese rise with extreme jealousy and pathological psyche of hate.

America's trade dispute with China has deeper hidden agenda. It is part of USA 's plan to bring down China.USA frequent hostile bellicose provocative military activities around China's coast and South China Sea is all too clear that it intends to start a war with China so as to constrain China's rise and peaceful development.

USA is fabricating a lot of lies and hatred against China throughout the world and especially in Asia to con others to ally with them against China . This could possibly b e a preamble to justify its clandestines activities around China's long coast line and the South China Sea. It is a prelude as their usual traditional practice of aggressive inroads into victimise countries to creating an opportunistic insidious incident for starting a war against China.

However, bear in mind that in the past US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Japan got away scott free when they attacked, invaded and dismembered China in the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1850s and in 1900s to 1940s when China was weak and prostrated. Moreover when China lost the fight in these wars , China was forced to pay a heavy punishing war indemnity of a few hundred million silver dollars to each and every one of the invaders as imposed by them. These war indemnities impoverished China for more than a century and served to weaken China further.

Today the scenario is different. China is now rich, strong and powerful and with all the Chinese people united strongly and cohesively behind the government, no country which tries to trifle with China will hope to escape unscathed. If USA or any Western country or Japan again think of starting an aggressive war with China or Russia they must be out of their mind. They should seek psychiatric treatment because a war with China or Russia will have no victors. Everyone will perish in a holocaust of an all out total nuclear war. Let's hope the dotard Trump and all American war hawks in Congress and the Pentagon and the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal will have some senses and wake up to the dire consequence of an all out nuclear war.

China will never start a war or attack others first. China will also not run away from a war impose on her but will see that the aggressor is justly destroyed. Hope there will be peace on earth.


Friday,29th June, 2018
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:45 pm    Post subject: A Brief Synopsiis of India's China War 1962 Reply with quote

A Brief Synopsis of India's China War. - 1962
Below are some salient points and facts behind the Sino-Indian border war of 1962. A good knowledge of the historical background of the disputed boundaries is essential to the understanding of the dispute.

There are many cumulative factors that cause the Sino-Indian border war in the foothills of the Himalayas mountain ridges in 1962. There is the historical factor of British colonialism and imperialism in India expanding right into Chinese territories in Tibet, India's ambitious Forward Policy of building military outposts deep into Chinese territories far beyond the McMahon Line , a boundary illaterally drawn by the British but never recognized by China, US/UK Western political and psychological support as well as Soviet Union's behind the scene instigation and support that encouraged India to attack China. Also it was due to India's ambition of inheriting the mantle of British colonialism and imperialism at the expense of China and India's overconfidence and miscalculation that China would not fight back in the event of Indian attack on Chinese border troops , a false and fake feedback given to India by US/UK and Soviet Union that finally goaded India to attack China.

Throughout the 18th and 19th century British colonialism in India expanded maliciously towards the Chinese territories in Tibet. British expansionism incurred on Chinese territories in the Himalayas in both the north west region of Aksai Chin and the north east of southern Tibet in Tawang province.

England refused to budge from occupied Chinese territories inspite of endless years of negotiations taking advantage of a weak and decadent Chinese government then.

British failure to settle its occupation of Chinese territories before it left India laid the foundation to the border war between India and China. Nehru's India was adament in refusing to talk and negotiate with China over the Chinese lands stolen from China by the British and now inherited by India as fait accompli Indian territories. Thus India wants to inherit the mantle of British colonialism and imperialism at the expense of China.

During the same period of 18th and 19th century another European imperial power Russia was expanding into Chinese territories both in Siberia in the north up to the Pacific coast where Vladivostok ( a former Chinese city ) is and in the south and south west in Xinjiang and Tibet in the Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountains.

Both England and Russia had the same compulsion to expansion. And wherever new territories were occupied they established military outposts to fortify and strengthen their illicit and illegal occupation and to overcome local resistance. And that was how China lost vast territories to England in the south and three million and five hundred thousand square miles of Chinese lands to Russia in the north as well as thousands of square miles of Chinese territories in the Illi region of Xinjiang.


On 14th March, 1899, in Peking, England agreed that the whole Karakash Valley and all Aksai Chin territory belonged to China. In the Simla Convention in 1914 Britain confirmed that Aksai Chin belonged to China. However, in 1947 when India became independent it refused to recognize Aksai Chin as Chinese territory.

When British forces reached the Himalayas it found that the states of Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan were all under some sort of Chinese suzerainty. In 1914 England illegally took the Tawang district of southern Tibet from China in which China objected and protested strongly. In 1946 an Indian map of Nehru's book "Discovery of India" 1st edition showed the Tawang province as Chinese territory. However, Britain's failure to reach an agreement with China left unresolved boundary problems to independent India in 1947, when it was granted independence on 14th August, 1947.

China had always protested the stealing of Chinese territories in Aksai Chin and Tawang and considered the Simla Convention in 1914 invalid. In October 1962 , China officially asked India to return to China a large swathe of territory from Ladakh to Assam which include Sikkim and the Darjeeling district.

India not only refused to return Tawang to China but renamed the province as the North-East Frontier Agency. India then adopted a forward policy of the British in grabbing more Chinese lands beyond the illegal McMahon Line and building military outposts to strengthen its occupation. When China called for talks and negotiations to settle the boundary issues it was always rebuffed by India which stubbornly maintained that they were Indian territories and there was nothing to talk or negotiate. India's attitude was on the model of the arrogant Americans or the west and that is 'accept what I claim or else there is nothing to talk about.'

In September 1962, India arm forces pressed forward in the western sector of Aksai Chin and the eastern sector - the North East Frontier Agency ( NEFA ). Thus it was India's forward policy which led to war. India believed and the belief was strengthened and assured by UK,US and Soviet Union that China would not fight back if India pressed forward and attack Chinese troops at the border. This strong conviction that China would not retaliate in the face of Indian attack encouraged India to continue its attack on China more aggressively from 6th October, 1962.

In the meantime China appealeed to India to talk and negotiate a peaceful settlement instead of resorting to fighting. However, India's attitude meant that settlement must be on India's terms.. When India continued to attack China finally had to retaliate and pushed back Indian forces. It was then that India shamefully claimed that China had carried out an unprovoked attack on India.

India had committed aggression against China but was quick to reversely put the blame on China for attacking India.It was a terrible shameful lie. It showed how dishonourable India can be.

India turned panicky with the disastrous defeat of its armies in the border war. Nehru appealed to America and England for military aid. India gave a list of the weaponeries it required from USA . On 29th October, 1962, Nehru accepted US military aid. This exposed India's false and fake non-alignment policy. India was looking at war with China as hours of greatness. From the 12th to 16th November,1962, India carried out large scale attack on Chinese forces in the north-east, NEFA. Again Indian forces were routed by the Chinese peasant armies.

On the night of 20th November, 1962, Nehru appealed for US intervention to bomb Chinese forces and also requested for US to despatch an aircraft carrier to the Bay of Bengal.


China declared unilateral ceasefire

On 20th November, 1962, China announced to the world of its unilateral ceasefire and withdrawal to 20KM behind the line of actual control which existed between China and India on 7th November, 1959 - The McMahon Line which China had never recognized.

China's army had advanced into the territory south of the McMahon Line , "in order to thoroughly rout the Indian reactionaries and to shatter their plan of altering the border status quo by armed force and to create conditions for a negotiated settlement. It was the first time in recorded history that a great power has not exploited military success by demanding something more." ( Quote from Neville Maxwell ) . China could have marched easily into into New Delhi, India's capital.

China repatriated to India all 6,000 Indian prisoners together with all their guns, mortars, artilleries, brand new American automatic rifles and a Russian helicopter in serviceable condition.

China called for talks and negotiations again but was constantly rebuffed by India despite appeal by some Afro-Asian nations viz Egypt,UAR and Sri Lanka. Instead India in 1963 conducted a joint Anglo-American air exercise with long range fighter aircraft flying in to operate from Indian Air Force bases. Nehru had in November, 1962 called for Anglo-American intervention in the Sino-Indian border war. It was a betrayal of the Afro-Asian non-aligned neutral spirit. Further India also called for Soviet Union's help to build up her defenses.

It was India's intransigence in refusing to talking peace through negotiations that the borders were therefore settled down into an armed truce and diplomatic relations between China and India were frozen in limbo. In 1969 a suggestion by Mrs Indira Ghandi to mend diplomatic relations with China was rejected by Congress.

Nevertheless, China's long standing offer to negotiate a boundary settlement on the basis of the status quo when India is ready to do so still stands.


In September, 1971, Neville Maxwell's book on India's China War had aroused a hostile uproar in India. Led by politicians and parliamentarians the public demanded punitive action against the publisher and the writer, Blames for the defeat of the border war were hurled and levelled at each other between and among the different groups of politicians, parliamentarians, Indian Intelligence Bureau and the military.

Subsequently the retired army general - General Thapar broke his silence and in an article in the Statesman of 9th January, 1971 blamed the civilian defense minister , the director of Indian Intelligence Bureau and the civilian government not only for interference in purely military matters on flimsy political grounds but also for provoking the border war, when the defense minister ordered the army to evict the Chinese from Thag La ridge and other border areas both in the west and the east despite General Thapar's misgivings regarding Chinese reactions and its consequences.

It was generally believed by Nehru , his cabinet and his generals that China would not react strongly to India's forward policy and to India's attack on Chinese border troops. General Kaul was a warhawk who persuaded Nehru and the parliamentarians to strongly support the forward policy and eviction of Chinese troops from their outposts that led the Indian army to establish advance checkposts to outflank Chinese positions. Further India supported the CIA armed Tibetan emigres to foment and organize a separatist armed rebellion in Tibet . In fact Mullit the director of India's Intelligence Bureau and Nehru as well as many Indian generals and parliamentarians believe that India's national security can only be preserved by either India's occupation of Tibet or by helping to establish an independent Tibet state subservient to India. This has become a permanent feature of India's foreign policy.

Foot note:

This synopsis base on Neville Maxwell's book, " India's China War " is written to present the truths elicited from facts to refute the false and fake representations by some overseas - ASEAN Indian intellectuals who still hold strong social and emotional ties to India that they cannot overcome their Psychological pain of India's defeat in the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Therefore they pretentiously claimed innocense of India and blame China for the border war. Thus for years they persistently and consistantly talk, speak and write damaging articles to disparage and demonise China to give China a bad image. They are also quick to condemn China in any dispute between China and other countries viz US, Japan, Vietnam or the Philippines without any logical basis other than their chronic pathological hatred for China .

Hopefully this brief synopsis will set them in the right perspective of historical truth and not base on their irrational thinking arising out of their emotional ethnic ties to India.


Wednesday, 11th July,2018
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:05 pm    Post subject: Talking Points and View points Reply with quote

Talking Points and View Points in Perspectioves
Who and what is the cause of all troubles, instabilities, chaos, aggression and wars in this earthly world. The answer to who lies originally with the Jews and the Arabs of the Middle East and it has its roots thousands of years ago since Abraham which both the Jews and the Arabs claim to be their common ancestor. Abraham had two wives. The children and descendants of his first wife subsequently became known as Arabs. The children and descendants of his younger wife who was also of fair complexion and original a slave or maid in the household became known as Jews. It seemed she and her children were favored by Abraham over those of his first wife. So the Arabs and the Jews are actually half brothers and half sisters. As time went by the descendants of the two wives went their separate ways and were always jealous of each other and in everlasting feuds and quarrels. The Arabs became polytheist and worship many gods and idols. The Jews based their religious belief on Judaism which is based on the bible of the Old Testament and the Talmud, a collection of ancient Jewish laws and tradition for religious and social matters. The central belief of Judaism is that God is the creator of all things and the source of all righteousness.

The Jews were wanderers and travelled afar to found many semitic tribes also known as Hebrews. But wherever they may be the Jews were always more united by their religious belief in Judaism.The Arabs were great multipliers and also founded separate Arabic tribes. However the Arabic tribes tend to be more disunited perhaps it could be due to the contention of their believe in separate different Gods and idols.

As time went by the Arabs observed that the Jews stayed very cohesive and united despite of being persecuted by the Egyptians and later by the Romans. One of the leaders of the Arabic tribes by the name of Mohammad observed that Jewish unity was due to their central and common believe in one God. It seemed Mohammad was determined to unite all the Arabic tribes. To do this he had to destroy the Arab practice of politheism and convert them to believe in only one God. monotheism. He took ideas from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and wrote a religious doctrinaire book called the Koran, the ideas of which are more or less similar to the teachings propounded in the Old Testament. Armed with the Koran he went on a warpath to convert all Arabs to worship only one God, Allah. With that the rest is all history.

The above brief discourse whether it is true or not I do not know for I too heard it and read it from different sources. So please contribute your view points to the discussion.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:24 am    Post subject: Christianity and Islam Reply with quote

Christianity and Islam

With the advent of Jesus Christ a new religion , Christianity was founded It is based on the teachings of Jesus who is claimed by his followers to be the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. In other words Christians claim that God appear in three forms and Jesus embodies being the Father, the Son as well as the Holy Spirit. Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it was hijacked by the Jews who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and bestowed with all the blessings above others. Christianity the teachings of Jesus Christ was first proliferated by his be cont...

Posted by southernglory1 at 11:46 am
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:50 pm    Post subject: Traitors Must Face Damnation One Day Reply with quote

Traitors Must Face Demnation One Day

It was during the Japanese occupation. A traitor by the name of Lau Kiam , a Japanese spy was always secretly giving detrimental information to the Japanese on his fellow countrymen. He frequently praised the Japanese and behaved arrogantly towards his own countrymen. He put many of his countrymen to grave dangers. Many suffered badly from torture by the Japanese and quite a huge number died a terrible death because of Lau Kiam's treachery.

However, after the Japanese surrender Lau Kiam disguised himself and went into hiding to escape retribution. The people lost no time in hunting him down and brought him to justice. Eventually he was caught and brought to face his fellow villagers. He was charged with treason and summarily killed by hanging after many days of rigid interrogation. All this happened before the British returned to reoccupy Malaya as its colony. It happened in the town of Muar in Johore.

Now we have in Singapore and ASEAN similar type of traitors trying not only to betray Singapore but all of ASEAN. They write damaging articles against an ASEAN neighbour and servilely plead to the Evil Empire to constrain and contain this neighbouring country which posts no danger to Singapore and ASEAN. They want America to maintain its military bases in Singapore and the Far East. One of them a dishonourable journalist in a Singapore mass media openly and arrogantly tell the savage Americans not to stop patrolling its navies in the South China Sea and the East China Sea so as to balance and constrain the rise and peaceful development of this Asian country.

This treacherous traitor happen to be a disgraceful and dishonourable descendant of a Chinese. He and his fellow traitors want America to set ASEAN and its big neighbour aflame in a senseless fight and killing in an unnecessary war that will only benefit no one else but the evil Americans.

He and many of the American lackeys and running dogs who work as strategic research writers as well as lecturers in many of Singapore institutes of higher studies in the universities and in the institutes of international political and strategic studies post grave danger to Singapore and ASEAN countries. They crave for America to interfere in Asian affairs as if they do not know that imperial America is a rogue country that has been creating savage brutal wars of conquests for the last two hundred and thirty-two years leaving trails of destruction and deaths and ending in American annexation of many lands and countries like the many native American Indian states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and many others.

These shameless treacherous traitors to Asians must definitely be recruited by CIA on its payrole as American agents to subvert and destabilise Asia to facilitate the Evil Empire's wars of hegemony over all Asia . If they persist in their treason and evil doings they must eventually and similarly meet with the fate of Lau Kiam.


Wednesday, 24th October, 2018
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:57 pm    Post subject: US Imperial And Colonial Pursuit in Africa PART ONE Reply with quote

US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa : PART ONE

US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa : PART ONE
Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa
In 1961 US assassinated the democratically elected president Patrice Lumumba of the Republic of Congo with the intention of replacing him with a pro Ameican Congolese government. In the intrervening years between 1961 and 2018, US had tried to topple many African governments for regime change. The most brutal regime change was carried out by fiendish Hillary Clinton , the State Secretary of Barrack Obama in 2011 in Libya when President Mummuar Gadddafi was hunted down and killed.

US has given notice that it intends to recolonize Africa . It is trying to recolonize Africa through diabolical economic and financial stratagems and in cahoot with corrupted political and military leaders in many African countries.

Recently Donald Trump the dishonourable US president sent his wife Melania Trump on a colonizing trip to Africa. She represented US Pentagon's Military Industrial Complex in a nuanced US intention of recolonizing Africa. Her wearing of of a colonizer's hat, a symbol of colonialism is a subtle warning sign that US intends to recolonize Africa.

However, Hillary Clinton a war hawk who predates Melania carried out a wanton destruction of Libya in 2011 and with the brutal killing of its president general Gaddafi pave the way for US wild encroachment on Africa.

Hillary had diabolical designs on Africa. She founded the Hillary Foundation to draw in billions of dollars of investors money to enable her to exploit Africa's rich resources and mining. Her foundation obtained one hundred million dollars donation from Lundin a white man's oil and mining company based in Canada. It also received a twenty million donation from Ethiopa's repressive leader Meles Zenawi. They intend to exploit Africa's resources , oil and mining for their own greed and benefit.

Hillary Clinton also have business ties with businessman Gilbert Chagoury shady land deals in Nigeria. As secretary of State she enriched herself by arming child soldiers in Southern Sudan . She made millions of dollars through illicit arm sales.

There are many more endless cases of how US through people like Hillary and Trump's wife and others are trying to recolonize Africa in both covet and uncovert ways through working hand in glove with corrupt African national leaders.

The Clinton Foundation in cahoot with the ugly US State Department appeared to have a hand in every dirty underhand resource exploitation in almost every country in Africa. In this Hillary Clinton had shown herself to be the most outstanding villain. Hillary had shown herself to be just as capable as her counter male parts in committing evils on the grandest stage and the capacity to take regressive and oppressive actions on third world countries and coloured peoples.


Thursday, 18th October,2018
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US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa : PART TWO
US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa: PART TWO

Donald Trump did not visit Africa because he despised the Africans and considered African countries as shitholes. He is an outright racist and has an inherent white supremacist German blood.He is a staunch supporter of the evil murderous Ku Klux Klan.

Though Trump hates the black Africans still he will not give up his intent to re-colonize Africa . With vast American military might of hundreds of military bases and outposts in practically all the African countries the Africans will be cowed into submission to American dictates. Trump and his mafia pack of world hegemonists surely know that white men had in the past few centuries caused extreme pain, suffering and destruction to Africans through brutal exploitation. But Trump and his gang like all previous white imperialists have no empathy, compassion, conscience or feeling for other non-white peoples so long as they can achieve their motive of obtaining absolute power, wealth and riches at the expense of others. In fact US is now involved with active colonial wars in twenty of these African countries, all fomented and instigated by US.

There are now twenty percent of US commandos deployed in Africa. The tragic and dramatic shift in the US war on Africa is geared to US colonizing activities . US has increased its military missions in Africa from around one hundred eighty in 2008 to more than three thousand five hundred in 2018.

This US military expansion across the whole of Africa in the last twenty years tells the tragic story of new American imperialism and colonialism in Africa. America intends to control as many African countries as possible through military force. It seems the United Nations and the American people are numb to this new danger of exponential American Imperialism and fascism.

The Hillary - Obama murder of Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi was devastating not just for Libya but for all of Africa. Gaddafi was a threat to America because he was trying to unify Africa. After Gaddafi's killing the lawless American leaders intend to have a free hand to deal with the rest of Africa as they please.

US established bases and outposts for drones, surveillance, air bases, special forcesand porft facilities in Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ghana,n Senegal and others.

The rest of the world seems to be numb and ignorant of this aggressive American foreign policy in Africa.

Trump in sending his wife Milania on a mission to Africa is using a deceptive soft diplomacy to portray that America cares for the poor and hungry Africans. She is actually an agent to sense out opportunities for American operations in Africa.

Trump is an expert in hypocrisy and double speak. He claimed US is not responsible for the destruction of many African countries economies and the destructive wars in which children were recruited as fighters in the last twenty years. On the other hand he blatantly said "Why should we have these people from Africa in America . They are shithole countries." Trump and his fellow white supremacists are always obsessed with the idea of how to get these blacks out of America. They do not want to be tainted by the blacks. They are always thinking of deporting the non-white Americans. However, there is no need to deport the native American Indians for they have almost all been genocided long time ago with the exception of only a few surviving remnants. This reminds us of the less than noble Abraham Lincoln who acquired Liberia in North West Africa almost for free for the vile purpose of deporting blacks to Africa.

Trump and his white supremacist clique are trying to revive the evil and cruel traits and practices of the past where white men could rob, kill and pillage the non-whites whatever they pleased.

The present US colonialism has the underlying support of the vast majority of the liberals, the Neo-Conservatives and the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist lluminati cabal. US war on Africa had intensified and increased by more than twenty times compared with the last decade and yet the American public is turning a blind eye to this brutal invasion of the dark continent . This is happening because US has descended into fascism of the duopoly dictatorship of the Republicans and the Democrats with state controlled fake news intentionally organised to misled and misinform the public at large.


Friday,19th October,2018
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