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Posts by Southernglory from 2016
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14459
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:40 am    Post subject: Posts by Southernglory from 2016 Reply with quote

This thread is created for Southernglory to post all his articles.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14459
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

US The Greates Rogue And Terrorist Country Since The Annal Of History


The only reason why US is picking China as an enemy and is opposing China in the South China Sea and The East China Sea is part of its policy to contain China from peaceful development.The containment of China mus

be seen in the light of US application in the use of its three Evil Doctrines viz (1) The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, (2) The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny and (3) The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism. After

the Second World War China should have retaken back her rightful repossession of the territorial South China Seas and The East China Sea together with all the islands, isles, islets and reefs which the United Nations

confirmed that they belong to China and instructed Japan to legally give back China the aforementioned islands, isles, islets and reefs to China as declared in the Cairo Conference on November 22nd to 26th, 1943 and

The Potsdam Declartion of 26th July, 1945 and reaffirmed in The San Francisco Treaty of 8th September, 1951.

However, after The Second World War China was too weak and debilitated and did not have a navy to speak of and so it delayed its right to take legal repossession of the said territorial islands and seas. Moreover at the

time of the Korean War 1950-1953, America stationed its Seventh Fleet in the East China Sea and the South China Sea to prevent China from taking repossession of of those islands, isles, islets and reefs and the

surrounding territorial seas. Had China been strong and possess a strong navy to take back those islands, islets and seas after the Second World War, there would not have any issues today regarding the South China Sea

and the East China Sea. As it is the US has always been the devil, the stumbling block to prevent China from exercising her legal right to take back her territories and seas.

Will the Evil Empire USA allow the world to have peace? No, so long as the Evil Empire clings to its continuous practice of its three insidious evil doctrines , the world will never have peace. So long as the Evil Empire is

one of the key architects and the chief and important member of the satanic and harmful organisations like the Illuminati, The Free Masons and the ever pervading Rothschild Anglo Saxon Jewish Zionist financial

organisation, there will be no peace in this world.

The three evil doctrines base their concepts and practice on the Christian Holy Bible which is also similarly reflected in the Islamic Koran. That's the reason why the Christian West and the Arabs with their fellow muslims

have perpetually been fighting for world domination and hegemony. The three doctrines of USA and the West are (1) The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, (2) The US Doctrine of Manifest Destiny and (3) The Doctrine of

American Exceptionalism.

Basically the Doctrine of Christian Discovery states that Anglo-European Christians are anointed and empowered by their Christian God with divine destiny to attack, invade and conquer all lands that belong to non-

Christians and to convert the local inhabitants to Christianity, and those that are not converted should be killed or massacred. The Doctrine of Christian Discovery is the root cause of all American and European aggression

and conquests, the root cause of Western colonizatioin, dispossession and genocide. The contemporary American indulgence in its practice of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery allows it to assume that it is entitled by

God to invade, occupy and take possession of other people's lands without any sense of guilt or conscience. To the Anglo white American Christians all wars are undertaken on God's behalf and are referred as crusades as

in the Middle Ages in Europe. US is continuing the crusades of bygone years and believe that crusading the order of the day is God's commanding Americans to wage pre-emptive wars of aggression. So crusading or pre-

emptive wars of aggression, conquest and domination is now the prevailing and controlling idea of US foreign policy.


The US Doctrine of Manifst Destiny is the continuation and extension of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery but adapted to the needs of 19th century US colonial and imperial designs. Its hard core idea is that America has

a divine providence destined by God to expand its borders with no limit to area or country. Manifest Destiny has been and is the reasson for American aggression and territorial expansion. They believe that America's

security is best served by conquering land beyond its borders and seas and there is no end to the expansion of American territories. In short America wants to conquer and subjugate the whole world to its domination and

hegemony. Hence the reason for the present American stirring up of turmoil and instability everywhere like in the Middle East, Ukraine and the South China and East China Seas.

American Manifest Destiny also invokes the right and justice of white people to destroy anything and any one of non-white people who got in the way of their expansion of aggression and conquest. And American leaders

past and present like their presidents, state secretariies, senators, congressmen and military commanders strongly hold the view that the Anglo Saxon , the white Americans are destined by God to rule the world.

At the heart of Manifest Destiny is the pervasive belief in American cultural and racial superiority. The Manifest Destiny is now further strengthened with the more dangerous concept of American Exceptionalism American

Exceptionalism is a pervasive faith in the uniqueness of immutability and superiority of America's founding liberal principles accompanied by a conviction that United States of America has a special destiny among all nations

to rule and lord over the whole world. Hence its believe in perennial warfare to conquer and subjugate others. US government portrays itself as anointed by God with the sole priviledge to carry out God's mandate. As it is

US arrogantly feels it is not bounded to accept any moral or legal standard in its savage behaviour. Thus US always adopt an innocense of moral superiority and entitlement.

US most powerful leaders in the government and military have constantly made never ending statements confirming that Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism and millenial belief in the Doctrine of Christian Discovery

are foundations of US foreign policy.

The ever pervading US foreign policy is an extension of a thousand years of Christian Holy Wars against muslims, heathens, heretics indigenous people and others. These aggressive wars were carried out by might of

military forces, state sponsored explorers. government supported traders, missionaries,settlers, law makers,court officials and other individuals imbued with the belief that they own what they discovered which is actually to

say what they had robbed and it is their divine right to grab anything and everything from others.

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery is still used by US government , its law makers and judges to deny indigenous people, the American native Indians of their lands and human rights.

The Manifest Destiny is still used by US to justify pre-emptive wars and presumptious 'humanitarian' invasion of other countries to bring them benefits of superior Christian society such as freedom from 'evil dictators',

democracy, free markets, material aid and human rights.

American Exceptionalism is frequently quoted by American leaders to remind the world that US will never be constrained by international law because anything that US do is blessed by God and therefore by definition it is

beneficial and above critique or beyond criticism. This is arrogance most profound.

US is indeed using all of the above mentioned doctrines as a cover, a smoke screen to justify its ever pervading perrenial evil doings and wanton aggression against all other peoples and countries. These doctrines carry a

presumption to unrestrain invasion and possession and are now incepted as US legal doctrine and principles.


How US destroyed all the self-governing native Indian states and how it massacred and genocided eighty-Five million native American Indians before swallowing up all the native lands to form the present USA is already

well known. How US used deceit, intrigue, fraud and military might to to coerce and forcefully and illegally take away one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of Mexican land is also well known. These lands

comprise the present states of Texas, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico and California.US occupied and subjugated Hawaii through fraud, intrigue and military might in the 1890s. The native Hawaiians led by their

queens and kings fought bravely against the invading force of US in1890s in which more than two hundred thousand native Hawaiians were brutally slaughtered. In January 17th, 1893 the queen of Hawaii was overthrown

by US and the island kingdom was pronounced US territory. Hawaii was officially and illegally annexed as the 50th State of US on 21st August, 1959.

In 1898 US occupied Guam from Spain, another island kingdom in the Pacific Ocean. It invaded Cuba in 1898 to force out Spain and retained Guantanamo as US territory before granting independence to Cuba after the

Cubans put up a fierce fight and resistance. In 1961 US tried to invade Cuba again in the Bay Of Pigs to topple Fidel Castro regime but was resoundly defeated by the Cubans.

From 1961 to 1973 US tried to gain control of Vietnam by taking over the colonial war from France but was badly defeated by the Vietnamese with strong support from China. US tried to conquer Vietnam to outflank

China in the south.

US persistently tried to carry out regime change of countries which do not toe its line. It attacked and invaded the Dominican Republic in 1965 to topple its leftist regime. In1983 it attacked Grenada to topple a socialist

government which was very close to Cuba. In 1898 US invaded and occupied Panama and deposed its president Manuel Noriega. In 1993 US attacked Somalia to carry out regime change of its government which was

unfriendly to US. Similarly US started wars in Bosnia , Kosovo and Yugoslavia in the Balkans from 1995 to 1999 to carry out regime change so as to outflank Russia in Southern Europe. From 2003 to 2013 US attacked

Afghanistan to oust the Taliban regime though the regime was originally built up and supported by America to fight the Russians who had earlier invaded Afghanistan too.. From 2003 to 2010 US attacked Iraq to remove

the regime of Saddam Hussein who tried to trade Iraqi oil in Euros other than the US dollar. Likewise Libya was attacked in 2011 and its president Gaddafi deposed and murdered because he tried to trade Libya's oil in a

new gold backed African currency rather than using the US Dollar. US is using the American Dollar as a weapon of war , a strategy to control and undermine other countries currencies, trade, finance , banking and

commerce. US has been constantly trying to overthrow the present governments of Syria and Iran but is thwarted by Russia. It attempted many times to overthrow the North Korean regime but failed miserably.

Anglo Saxon Europeans and white Americans professed to be Christians and follow the teachings of the Ten Commandments. But how can they reconcile the Ten Commandments when they adopt the practice of the Three

Evil Doctrines as part of their national constitutional laws which are in serious breach of of the tenets or core of the Ten Commandments such as (1) Thou shall not Kill, (2) Thou shall not steal and (3) Thou shall not murder.

They have killed and genocided hundreds of millions of indigenous people worldwide. They have robbed all the indigenous peoples of their lands, properties and natural resources. They have through CIA and FBI carried

out untold series of murders and assassinations of foreign political leaders like presidents, prime ministers and other statesmen and even scientists.

US has more than one thousand military bases around the world. Does US need so many military bases if it has no evil intent. Since its independence from England US has always and never cease to attack , invade and

occupy other people's lands. This guilt conscience of senseless violent aggressions against others make US fear of retalliation. The military bases are US means to pre-empt other countries from rising to post a challenge to

US aggression and world hegemony. US stated policy is not to allow any other country big or small in this world to become as rich and powerful as US. Therefore when US talks of allies it means that these allies have to

serve the purpose of US interest only and that is to fight proxy wars on behalf of America. US will not allow any allies to rise to the rank of US power and status. US is playing God to others but nevertheless her evil ways

and deeds will soon catch up with her and US will definitely face retribution and encounter internal implosion, political and economic collapse in no time.

The world must realise how many wanton wars, attrocities and terrorism US has imposed on other countries which failed or refused to toe the line of US dictatorship and hegemony. All peace loving countries must wake up

and unite to remove the satanic regime in Washington. The world can only become more peaceful and safer with the collapse and demise of the Evil Empire, the United States of America.


Monday, 7th March, 2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1081

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:23 pm Post subject: The Truth Behind US Military Aggression In The South China S Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
So much has been written about US state organised terrorism on other countries and US illegal wars on countries which do not toe the US dictatorship just to conduct regime change. US propaganda machine has been in full swing since last year to plant disinformation, misinformation, lies and half truths about China's rights to claim repossession of the Spratley islands in the South China Sea . The whole scenario of the propaganda is to prepare the world to shift the blame on China if US starts military actions against China.

Below is an article by a well known writer and blogger who reveals the true evil intent of US in interfering and militarising in the South China Sea. US is itching to lure out China for a fight so that it can provide an excuse for the Evil Empire to destabilise and destroy China. But less the Evil Empire forget, China is now not the 'Sick Man Of Asia" as portrayed by the Japs and the West before, for China is now rich and immensely stronger and armed with nuclear teeth and claws. US may enter the thought of killing the Chinese but they must know the Chinese can also leave the Americans half dead.

Jeff J Brown : The Truth Behind US Military Aggression In The South China Sea.

SoT #64 – Jeff Brown: The Truth Behind U.S. Military Aggression In The South China Sea
November 8, 2015Financial Markets, U.S. EconomySouth China Sea, Spratly Islands, TPP Treaty

"The islands in the South China Sea are mentioned in documents going back to China’s Han Dynasty in 200 B.C. Currently China occupies just 8 of the 52 occupied Spratly Islands, Yet, the overt U.S. military aggression in the South China Sea is directed specifically at China. Viet Nam occupies 25 islands, the Philippines occupies 10 islands, Malaysia occupies 7 islands, and Taiwan occupies some islands.

China occupies only 15% of the occupied islands, while U.S. political/military sock-puppet countries control the rest. What’s going on and why is the United States spending a lot of money militarily confronting China over these 8 islands?

This is part of America’s grand strategy to destablize China – and to divide Korea, Japan, and the Phillipines from China – keep them at odds with each other. The old divide and conquer strategy. – Jeff Brown ( on Shadow of Truth

Prior to 1949, the Rand-McNally map always showed the South China Sea and the Spratly Islands as part of mainland China. When Mao Zedong and the Communist Party took control of China in October 1949, thereby establishing the Peoples Republic of China, he kicked out all of the western colonialists and Japanese imperialists. The Spratly Islands disappeared from the Rand-McNally map. The United States ever since has never stopped trying to overthrow the Communist Party since 1949.

So there’s 52 occupied islands and China occupies only 8 of them. What about all those other countries? This is the American Empire – the big bully – who hates the Communists and hates the Chinese and can’t stand the fact that it does not lord over Chinese resources. – Jeff Brown

China took two reefs and built two more small islands and and developed communities of economic activity. If anything, because of its overt military aggression toward China over these legal Chinese legal island, the U.S is forcing China to place military assets on these islands in order for China to defend its interests.

What’s really going on here? China, South Korea and Japan are trying to form a free trade zone, something which the U.S. opposes. China was excluded from the TPP Treaty and this trade partnership among China/S Korea/Japan – which represents 20% of the global GDP – would partially undermine the U.S.-directed TPP Treaty in this region.

The presence of U.S. military power in the South China Sea region is extraordinary. South Korea and Japan are de facto U.S. military occupied countries. Viet Nam, the Philippines and Japan are essentially U.S. lap dogs. The U.S. military aggression toward China is part of a military strategy to destabilize and reassume control over China politically and economically that dates back to 1949:''

The U.S. will never stop trying to destroy China as long as the Communist Party is in power. – Jeff Brown

Netizens can read more of Jeff J Brown articles or videos on international affairs at : SoT#64


Wednesday, 9th March,2016
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Joined: 26 Apr 2008
Posts: 1081

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:45 pm Post subject: The Truth Behind US Military Aggression In The South China S Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
So much has been written about US state organised terrorism on other countries and US illegal wars on countries which do not toe the US dictatorship just to conduct regime change. US propaganda machine has been in full swing since last year to plant disinformation, misinformation, lies and half truths about China's rights to claim repossession of the Spratley islands in the South China Sea . The whole scenario of the propaganda is to prepare the world to shift the blame on China if US starts military actions against China.

Below is an article by a well known writer and blogger who reveals the true evil intent of US in interfering and militarising in the South China Sea. US is itching to lure out China for a fight so that it can provide an excuse for the Evil Empire to destabilise and destroy China. But less the Evil Empire forget, China is now not the 'Sick Man Of Asia" as portrayed by the Japs and the West before, for China is now rich and immensely stronger and armed with nuclear teeth and claws. US may enter the thought of killing the Chinese but they must know the Chinese can also leave the Americans half dead.

Jeff J Brown : The Truth Behind US Military Aggression In The South China Sea.

SoT #64 – Jeff Brown: The Truth Behind U.S. Military Aggression In The South China Sea
November 8, 2015Financial Markets, U.S. EconomySouth China Sea, Spratly Islands, TPP Treaty

"The islands in the South China Sea are mentioned in documents going back to China’s Han Dynasty in 200 B.C. Currently China occupies just 8 of the 52 occupied Spratly Islands, Yet, the overt U.S. military aggression in the South China Sea is directed specifically at China. Viet Nam occupies 25 islands, the Philippines occupies 10 islands, Malaysia occupies 7 islands, and Taiwan occupies some islands.

China occupies only 15% of the occupied islands, while U.S. political/military sock-puppet countries control the rest. What’s going on and why is the United States spending a lot of money militarily confronting China over these 8 islands?

This is part of America’s grand strategy to destablize China – and to divide Korea, Japan, and the Phillipines from China – keep them at odds with each other. The old divide and conquer strategy. – Jeff Brown ( on Shadow of Truth

Prior to 1949, the Rand-McNally map always showed the South China Sea and the Spratly Islands as part of mainland China. When Mao Zedong and the Communist Party took control of China in October 1949, thereby establishing the Peoples Republic of China, he kicked out all of the western colonialists and Japanese imperialists. The Spratly Islands disappeared from the Rand-McNally map. The United States ever since has never stopped trying to overthrow the Communist Party since 1949.

So there’s 52 occupied islands and China occupies only 8 of them. What about all those other countries? This is the American Empire – the big bully – who hates the Communists and hates the Chinese and can’t stand the fact that it does not lord over Chinese resources. – Jeff Brown

China took two reefs and built two more small islands and and developed communities of economic activity. If anything, because of its overt military aggression toward China over these legal Chinese legal island, the U.S is forcing China to place military assets on these islands in order for China to defend its interests.

What’s really going on here? China, South Korea and Japan are trying to form a free trade zone, something which the U.S. opposes. China was excluded from the TPP Treaty and this trade partnership among China/S Korea/Japan – which represents 20% of the global GDP – would partially undermine the U.S.-directed TPP Treaty in this region.

The presence of U.S. military power in the South China Sea region is extraordinary. South Korea and Japan are de facto U.S. military occupied countries. Viet Nam, the Philippines and Japan are essentially U.S. lap dogs. The U.S. military aggression toward China is part of a military strategy to destabilize and reassume control over China politically and economically that dates back to 1949:''

The U.S. will never stop trying to destroy China as long as the Communist Party is in power. – Jeff Brown

Netizens can read more of Jeff J Brown articles or videos on international affairs at : SoT#64


Wednesday, 9th March,2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 14459
Location: singapore

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Truth Behind US Military Aggression In The South Sea


On a personal level, this book is a virtuous circle. My first book, 44 Days, really gave me a deep understanding of China and its peoples. This book, China Rising- Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations- The True Face of Asia’s Enigmatic Colossus, has enabled me to discover my own countries (the United States and France), past and present, as well as digging much deeper and wider into all things China, past, present and future.

jeffatDeskThis whole process has been a voyage to learn the truth and I slowly realized this means questioning a lifetime of conventional wisdom, the popular consensus and their accepted myths. Looking back, I was not really prepared to do this, until coming back to China in 2010. The alternating bookends of growing up in America and then living and working in Africa and the Middle East, 1980-1990; living in China, 1990-1997, France and the United States, 1997-2010 and then back to China, 2010-2016, were and are the doors of my newfound perception.

I now understand that getting de-brainwashed takes a lot of effort, humility and personal courage. I get inspired reading about others people’s journeys to discover the truth. Please allow me to share mine.

I grew up in Oklahoma, USA, in the 1950s-1960s, a very unique period in modern American history. Every school day started with the Pledge of Allegiance, class prayer and singing the Broadway musical, state song, Oklahoma. Patriotism, God, country, the goodness of America’s government and the nobility of its institutions. Beacon on the hill. America’s selfless sacrifice to bring freedom, democracy and Adam Smith’s invisible hand of righteous capitalism to the world’s oppressed masses. Domino theory. Red scare. Commies. Nuclear bomb shelters. Teachers practicing with us, “When you see the flash of light, duck and cover”. Sputnik. The space race. John F. Kennedy. RFK and MLK murdered. Vietnam. Nixon. Sex ‘n drugs ‘n rock ‘n roll. Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane. Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Motown, Stax. Dr. Strangelove, Zorba the Greek, The Graduate, Manchurian Candidate, Fahrenheit 451, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Westerns and WWII movies on the big screen. Bertrand Russell, Friedrich Nietzsche, John Stuart Mill and Fyodor Dostoyevsky by the bedside. The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Ed Sullivan, Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, Leave It to Beaver, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Andy Griffin and Saturday morning cartoons on black and white, and then finally, color TV. Norman Rockwell. Life Magazine. Reader’s Digest.

Atom bomb drill duck and cover Wikipedia
My first indoctrination to government propaganda. Every week at elementary school, we had this drill, to “protect” ourselves from a Russian atomic blast. This massive disinformation campaign served two purposes: to make America’s citizens think that atomic annihilation was feasible and the Cold War nuclear arms race was a patriotic necessity. (Image by Wikipedia)

This video of archival footage shows just how much duck and cover would have protected us. Yeah, sure.

Spent half my time in the city and half on a family farm. Driving a tractor, harvesting crops, cleaning manure out of animal pens, helping ewes give birth to newborn lambs at 3am in the freezing cold, riding a horse, hunting and fishing – all this left an indelible mark on my psyche. Getting your hands dirty and living the science and art of agriculture will do that to you.

Got a BS (Oklahoma State, 1976) and MS (Purdue, 1978) in Animal Sciences, thinking I was going to go back home and farm. But the Brazilian community at Purdue adopted me and I quickly learned Portuguese, discovering that I had a knack for languages (along with all the hard work to succeed). Went to Brazil to seek my fortune as a soybean farmer. Couldn’t get anybody to lend me the startup money. In retrospect, I am not disappointed. Had I done so, I would probably be impoverishing local natives, clearcutting rain forest and destroying the environment, while getting very rich, at the expense of the aforementioned. Looking back, it’s not who I want to be during my time on Planet Earth.

Brazil whet my appetite to see the world. I became a volunteer for the Peace Corps, in Tunisia, as an agriculture extension agent (1980-1982), learning fluent Arabic, speaking, reading and writing. This background got me into international agricultural marketing in Africa and Middle East (1982-1990). During this time, I learned French, met my Parisian wife in Algeria in 1988, whereupon, we left for China in 1990.

We lived in China 1990-1997, during what I call the Wild East Buckaroo Deng Days. I learned Mandarin fluently and became a naturalized French citizen. I continued to work in agricultural marketing (which gave me the opportunity to travel over much of rural China) and then built and managed the first McDonald’s bakery in the Mainland. Our two daughters were born while we were in China at this time. Needless to say, these seven years are a huge part of our lives.

Then, my wife and I owned and managed a retail business in Normandy, France (1997-2001). Since I had left the US in 1980, we moved back to Oklahoma, so we could spend time with my parents. I actually returned on the first flight (United from Paris to JFK) that was allowed back into US airspace, a few days after 9/11. After 21 years, what a symbolic way to return home, for what was to transpire.

The America I left and the one I came back to, were two different countries. I was shocked by how rundown everything was, all the poverty below the surface, how superficial and self-centered everyone was, and how reactionary and insular the people were. It was buy-buy-buy-me-me-me. Given our eclectic experiences, my wife and I were like exotic, Dr. Seuss creatures from an alien planet. We never fit in, but the time with all my extended family was wonderful. We built up a big real estate business and lost everything we owned in the 2008, thanks to the “Save the Big Banks” middle class implosion. Our plans of becoming teachers for our retirement years got moved up in a hurry. We started working in Oklahoma City urban, minority schools that same year.

In 2010, we moved back to Beijing to teach in international schools, bringing our younger daughter with us. As depressing as it was returning to America in 2001, it was just as amazing and jaw dropping seeing China, after being absent for 14 years. Wow! This is the first time I began to sense that China was moving up and on, while the US was going down and out. The contrasts were that remarkable. I so much wanted to share what was happening, thus, I started a blog and doing extensive research in the process. Then I took a solo trip across China in the summer of 2012, to journal about it. This morphed into my first book, 44 Days, whose travels are really a metaphor about discovering China in history and current events, how it all relates to the West and what humanity can expect in the future. I then began writing my online column, Reflections in Sinoland. This book is an anthology of these articles and it is continuing to be added to at Over the years, my classroom experiences inspired me to develop a method to teach English, which is published, Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English.

After Xi Jinping was elected president of China, I was and am still so impressed with him, that I am now writing an historical fiction, Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping, which will be out in print and ebook, late 2016. In the meantime, Badak Merah Press has commissioned me to write, China Is Communist, Dammit! It will be out in print and ebook mid-2016. These two books involve a massive amount of research, learning and discovery. I’m having the literary time of my life.

My arc of personal enlightenment about how the world really works has been a long, slow hyperbolic curve that has skyrocketed upwards in the very recent past. In 1972, if my draft lottery number had been drawn, I would have patriotically gone to Vietnam. That year, I voted for Richard Nixon, not George McGovern. Working and living with peasant farmers for two years in the Peace Corps opened my eyes to how the other 85% of the world lives, as well as eight years traveling all over Africa and the Middle East. Since I was involved in agriculture, my work got me out of the big cities and into the hinterlands of each country where I traveled, so I got the see “the real” Africa and Middle East. It was very educational and humbling.

While sensing the inequities and injustices, I was still firmly rooted in the myths of America’s moral superiority and divine righteousness. It was not until we returned to the US in 2001 and living in Bush World for nine years, that I began to see the rot of empire. Still though, I clung to the nobility of the “democratic” process and the mainstream media’s mind numbing consensus. I still believed at the time that the New York Times and the Economist were cutting edge journalism.

It was when we came back to China in 2010 that all the scales really started cascading off my eyes, traveling, researching and writing. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours studying genocide, empires, societal collapse, war, capitalism, colonialism, socialism, communism, fascism, false flags, the deep state, etc. I innately understood that I could never understand China and the Chinese, until I really knew the truth about the West. I was ready to question my 1950s-1960s upbringing, its conventional wisdom and official narrative. Like in the eponymous movie and its protagonist Neo, I was finally prepared to step out of the Matrix. There was no turning back.

After researching and writing 44 Days, I had now given up on the US, but being a dual national French-American, I still clung to the illusion that Europe, with its socialism, UN Charter on Human Rights and the lessons learned from two world wars, was the world’s last great hope for moral recovery. And then, like an amped up Hurricane Katrina, came the Western junta’s genocide in the Ukraine. For months, I followed with morbid horror (and continue to do so), the ugly face of not only American, but European fascism. My utter disgust and disillusionment with my ancestral home, Europe, boiled over and I clearly saw that American empire is nothing more than a continuation of European empire. I could now truthfully and coherently talk and write about a seamless historical spectrum: The West. And thanks to this epiphany, I could honestly and meaningfully write about China and its people, from their point of view.

Now it is all very clear to me. Western colonialism, false flags and color revolutions have never stopped since 1492, when Columbus “discovered” the “New World”, as if it were devoid of humanity. The methods and instruments of destabilization, divide and conquer, exploitation and resource extraction have simply adapted. Western empire, with its racism, capitalism, war and fascism, is a four-headed Hydra, and it is insatiable. China has been struggling to rise up against this onslaught, since the first Europeans landed on China’s shores in 1514. The Chinese, with the world’s longest continuous civilization, were and are more than qualified to fight back. It is an irony of history that the West used four of China’s great inventions, gunpowder, moveable type, the compass and paper, to bring the Heavenly Mandate’s long history to its lowest nadir, the century of humiliation, from the 1840s to 1949.

There is a titanic struggle for the soul of humanity, our survival as a species into the 21st century, and it is China, Russia, BRICS, ALBA CELAC and NAM. It is Xi, Putin, Maduro, Castro, Correa, Kirchner, Zuma, Afwerki and all the hundreds of world leaders the West has assassinated or deposed, versus Western empire, Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, Abe and their thousands of satraps in the hallowed hall of imperial power.

The world needs a million more voices like The Greanville Post, The Saker, Pepe Escobar, Andre Vltchek, Kevin Barrett, Rory Hall, Dave Kranzler, Moti Nissani, Gail Evans, Dan Yaseen, Mo Dawoud, Jason Bainbridge, Dean Henderson (all of with whom I’ve worked), and the many other journalists/authors involved in this worldwide struggle for humanity’s very survival.

From the mouth of the Dragon and the belly of the New Century Beast, it is an honor to lend my voice from the viewpoint of China’s people and their leaders, past, present and future.

Part I: Deep State West (Wing)

This section of the book is put first for a very valid reason. It has taken me years and years, upon thousands of hours of reading and research to understand that our Western governments have a long history of being and continue to be very evil and corrupt. Yes, the West invented penicillin and gave us Mozart, but since the 1400s, Eurmerica has been and continues to colonize the rest of the world’s people’s and resources, via war, overt and covert regime change, with their international financial institutions – and false flags. This global Western empire of exploitation and extraction continues unabated and it is a very hard and bitter pill to come to this realization. Like the vast majority of people, simply to avoid mental discomfort and to go along to get along, I was in complete denial until recently. It’s just so much easier, to look the other way and survive the day.

What I have learned in writing this book, is that you cannot wrap your head around the popular notion of China’s rise, without also recognizing Western colonialism’s imperial past and ongoing decline, including the rampant use of false flags. They go together like soy sauce and steamed dumplings.

It takes great courage and overcoming an insurmountable mental hurdle to accepting the documented proof of just how common our Western governments commit false flags, in order to manipulate their citizens, get them to accept laws and norms against their own freedoms and safety and like all false flags throughout history, enabling our governments to victimize and attack perceived enemies at home and abroad.

No surprise then, that, Western false flags figure prominently in China’s modern history.

Don’t despair or be shocked. I know exactly how you feel. It took extensive research, while writing this and two other books, to have the scales of brainwashing and propaganda ripped from my eyes. The power of denial and conformity are oppressive. Ultimately, it is a very difficult and emotionally taxing journey to get there, but so liberating and cleansing when you finally reach the summit. While not a religious person, I think that when the clarity of the truth fulfills you, it is like an intellectual and spiritual baptism of sorts.

This section has many hyperlinks, which you can study at your leisure. In any case, Deep State West (Wing) is intended to be a solid primer to help you understand much of what I’ve discovered and presented here. You may not be ready to take the journey just yet, but you will understand my life’s trajectory and this book’s rationale much clearer.

MH370, Chinese Cyberwar Geniuses and the Long Arm of Western Empire

MH370 flight paths
I asked this same question in the previous chapter: why isn’t anybody looking towards the North? Now we know why. (Image by

Why are the Princes of Power keeping the 99%’s attention riveted on the middle of bumfug nowhere, in the Southeast Indian Ocean, looking for MH370, and why is nobody asking about the second possible escape route – to the North, in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Everybody I talked to, including journalists based in Beijing and other bright lights of the illuminati, just guffawed at the thought. Chortle no more. I do not have the means nor the tools to confirm all of this. And one thing for sure: if true, the mainstream media won’t touch it with a ten-meter pole, as it would implicate their masters and handlers. But as a rational thinker, the following scenario is looking more than credible, especially given the goose egg laid in the Indian Ocean, finding not even one shred of debris, in spite of a massive, extended, multinational search, other than a supposed flaperon, dubiously discovered a year and half later, all the way over on Reunion island, and which was never confirmed by an independent source.

Early on, a journalist friend was pleasantly surprised when I brought up Occam’s razor, in looking for a solution to the MH370 mystery. Occam’s razor is the law that usually the simplest explanation is the best or correct one. Thus the pilots, for whatever reason, just flew the plane into the deep blue sea. End of story. But this Occam’s razor is just not cutting it anymore. Time to look elsewhere to unwind 2014’s Gordian knot of the year. The passengers’ families obviously smell a rat. They are getting together a $5 million reward, in hopes of enticing someone on the inside to spill the beans – if they live long enough to meet with the grieving. The half-life of informed people like this tends to be measured in days and hours, if there is a whiff of suspicion from on high.

And then as if by divine providence, we learn that in Europe of all places, dozens of commercial airliners went missing off the Old Continent’s sophisticated air traffic control screens, due to high tech NATO electronic war games. Well, blow me down, Captain Ahab, I can see far, far away from this here Beijing crow’s nest. If they can make fifty Boeing and Airbus jet planes full of thousands of people vanish off radar terminals in one of the busiest skies in the world, then it must be a piece of cake to disappear a solo plane like MH370, right?

In an Anonymous news release on YouTube, we learn that there were 20 (Chinese) employees of Freescale Semiconductor on board MH370, bound for where else – Communist China. Four of these employees shared a revolutionary patent on the new “KL Zero” computer chip, which will be used in missile defense (read Star Wars) radar systems. The patent was approved just four days after the disappearance of MH370. Therefore, the four Chinese patent holders could not legally pass the wealth and control of this patent on to their heirs. This leaves the fifth shareholder of the patent as 100% owner: Freescale Semiconductor itself. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? Jacob Rothschild and the Bush Dynasty’s Carlyle Group. Either you are a conspiracy theorist or a coincidence theorist, but it’s funny how things work out that way.

So, the plot thickens. Why were they in Kuala Lumpur? Why were they all together? Why were they going back to China? Were they defecting back to the Motherland? Were they single or double agents?

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these Chinese scientist patent holders and their vast knowledge of warfare cybertechnology? Or better yet, who would want to make sure these geniuses did not help the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) use the very same “Western” stealth technology, to defend the Chinese Homeland? This is not primarily about Jacob Rothschild’s greed and the Carlyle Group’s Bush Dynasty-Bin Laden bedmates, although filthy lucre is often seen lurking around the stage set. This is more than likely about the United States and NATO making sure these Chinese scientists didn’t land in the Middle Kingdom and work for Baba Beijing. How big is a computer chip? The size of your fingernail? It would have been very easy for one of these Chinese brainiacs to hide this new KL Zero war-chip in their suitcase. One or some of these guys could have been PLA (double) agents all along, which if true, would be a John Le Carré-esque-spy-thriller infiltration of the century, into the dark heart of America’s most sensitive military technology.

Since the 1970s, Freescale, a military cybertech supplier, has been helping the Western Empire keep its Wehrmacht jackboot on the face of the Dreaded Other (communists starting in 1917, in 2001 add Muslims). Of course it would have its share of CIA/NSA minders working on the inside, keeping tabs on its highly sensitive advancements. These 20 Chinese scientists were way too close to something obviously very coveted and extremely compromising to the US/NATO war machine. US/NATO would do anything to keep them and “it” from ending up in Baba Beijing’s hands.

All of this is bolstered further by the divulgations of a recent Oped News article by Scott Baker. In it, an anonymous Russian (maybe a KGB stringer) reports on the whereabouts of MH370 being on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and that “there were 20 Asian specialists on board”, who have been taken to a bunker in Pakistan. According to this report, these facts have been collectively corroborated by several intelligence agencies. Given that the United States rules Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s skies as much as it does Washington DC’s, any denials by these NATO puppet governments can be taken with a grain of salt. Whether these 20 Chinese scientists are being used for blackmail or as bargaining chips to “sell” is debatable. More than likely, US/NATO would prefer to have them offed, now that the West has the coveted technology to themselves. Or do they? If these Chinese scientists were agents of the PLA, then they may have already sent Baba Beijing the blueprints. However, it would have been nice for Baba to hold the Real McWang in the palm its hand, and plug it into the ol’ Victrola for some space age East Is Red Karaoke.

The only positive outcome of all these high level espionage and warfare power plays is that the 227 passengers and 12 crew members might still be alive. The Russian report says they are alive, divided into seven groups and living in mud huts, southeast of Kandahar. However, if it is true that US/NATO is pulling these nefarious puppet strings, from Empire’s standpoint, these hostages would be more of a liability than an asset, and better off dead.

The deep state of US/NATO, along with Russian intelligence, which together have well over 100 military reconnaissance satellites suffocating every square meter of the Earth’s surface, know exactly where MH370 ended up. If they know, Baba Beijing surely knows too, and is just holding its cards close to see how events shake out. In any case, without so much as a single solitary scrap of maritime evidence to show for the massive and exhaustive searches in the Indian Ocean, an Afghanistan-Pakistan change of flight plans is looking more and more believable. You are either a conspiracy or coincidence theorist. Pick you poison.

Part II: How the West Was Lost and Other Hair Raising Tales of Empire

Many of you readers will either find this section inspiring and hopeful, cheering me on, or angry and polemical about topics you would prefer not to deal with. I fully empathize with both groups, since I have been in both places during my life. Speaking truth to power and calling a lie a lie takes courage and inevitably upsets a lot of people in the process.

I respect whichever side you may currently be on, during your life’s journey. For the purposes of this book, my understanding of China, its people and leaders would never have been laid bare, unless I accepted as truth everything that is thoroughly researched and written about herewith.

It took me years to figure it out, but I finally realized that to know China’s past, present and future, I had to get to the bare bones of my ancestors’ and culture’s timeline, past present and future. I’m talking about the dark underbelly of truth that a lifetime of brainwashing and propaganda has kept hidden. It has been one incredible, personal and intellectual journey, to discover it all. Finally, finally, I am at peace with myself.


The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are. ― H.L. Mencken

The West’s Russell Brand vs. Sinoland’s Rushe Wang: A Conversation in Commonalities and Key Contrasts

The Princes of Power and Lords of the Loot

The Princes of Power are a prickly lot, be they Western or Eastern, Northern or Southern. They know they are one spark of popular outrage away from economic re-equilibrium, or if the 99% get really radical and revolutionarily randy, they can pay with their hubristic heads. Just ask the ghost of Robespierre. It says a lot about how rigged the roulette table of civilization actually is, when there is only one significant example of the former in recent times: Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and its very ephemeral 50 years of a chance of a better life for the common people. That sure didn’t last long. From the perspective of deep history, which consumes Baba Beijing (China’s leadership), a half a century is a fleeting moment along the Arrow of Time’s trajectory. The world’s shadow fascists, who have been calling humanity’s shots on Mother Earth since the glory days of Babylonian Big Boss Hammurabi 4,000 years ago, and surely long before that, don’t take too kindly to sharing our Pale Blue Dot’s natural resources – not even a teensy-weensy bit – 101% will do just fine, thank you. And while we 99% are at it, busy beavers all, we can work for free and be grateful for the time spent maintaining the glories of the official narrative, which for the last 500 years has been and continues to be Caucasian conquest, colonialism and cupidity. Post World War II, it’s now fawningly called the Washington-London-Paris consensus, since these three countries, more than any others, set the tone and message in the Western mainstream media. The US Marines’ finest have the Few and the Proud. The 99% have their Meek and their Many. Sitting here in Buddha World Beijing, and with all due respect for Jesus Christ, I don’t see us inheriting the Earth anytime soon. About the only time America came close to living up to Christ’s prophesy, was during the 50 years of Roosevelt’s New Deal and in reality, it was a pretty tepid affair for the common man and woman.

The Lords of Legal Loot also get very tetchy when someone is clever enough to gin up a simple message of outrage, a sound bite that resonates in the rapidly emptying pockets, stomachs and under the disappearing roofs over the heads of the masses. Short and sweet, pungent and powerful. Such was the case with the pithily named Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Too clever by half, so it just had to go. Those kinds of quickly coined phrases are so easily remembered, can circulate like wildfire and thus must either be sucked into the upward vortex of Newspeak and bastardized, or with great and extended effort, sent in the opposite direction deep down Orwell’s Memory Hole, just like the Palestinians’ Al-Nakba, never to be acknowledged, mentioned, reported on or referenced again.1 The one percent’s infanticide of OWS has been remarkably and ruthlessly efficient, like the gas chambers of Auschwitz or Stalin’s generation of grinding gulags.

Would the 99% please just shut up?

But these silly and feckless nuisances just keep coming. Will they ever learn? The 1% have again been forced to budge just a little bit in their Pininfarina Aresline Xten designer chairs, 2 because of a smarty pants by the name of Russell Brand. And smart he is: well spoken, a man of letters and possessing a rapier wit with words. Just ask BBC’s hapless errand boy for the official narrative, Jeremy Paxman, who interviewed this wily whippersnapper during Newsnight 2013 on the 23rd of October. Paxman surely thought that our curly coiffed, nouveau rich British comic should know better than to turn on his new high class fan base, the uber-wealthy. In fact, Russell could make many more millions as a neocon comedian, like Dennis Miller, the right wing’s poster pundit in laugh land. Miller confirms with a condescending smirk what his financial brethren already smugly know: they own the world. And you know what the Russians say – tough shitsky.

Russell Brand photo
Russell Brand: fracking vs twerking. (Image by kateausburn)

But no, this ungrateful former poor boy parvenu, Brand, who has cleaned up his drug addicted soul, gave a very simple political manifesto, as the guest editor of the venerable Fabian Society liberal magazine, The New Statesman. Paxman couldn’t resist the bait and had Mr. Brand on British national TV. It has now gone viral on planetary TV cum YouTube and the rest is history. The leaders of the Unfree West cringed – no not Obama, Cameron and Hollande, they are the chattel property of the Gods of FIRE (Finance-Insurance-Real Estate). It is these latter who squirmed, as this very passionate and articulate man stated what is obvious to all of the 7,133,000,000 members of the human race, except the few thousand families who own them, that:

You yahoos at the top of the money mountain shouldn’t destroy the planet,

You shouldn’t create massive economic disparity,

You shouldn’t ignore the needs of the people,

And since your servants in the whoredom halls of statecraft only serve the interests of your legalized world resources chop shops, namely corporations,

It’s time for a revolution.

Talking revolution can get you killed. Just ask John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Hopefully, Mr. Brand has well paid, loyal bodyguards.

Memories of Ol’ Kingfish and the Great Depression

Hmm. Brand sounds pert near a 21st century meme of Depression-era US Senator Huey “Kingfish” Long, who was running for president against the venerable incumbent, FDR in 1936, on his Share Our Wealth program, and gaining a serious groundswell of popular support. The disgusted 99% were ready to seriously realign the country’s human and natural resources – the New Deal in hyper drive. We’re talking about radical, socialist redistribution of wealth from the 1% to the 99%, a platform that Father Oscar Romero Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ and Pope Francis would all heartily endorse. Here it is,

1. No person would be allowed to accumulate a personal net worth of more than 300 times the average family fortune, which would limit personal assets to between $5 million and $8 million. A graduated capital levy tax would be assessed on all persons with a net worth exceeding $1 million.
2. Annual incomes would be limited to $1 million and inheritances would be capped at $5.1 million.
3. Every family was to be furnished with a homestead allowance of not less than one-third the average family wealth of the country. Every family was to be guaranteed an annual family income of at least $2,000 to $2,500, or not less than one-third of the average annual family income in the United States. Yearly income, however, cannot exceed more than 300 times the size of the average family income.
4. An old-age pension would be made available for all persons over 60.
5. To balance agricultural production, the government would preserve/store surplus goods, abolishing the practice of destroying surplus food and other necessities due to lack of purchasing power.
6. Veterans would be paid what they were owed (a pension and healthcare benefits).
7. Free education and training for all students to have equal opportunities in all schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions for training in the professions and vocations of life.
8. The raising of revenue and taxes for the support of this program was to come from the reduction of swollen fortunes from the top, as well as for the support of public works to give employment whenever there may be any slackening necessary in private enterprise.

Go, Kingfish, go!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Kingfish got shot in the guts on the capitol steps in Baton Rouge in 1935. Minor detail that. Serves him right too, depending on your point of view, but I know one class of people, America’s shadow fascists, who were mighty relieved that their dirty deed was done cheap, for the price of a .38 caliber lead bullet. That was an investment in metals commodities that makes rigged IPOs look like passbook savings returns.

Huey Long statue

Huey Long Statue & Burial Site (Image by Paul Lowry)

The gold plated glutei maxima lounging in those million dollar XTen’s are clinching up in quiet queasiness, as Russell’s video interview is going around the world, and we know their modus operandi like a well-worn playbook. The Princes of Power, are and will at first ignore Brand in stony silence, or with well-coordinated, manufactured media mewing, mocking him for his childish naiveté. Denigrating chuckles of belittlement are de rigueur, in hopes that the Lords’ contempt is imprinted on the minds of the masses, and let’s face it, it almost always works. Otherwise, reality would be radically and positively different than what it is and I could find something else to do besides write about it.

And now over to you Beijing.

It’s not much better over here in Sinoland. Baba Beijing would rehearse the first act of this playbook to perfection. If an oriental doppelganger called Rushe Wang did the same thing here and crossed the Obaman red line of blaming the Communist Party of China (CPC) for what ails the 99%, the truth of the matter is he would likely be harassed and/or arrested on trumped up charges of tax evasion or some such, by the Chinese authorities. But unfortunately, this also happens all too routinely in the United Stasi of America. A case in point: just ask the ex-governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, ex-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, or Karen Silkwood, Marin Luther King, Jr. and the Kennedy Brothers for that matter.6 Try to suggest taking even a teensy weensy bit of the Princes of Power’s 101% and you can end up paying a very heavy price indeed.

The parallels between Baba Beijing and the FIREmen only go so far though. Yes, Baba Beijing considers the CPC to be above criticism, just as the West’s owners consider deregulated, rigged for the superrich, libertarian jungle capitalism to be beyond reproach. To speak out against capitalism is heretical and public protests against the West’s rapidly declining day-in-the-life are now criminalized. If Mr. Brand’s message takes off and lights that spark the Prince of Power have nightmares about, they will crush him and his followers, just as they did Occupy Wall Street and as Baba Beijing did to the Falun Gong movement. But if our oriental Rushe Wang was clever, kept his criticisms void of name calling, to save Baba’s face, and stuck to targeted vitriol against the 1% Chinese, here is where today’s vacuous excuse for Western leadership and the savvy, ears-to-the-streets Baba Beijing would likely diverge: Baba would not hesitate to take a pound of flesh and more out of the gold plated backsides of the Sino-superrich and probably seize their Pininfarina Aresline Xten designer chairs to boot, in order to maintain credibility with its restive citizens. All this, to honor China’s 2,200 year old Heavenly Mandate, which weighs so onerously on their collective, historical shoulders.

The West’s political class just helps itself

In the West? They couldn’t be bothered with such face saving niceties, not to mention the finer points of running a country. As Russell Brand so eloquently declared, our bought and paid for political class serves only one interest: its owners. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to hum over and over in my head that Beatles’ riff,

You say you want a revolution…

Rock on.


1- As an example, try to find Al-Nakba in Encyclopedia Britannica, complimentary electron microscope and zigapixel CCD camera included. Its non-existence in Western thought is one of the modern era’s greatest triumphal Memory Holes, an Orwellian pièce de résistance that George would duly appreciate.

2- Cost per pampered poof is a trifling $1,500,000,

3- Eight point five minutes of principled mirth.
4- Great stuff this. No wonder they killed him: America’s shadow fascists were already retching over the New Deal.

5- Paxman was so desperate, he was even reduced to calling Brand, “A trivial little man”.

6- Don Siegelman’s sad tale is the tip of America’s injustice iceberg:

Part IV: China vs. the West: Planet Earth’s Titanic, 21st Century Wrestling Match for Humanity’s Future

Who would have thought that in 1978, when Deng Xiaoping and the Communist Party of China launched their first series of economic and social reforms, that it would come down to this: either China and its allies, BRICS, SCO, CSTO and NAM, are going to lead Planet Earth’s peoples into the 22nd century, or the United States and its allies, Eurangloland (EU-NATO, Australia, New Zealand and Japan?

Never could two overarching visions be so diametrically opposed. This titanic duel between two broadly different systems of governance, social criteria, economic and financial policy will determine the fate of our species. May the best side win.

Thoughts on Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping Tavis Coburn
Xi Jinping is giving a lot of thought to his people’s future – and the future of Planet Earth, well into the 21st century. (Image by Tavis Coburn The New Yorker)

If you are a member of the Western elites, their military and/or the deep state, you should be very, very worried, now that Xi Jinping is in power (ditto Putin in Russia). To better understand Xi, it helps to know about his father, Xi Zhongxun, as Xi is a proverbial chip off the old block.

Xi Zhongxun was a committed revolutionary from an early age. He was sent to prison at the age of 14 for trying to poison a teacher, whom he and his schoolmates considered to be a lackey for the foreign colonialists. He joined the Communist Party of China behind bars, in 1928, at only 15 years of age. Quite an auspicious adolescence.

Xi Zhongxun was also a very successful military leader in the Red Army and had fabulous organizational and managerial skills. Without him setting up operations in Shaanxi Province, where Mao & Co. arrived after the Long March ended in 1935, the Red Army may not have been able to push on to defeat the fascist Japanese and KMT, and kick out the Western colonialists, towards eventual national liberation in 1949.

Xi Jinping with father Xi Zhongxun late 70s

Tel père tel fils (like father like son). Father Xi Zhongxun on the left with his son, Xi Jinping on the right. Photo taken circa late 70s, when Xi Jinping was going to university. (Image by Baidu)

Xi père and Xi’s mother, Qi Xin, were unfailingly committed to the Party and the Chinese communist revolution. Herculean and bitter personal sacrifices were made by Xi’s parents for their country and Party. All their lives, they never gave up on the cause of socialism for the Chinese masses, even though they were purged, imprisoned (father) and sent to hard labor on farms (mother), 1962-1976.

Xi’s father was also very empathetic, being a successful conciliator and negotiator in Western China, before and after liberation in 1949, with local Tibetans and Muslim Ouighers. Xi’s father avoided as much bloodshed as possible and the more violent aspects of revolution. It was Xi’s father, who Deng Xiaoping sent to Guangdong Province, across the border from Hong Kong, in 1978, to defuse the volatile discontent among the locals, who were clamoring over the border, into the British colony, seeking work and a better lifestyle. It was Xi’s father, not Deng, who came up with the brilliant idea to create little Hong Kongs inside Guangdong, where the masses could work and realize their dreams. Thus, Shenzhen and the other Special Economic Zones (SEZs) were signed off on by the National People’s Congress, Central Committee, Politburo and Deng. Deng & Co. didn’t have any money, but they had the power of the pen to make Xi’s SEZs legal. The rest is history.

Xi’s father was also incredibly well read and erudite. Their house was full of dog eared books. Xi Jinping was sent to the countryside in 1969, to work as a peasant for seven years, during the Cultural Revolution. Xi did backbreaking, barefoot labor and learned to live with fleas and lice, while developing his nascent leadership and managerial skills. He arrived with boxes of his father’s books to keep him company. He read every one of them, many in the evenings, reading out loud under a kerosene lamp, to his less educated rural neighbors.

To this day, Xi Jinping is probably one of the best read world leaders in office, having and continuing to read hundreds of Russian, Greek, French, German, English, Spanish and American classics (fiction and nonfiction), all the huge canon of Chinese works, as well being extremely well versed in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist writings. Xi even got an additional college degree in Marxist Theory and Law, 1998-2002, while he was governor of Fujian. He never stops reading and learning, claiming that it is his greatest personal passion.

It also needs to be pointed out that Xi Jinping, like his father, is a military man. He has been in the PLA since 1980 and held high level, military command posts everywhere he went throughout his 35-year career, at the local, provincial and finally, national level. His wife, famous revolutionary songster Peng Liyuan (she sings Russian folk songs like a native), is also a lifelong member of China’s military. Like Xi’s mother and father, he and Peng are proud Chinese soldiers and communists, through and through.

Finally, like his father, who also saw the highs and lows of the human condition, Xi Jinping’s broad life experiences and empathy make him an excellent judge of character, which is invaluable as a leadership trait. As president and top military leader of China, he is involved in choosing hundreds of team members, and he has a knack for picking the right people, as well as removing the ones who don’t perform.

So, all of this was imbued in Xi Jinping from birth. While a child of privilege, due to his father’s legendary standing in China’s modern history, his parents emulated and taught Xi Jinping empathy, frugality, simplicity, humility, hard work, sacrifice, fairness, reasonableness, tolerance for other people’s differences, a thirst for knowledge and loyalty to country, revolution and Party. If much of this sounds like Buddhism-Daoism-Confucism, well it is. When Xi was in Fujian Province, 1985-2001, he was in contact with many Taiwanese visitors. While an avowed atheist, Xi became very interested in this ancient foundation of Chinese society, which richly flavors Taiwan’s people. Today, Xi is reaching back to this tripartite cornerstone of Chinese civilization, to invoke his “moderately prosperous” Chinese Dream (much as Putin has with Russian Orthodoxy), and to hone his decidedly anti-Western Empire sentiments.

Lastly, unlike his father, who always preferred to work in the background, Xi Jinping is showing himself to be a master of media and public relations. He deftly uses TV and print media to the Party’s advantage. His books are being translated into several languages and, The Governance of China, has already sold four million copies overseas. The Chinese Dream of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation, is also available internationally.

All of his books and speeches are now available for free via a phone app in China. Over the Chinese New Year, the Party produced three short animated cartoons that went viral, depicting Xi cleaning up corruption and working for the masses to achieve the Chinese Dream and Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. His wife, Peng Liyuan, and Premier Li Keqiang, add savvy media support for Baba Beijing at home and around the world too. No other modern Chinese leader, apart Mao, has used the media as masterfully as Xi.

As I have said in a number of radio shows and columns, the West has no answer for Xi Jinping (nor Putin, for that matter). The world is officially in the Xi Era (and you could just as well add, Putin Era). All of this will be fleshed out in fascinating detail, from his birth to the present, in my late 2016 book, Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping (including all those meetings and phone calls between Putin and Xi).
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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US. The Evil Empire creates and thrives on wars and instabilities

For the last seventy years there has been endless wars and instabilities throughout the world.. Why is it so? The fingers inevitably point to the Evil Empire , USA. America believes in permanent warfare and conquest and this is based on their evil Doctrine of Christian Discovery and Manifest Destiny.. Under this doctrine America claims it has the divine right to attack, conquer, subjugate and hold complete hegemony over all other countries.

America uses various ways and means in its evil mission of conquest and hegemony. It uses cheating, fraud, currency manipulation, unfair trade, commerce and industrial sabotage, espionage, political control, cyber attacks, direct and proxy warfare.

Between the 1920s and 1970s America had a monopoly of Middle East oil.It set the price of oil at five US Dollars per barrel. It was able to sell in the market at between fifty to eighty dollars per barrel. The Arab oil producing countries were ripped while US enriched itself fabulously. Further the Arabs had to agree to trade the oil in US dollars only. This locked out the Arabs from trading direct with other countries other than through US oil giant corporations. Thus when Iraq under Saddam Hussein and later Gadaffi of Libya tried to trade oil direct with other countries in currencies other than the US dollars they were atacked and killed. Thus regime change is US evil policy against countries which do not toe the US line. Further when oil was depressed at five dollars per barrel US was able to ship billions of tons of Middle East oil to US to be kept as oil reserves .

Before the 1970s there was international agreement that every US dollar must be backed in gold. This means that a country has every right to demand from the US government to be paid in gold equivalent to the amount of US dollars it is holding and which it now wants to return it to US. The US government reneged on this agreement in 1972 and in the Bretton Woods Agreement it openly defied the world by refusing to peg the US dollar to the value of gold. Thus US is and has been able to cheat the world since the US dollar is still the world's standard currency for trading. When US is in trade deficit with other countries it is just able to print more paper money to pay the creditor countries. This is a dangerous trend because eventually the US dollar will become a banana currency with little or no value.

When US wants to control and hold hegemony over a region it will first sow seeds of dissension and discord among the countries in the region. It will then create a demand of dependency and protection from US. Behind the scene US will continuously foment distrust and hatred among the squabbling countries and quietly leading the unsuspecting countries to hostilities and open warfare. It is then how the US enrich itself by seliing weapons and all kinds of military hardware to the warring factions. In the meantime US pretends to play the peacemaker though for holding hegemony it never really will want the warring factions to have peace. This can be seen in the whole of the Middle East. Now US is trying to replicate the same scenario in the Far East and in the South China Sea . US is really a horrible evil empire .

US is also exerting world hegemony by manipulating the world's monetary, financial and banking business as well as manipulating the stock markets , trade, commerce and industries all over the world. American rogue leaders in private sectors are synonymous with rogue leaders in the government. They work as one banditry team and correlate their activities in supplanting and robbing each and every other country in this world. They are able to cheat and swindle the whole world because they hold full sway over the World Bank and the IMF.

To maintain its continuous world hegemony, America has build over one thousand military bases in all corners of the world. It is signing up unsuspecting countries as allies to help in its aggression. It will stir up trouble in peaceful regions and create tensions , instabilities and wars among the unsuspecting countries so that American war industries will keep on humming as they are able to sell weapons and military hardware to the warring factions .

It is time the world wake up and put a stop to the evil doings of America , a country born out from their evil Doctrine of Christian Discovery and American Manifest Destiny, a country which robbed and stole the lands from native American Indians.


Friday, 20th November, 2015
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Horrendous Plans of the Anglo European
American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the

Previously I had written on how the West ( The Europeans' ) foreign
policy and blue print for conquests and world domination was based on their
Doctrine of Christian Discovery and subsequently over the years expanded by
White Americans into a more evil Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny and
the monstrous American Exceptionalism. I will not delve into these
doctrines in detail . These evil doctrines can be accessed in Google when
you type in the titles of the three doctrines. Briefly white men inclusive
of White Americans claim their God has given them the divine right to take
and conquer non-Christian lands and to kill all the natives of these lands
if they refused to be converted to their faith. American Manifest Destiny
deprive all native Americans of their rights and title to their lands and
properties and claims Americans have the right to expand its frontiers
both on land and sea without limits. American Exceptionalism empowers White
Americans - USA to assassinate foreign leaders who don't toe the
American line and to carry out regime change. To know who were the leaders
assassinated and which countries were regime changed by CIA , just type
in Google , "Foreign leaders assassinated by CIA " or " Countries
subjected to regime change by CIA and you will get the details.

But now an even more horrendous Anglo European American Jewish Zionism
policy is in the offing. This satanic group is headed by the
Rothschilds,the Rockefellers, the Illuminatis and well known American
bankers in the Citi Bank , J.P Morgan , Well Fargo Bank ,Bank of America
and the Free Masons. They are working in collusion with the rogues and
scoundrels in the US government, the CIA, The Pentagon, Congress, The
Senate and the House of Representatives.

Why is this group so frightening and scary? They say the world is now
overpopulated with Seven Billion people and there will not be enough
resources to serve everyone. They asserted that the world population should
be reduced come what may to just about one and a half billion people.
They argued that majority of the world's population is found in Asia and
Africa and it is time to find ways and means to reduce the number of Asians
and Africans. They have decided that it is only through a combination of
methods but largely through wars that the Asian and African population
can be reduced drastically. For the wars to accomplish its results they
must be fought in Asia and Africa and they always have plans for perennial
wars in Asia and Africa.

Their strategic new plans call for (1) impoverishment of Asian and African
countries (2) Clinically and genetically manipulated changes of DNA of rice
seeds so that the growing of rice will result in infertility of rice
eaters. (3) Control of pharmaceutical products for Asia and Africa
designed to a slow but long process of poisoning Asians and Africans
resulting in sickness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and
other related diseases. ( 4 ) Chemical fertilizers that poisoned food
crops and the soil cumulatively over a long period, ( 5 ) Insecticides
that poisoned the food crops and the soil like DDT. ( 6) Wars of

The impoverishment of Asians and Africans are carried out through two
distinct direct but related methods. One is to attack and weaken the
financial and economic structure and well being of the countries of the
two continents. The other is to create instability and destability of the
Asian and African countries by provoking hostilities and wars among the
countries in the two continents.

In the financial and economic front the attack is frontal through the
manipulation of the American Petrol Dollar as a standard of international
exchange. Every country which wants to buy or sell products to America or trade round the world must
use the Petrol Dollar to trade. There is a clear disadvantage to Asian and
African countries because US is always manipulating the currency to its
advantage at whatever circumstances it determines. US rogue bankers and
stock brokers will always cheat and swindle unsuspecting Asians and
Africans by selling them toxic financial products like mini-bonds . Be wary
of European and American private bankers who will use the billions of
dollars entrusted to them for sound investments by the Asians and
Africans but instead they will always misuse it to deal with endless
trading in derivatives which is nothing but pure gambling. In such cases
win or lose the bankers will always first award themselves by the millions
or billions as service charges. Derivative trading is nothing but a super
casino which together with the Petrol Dollar and the financial toxic
products are a form of American financial terrorism on unsuspecting Asians
and Africans. These financial loses will result in the decline and
weakening of the Asian and African economy and ultimately a fatal blow to
human survival.

Creating wars , instability and destability is the bench mark of American
foreign policy which devolve from their doctrine the American Manifest
Destiny and American Exceptionalism. The Americans will always sow
suspicion , descension and create instability and hostility among the Asian
and African countries. It will then carry out endless propaganda of
misinformation and disinformation with a lot of lies, half truths and
insinuations to a crescendo before it starts the wars among the
unsuspecting Asian and African countries. The Americans are the masters of
sheding blood behind the scenes. They have succeeded in making the Arabs in
the Middle East going after each others throats. The Americans will just
reap the harvest and enrich themselves by selling obsolete weapons to the
warring factions and at the same time test their new weapons in attacking
the factions which do not toe the American line. America is trying to
create the same scenario in Asia. It is trying to create civil and
international wars among the Asian countries like divided Koreas, divided
Chinas - Mainland China and Taiwan, foment wars between Japan and China,
between India and Pakistan, between India and China and between China and
the Viets and Pinoys. In this way the Anglo European and American Jewish
Zionism led by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Illuminatis, Freemasons and
other big American bankers as well as the rogues in the American government
inclusive of the President, Senate, Congress , CIA and the Pentagon will
have succeeded to see how Asians will have died by the billions in a great
nuclear war among the Asians. This will definitely decimate Asian
populations by the billions and fit in the ruthless plans of the evil Anglo
European And American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothschilds, the
Rockefellers, the Illuminatis and the rogue and scoundrels of the American

The American pivot towards Asia especially in the East China Sea and the
South China Sea is just a cover for American covert and overt plans for
wars and destruction among Asians . In the aftermath of these wars America
hope to seize the opportunity to dominate and control both the East China
Sea and the South China Sea and together the rich oil and other mineral
resources under the sea bed and to dominate the whole of Asia under
American hegemony. It will be a hopeless dream for America for under such
scenario there is no guarantee that Russia and China will not carry out
full scale nuclear attack on America and thus resulting in not only mutual
destruction but ultimate total destruction of the entire humanity on earth.

A desperate bankrupt America must not be allowed to destroy the world under
whatever guise and pretext.


Friday, 29th April, 2016The h
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

China will never accept Pinoy's fraudulous claim on Chinese territories and shoals in the South China Sea

Before the 1970s the Pinoys like all other countries accept and recognise Chinese ownership and sovereignty of all the Paracel and Spratley islands inclusive of all shoals and reefs in the South China Sea. Somewhere in the

mid 1970s China announced the presence of huge deposits of oil and other minerals under the seabed of the South China Sea. The international gangster and Evil Empire USA then as part of its plan to contain China's

peaceful development started a clandestine design to destabilise the region by both overt and covert means to create instability and choas and hostilities through buying over corrupt Pinoy politicians especially Aquino to

start laying unfounded claims on part of the Chinese islands and shoals . Not contented with just using the Pinoys as a ploy and proxy against China the Evil Empire plodded the Vietnamese vermins to also lay claims on

Chinese islands in the South China Sea. The Evil Empire had taught the Pinoys and Vietnamese rats to lay the claims under the guise of legitimacy in the context that these islands and shoals fall as part of their continental

shelves. When the Pinoys were under the American colonial rule even US never claim those islands and shoals. Similarly when France was ruling Vietnam it never claim any of these Chinese islands and shoals. In fact prior

to the mid 1970s the whole international community including all European countries , US and Japan recognized Chinese sovereignty over all the Paracel and Spratley islands . This was clearly shown in all the European and

American atlasses prior to the 1970s when Paracel and Spratley islands were clearly marked within brackets ( China ) as Chinese owned. This can be verified in the British Philip Atlas printed in England in the 1950s. The

boundaries and sea limits of the Pinoys were indeed demarketed in the three international treaties of ( 1 ) The 1898 Treaty of Paris ( 2 ) The 1900 Treaty of Washington and ( 3 ) The 1930 convention between the US and

UK. Thus the present illegitimate claims of the Pinoys and Vietnamese rats is clearly due to the unseen hands of the Satanic US plotting and instigating behind the screen in the hope of making use of these silly vermins as

frontline pawns to fight the Evil Empire's proxy wars against China . In this way US hope to eventually gain control of the whole of South China Sea and with that its rich oil and mineral resources and virtual hegemony over all Asia.

Below I quote an articlle by Bai Tiantian of Global Times

China will refuse to accept S.China Sea arbitration result: FM
By Bai Tiantian Source:Global Times Published: 2016-5-7 1:03:01

"China on Friday reiterated its stance of non-acceptance and non-participation in the South China Sea arbitration case, adding that the case is a "political farce" unilaterally brought up by the Philippines to cover up its acts

of illegal encroachment of Chinese territory.

China also warned the Philippine's approach to territorial disputes set a dangerous precedent as it would allow other countries to be dragged into arbitration cases involuntarily.

The UN arbitration court in the Hague is due to release the ruling at the end of May or in June.

Ouyang Yujing, director-general of Chinese Foreign Ministry's Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs, told reporters at a press conference in Beijing that the Chinese government's attitude on the case is clear, which is

that the case has been illegal from the beginning.

"There have been major flaws and errors in the arbitral proceeding of the case in terms of laws, facts and evidence," Ouyang said.

He emphasized that the Philippines did not engage in any negotiations with China before it made the submissions at the UN arbitration court but went on to claim that it has "exhausted all negotiation measures."

"This case is a reality check to some countries because over 30 countries in the world have excluded themselves from compulsory arbitration following Article 298 of UNCLOS. This case shows that such countries can get

involved involuntarily in arbitration cases and be totally unaware of it. And this is a great harm to the international rule of law," Ouyang said.

The US has not ratified UNCLOS. The UK said it remains ready to consider the submission of disputes on a case-by-case basis, according to UN website.

The real intention of the Philippines, Ouyang said, was to negate China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests and cover up its illegal occupation of eight Chinese islands and reefs in the Nansha islands.

He said the territorial limits of the Philippines are decided by three international treaties - the 1898 Treaty of Paris, the 1900 Treaty of Washington and the 1930 convention between the US and the UK.

"According to such conventions, the western limit of the Philippine territory is 118 degrees east longitude. China's Nansha Islands and Huangyan Island are to the west of this line, meaning all these islands are beyond the

Philippine territory," Ouyang said.

Since the 1960s, he claimed, the Philippines has engaged in territorial expansion and moved beyond the 118 degrees east longitude line.

"The essence of the lawsuit from the Philippine side is to cover the fact of its illegal occupation of Chinese islands and reefs," Ouyang said, adding that the Philippines is trying to deceive the international opinion.

When asked about China's final goal on the South China Sea, Ouyang said China wishes to settle the disputes.

Since the 1960s, China has resolved territorial disputes with 12 out of 14 of its land neighbors through negotiations and consultations.

"It is important for the nation to reiterate our stance, which is reasonable and legal, at this particular time," Chen Xiangmiao, a research fellow at the National Institute for the South China Sea, told the Global Times on


It will also help China lay a foundation and get better prepared to handle more pressure from international public opinion, according to Chen. "


Monday, 9th May, 2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bilahari Kausikan caustic speech at a policy forum in Tokyo

Singaporeans should take umbrage to Bilahari Kausikan's speech as Singapore's ambassador at large at a policy forum in Tokyo. If he was speaking in his personal capacity it was bad enough. But he was speaking as Singapore's official representative and that was a disaster .

Singapore officials should be very careful and more guarded in their speech when they touch on matters, relations or issues concerning big powers especially involving China, India, USA, Russia and Japan. This is diplomacy and what is expected of diplomats is to be diplomatic. You have shown the dark side of your mind , your biases and prejudices when you lash out at China though in a veiled manner. In your speech you have used innuendos and insinuations to unnecessarily paint China in a bad light. It is especially unnecessary for you to claim arrogantly that small countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei and Vietnam should dare to challenge and go against China vis-a-vis the hegemonic warmongering Americans and at the same breadth shamelessly claim the need to get along with China hoping to supplicate China's help for economic survival.

Kausikan's speech is clearly pro American and openly hostile and anti China. Yes, Singapore is not a Chinese State as he frivolously state and by the same token we want to remind him that neither is Singapore a state beholden to any state. Singaporeans are smart enough to read between the lines and smart enough to know you have agendas in your speech and are very riled with it. As a diplomat, a representative of Singapore, it is good that you stick to diplomacy and be diplomatic when dealing with foreign powers.

Southernglory 1
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

European countries affiliated to EU better run - run away from EU as quickly as possible. EU is an American racket conceived with evil intent and it is under the complete dictatorial charge of USA 's Neoconservatives and their proxies in EU. Washington's neoconservatives in the Whitehouse, CIA, and Pentagon and the Anglo American Rothschilds Illuminati Zionist Axis are the real power behind EU.

The Evil Axis enacts all the EU laws and takes command of all decisions to suit its imperial agenda and the various local governments of the 28 affiliated countries have no say whatsoever. The Axis hijack all the political, economic and military power of the EU countries

USA treats the Russians and the Chinese as its enemies because they are the main obstacles to unchallenged USA global dominance.USA conducts provocative military build up close to the borders of Russia and China. This may lead to inevitable confrontation thus risking a possible nuclear war. For this responsible world leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America must show serious concern not to ally with the Evil Empire's catastrophic imperial agenda. They should reject USA's imperial agenda which is the greatest threat to world peace.

USA thinks now is the time to destroy Russia and China in order to fulfill its ambition of bringing the whole world under its total control - its hegemony

But USA is bankrupt and so it has to create so called allies and partners to share the cost of its reckless wild ventures of wars of aggression.These allies and partners are nothing but subservient lackeys with voidess power and decisions.They are being led by the nose by the Evil Axis and may realise too late that they are being led to the slaughter house in the frontline in confrontation with Russia and China.

The Evil Empire is very cool and calculative and manipulates all hostilities and wars far away from USA's shores.The evil neoconservative warmongers think America is safe and well protected by two big oceans.In fact USA is governed by a few selected rich aristocrats and business tycoons in the Axis who only think in terms of making endless profits by the billions and thrillions of dollars through unconscionable perennial warfare. While they reap endless profits from warfare, their citizens and soldiers have to pay the price of suffering and death.

British people are smart to realise the danger of staying as part of the EU. Their decision to leave the EU sets the pace and example for others to leave the sinister organisation. Other Eu countries must quickly conduct national referendums to leave EU to save themselves from a nuclear Third World War that the Evil Empire may recklessly unleash on this world.


Monday, 27th June, 2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For some years USA has been building hundreds of huge underground bunkers - underground cities deep in the mountains all over the country. These underground cities are well equipped with modern facilities and amenities like roads, rails, electric power, reservoirs, hospitals and schools. USA may launch a surprise nuclear attack on Russia and China any time soon. These extremely mad American leaders think they will be safe in these underground cities . They have no qualms about how a nuclear exchange with Russia and China can kill hundreds of millions of people world wide including ordinary Americans so long as they stupidly feel they are safe in their underground cities.

America is nurtured on wars - perennial wars . The country is now run by extremely crazy and very mad people. They believe America should always be on top and no other country or countries would be allowed to come close to America's top position in military power, finance , wealth and riches in status. In view of this they feel compelled to take down Russia and China, the only two countries obstructing its path to complete world domination.

They are now turning their propaganda departments in full gear to demonise both Russia and China. Their propagandist machine is now in full swing to whip up all false reasons and excuses to arouse the people to support for their coming wars against Russia and China. They are unleashing all kinds of misinformation, disinformation, all kinds of lies , half truths and the use of innuendos and insinuations to whip up the peoples feelings and psycho them to support their evil war plans.

They have built over a thousand military bases all around Russia and China's periphery to threaten the two nations. USA has for years been dominating the Arabs in the Middle East and control their rich oil resources. They constantly stir up trouble, create strives and instability in the whole region to subject it to its hegemony agenda. In the course of it America is promoting and spreading terrorism. America is the world worst terrorist country and American terrorists are all over the world causing wars, instability and destruction. In fact America is the father of all terrorists when they organised and trained terrorist fighters in Alquaeda, Taliban and Isis and other terrorist groups in South America and Africa.

Now USA is shifting from Middle East to create choas, dissension and turmoil in the far East in East China Sea and South China Sea. It uses the sham excuse of "Freedom of passage and navigation" as a vehicle to start all the trouble and confrontation in the region. The fact is USA wants to dominate and control the whole of the East China Sea and the South China Sea together with its rich oil and mineral resources under the sea bed.

Before USA pivot to the East in 2009 there was peace and tranquility in the region. After its pivot to this region in 2009 it tries to drive a wedge between China and the neighbouring littoral states. It encouraged and instigated the neighbouring countries to go against China by claiming and illegally occupying Chinese territorial islands and reefs in the South China Sea. It hijacks all the powers of the Philippines and Vietnam and usurp its control of their relations with China.. USA is returning to the use of 'Gun Boat Policy of the 1840s against China. But this is the 21st century and this type of reckless action may yet backfired on the Evil Empire.

USA is is risking the destruction and annililation of mankind in this world with its danger of threatening Russia and China with thermo nuclear war. All good and decent men in every country in this world must now take a stand to censor and stop the mad men in America from unleashing the world's ultimate Armageddon.

Southernglory 1

Tuesday, July 12th 2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ohn Perkins a former World Bank economist reveals how USA through World Bank, IMF and other financial institutions it controls cheat countries around the world of trillions of dollars.

John Perkins worked directly with the heads of the World Bank, IMF and other global financial institutions USA controls. He quit this job in 1980s because he felt it was morally and ethically wrong for him to play a part to help ccreating USA into a bloatedly rich world empire at the expense of the poor disadvantaged third world countries.

His job as an "Economic Hit Man" was to convince countries that are strategically important to USA to accept enormous loans for infrasture developmentand to make sure that the lucrative projects were contracted to US corporations . He created economic projections for countries to accept billions of dollars in loans they surely couldn't afford. His conscience wa pricked when he realised how these wicked American practices have directly resulted in terrorist attacks and animosity towards the United States.

Perkins defines economic hit men as "highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development

(USAID), and other foreign 'aid' organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources.
Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of

Perkins' was hired as an economist for the international consulting firm of Chas. T. Main, Inc. (MAIN). He was told in confidential meetings with "special consultant" to the company Claudine Martin that he had

two primary objectives:

He was supposed to justify huge loans for countries. These loans would be for major engineering and construction projects, which were to be carried out by MAIN and other U.S. companies such as Bechtel,

Halliburton, Stone & Webster and Brown & Root.
He was supposed to help bankrupt the countries that received these loans after the U.S. companies involved had been paid. This would make sure that these countries would remain in debt to their creditors and would

then be easy targets when the U.S. needed favors such as military bases, UN votes and access to natural resources like oil.

Perkins' job was to produce economic growth projections that would make the case for a variety of major projects. If the U.S. decided to lend a country money, Perkins would compare the economic benefits of different

projects such as power plants or telecommunications systems. He would then produce reports that showed the economic growth the country would experience due to these projects. These economic growth projections

needed to be high enough to justify the loans. Otherwise, the loans would be denied.
The gross national product (GNP) was always the most important factor in these economic projections. The project expected to increase the GNP the most would be chosen. In the cases where there was only one project

under consideration, it needed to be shown that the project would greatly benefit the GNP. Luckily for the economic hit man, GNP figures can be quite deceptive. "For instance, the growth of GNP may result even when it

profits only one person, such as an individual who owns a utility company, while the majority of the population is burdened with debt."
All of these projects were meant to make huge profits for the contractors. The U.S. engineering and construction companies involved would be assured of great wealth. At the same time, a few wealthy families and

influential leaders in the receiving countries would become very happy and very rich thanks to these loans. The leaders of these countries would also have bolstered political power because they were credited with bringing

industrial parks, power plants and airports to their people.
The problem is that these countries simply cannot handle the debt of these loans and their poorest citizens are deprived of health, education and other social services for several decades as these countries struggle

economically to overcome their huge debts. Meanwhile, the huge American media conglomerates portray these projects as favors being provided by the United States. American citizens in general have no trouble believing

these messages, and in fact are led to perceive that these actions are unselfish acts of international goodwill.
Ultimately, due to the large debts, the U.S. is able to draw on these countries for political, economic and military favors whenever desired. And of course, the U.S. corporations involved with the expensive projects become

extremely wealthy.
The U.S. Government was clever in using economic hitman without directly implicating Washington. US empowered international corporations and mujltinatioinal organizations such as the World Bank and IMF. This allowed for US governments, forporations and multinational organizations to form mutually beneficial relationships . US intelligence agencies like CIA and FBI were able to use these relationships to their advantage.

Government organizations such as the National Security Agency (NSA) were now able to screen for potential economic hitmen (as they did with Perkins) and then have them hired by international corporations such as

"These economic hitmen would never be paid by the government; instead, they would draw their salaries from the private sector. As a result, their dirty work, if exposed, would be chalked up to corporate greed rather than

to government policy. In addition, the corporations that hired them, although paid by government agencies and their multinational banking counterparts (with taxpayer money), would be insulated from congressional

oversight and public scrutiny, shielded by a growing body of legal initiatives, including trademark, international trade, and Freedom of Information laws."
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

USA is full of evil and full of hypocrisy throughout its history. It is through its hypocrisy in dealing with the various self-governing Native American Indian tribes and through insidious plots, intrigues , subterfuge and treason that USA is able to extend its original territory of about Six Hundred Thousand Square miles of the thirteen states during the year of Independence from England in July 4th 1775, to the present day of Three million Seven Hundred Thousand Square miles , all at the expense of the native American Indians and the Mexicans. ( USA through brute military might forcefully and illegally acquired one milliom six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of land from Mexico in the years between 1840s to 1890s ). In 1905 USA deposed the queen of Hawaii and conquered Hawaii, after its army brutally brought down the government of the queen of Hawaii with the slaughter of more than two hundred thousand of the patriotic Hawaiian resistant fighters USA always twist international laws, dishonour treaties and twist human rights to suit its own agenda. Below is an article from China Daily on the hypocrisy of USA regarding the South China Sea issue and the comments from its readers.

US history of hypocrisy looms over South China Sea arbitration
By Zhu Junqing Source:Xinhua Published: 2016-7-10 19:08:01

The US-led Western countries have been good at maximizing their private interests and committing illegal acts through implementing double standards under the cover of international law and regulations.

The recently-released British Iraq War Inquiry Report found out that there was "no imminent threat" from Saddam Hussein in March 2003, who the US claimed possessed weapons of mass destruction that have still not been found to this day.

Though the report sidestepped defining the nature of the war, the US-led invasion of Iraq is widely considered to have been an illegal and unjust war that circumnavigated the United Nations (UN) and overturned a sovereign nation by a unilateral military action.

Such behavior should be criticized, condemned and eliminated as international law and the UN authority should never be toyed with and peace and stability should never be sacrificed to serve some groups' interests.

The US has always been hypocritical when talking about international law. The global superpower is skilled at intentionally applying and misinterpreting international law and norms to attack its "rivals," while it gives itself the right to choose whether or not to resort to international law.

Examples abound. In 1986, the International Court of Justice ruled that the US had violated international law by supporting the Contras rebels against the Nicaraguan government and by mining Nicaragua's harbors. However, the US refused to participate in the proceedings after the Court rejected its argument that the Court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case.

In 2002, the US unilaterally withdrew from the Treaty on the Limitation of Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems, leading to its termination. Recently, Washington used international law as a "knife" to attack Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

In the South China Sea dispute, the US not only instigated the Philippines to submit an arbitration application to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, but at the same time it also smeared China's law-abiding image and sowed discord between China and its neighbors.

China has reiterated that the arbitration goes against international law for the following reasons.

The Philippines' unilateral initiation of the arbitration violates its agreement with China to resolve any dispute through bilateral negotiations; the unilateral initiation violates the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS); the Philippines' unilateral act violated the right that China enjoys as a party to the UNCLOS to seek dispute settlements of its own choosing, and undermined the UNCLOS' authority and integrity; the Arbitral Tribunal has violated the UNCLOS and abused its power by hearing the case.

Obviously, the US, a self-proclaimed "international attorney," is an expert in jurisprudence, but to maintain its dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, Washington chose to ignore facts and engage in mud-slinging against China.

It is advisable for Washington to readjust its attitude toward China, as China will firmly safeguard its own territorial sovereignty and legitimate maritime rights as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea.

The author is a writer with the Xinhua News Agency.

Posted by Southernglory1

Below are some comments from netizens of China Daily

When one tends to see a country as individual, USA is definitely a teenage psychopath who's robbing and killing and lying all over

French philosopher Clotaire Rapallie says: "These levels (i.e. imprints have to happen as a child) are very different from one culture to another. Some cultures are very reptilian, which means very basic instinct. American culture is a very basic instinct: I want to be reached now; let's do it. There's a bias for action. Just now, America is very adolescent when other cultures are more cortex, very control, control, control." (His interview with PBS in 2004.)

Michiko Ray

Hillary Clinton kind of awful woman is really "American" in this definition, except her age.
So having her as President is the best match to America.

FACTS: Since the sixties the US has sanctioned Cuba for daring to throw out Bautista and his US gangsters and repel the US sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion there by humiliating America, something it can't forgive.

The Us invaded Vietnam at a cost of 58 thousand US soldiers and 3.5 million Vietnamese lives, left in disgrace leaving a destroyed society behind.

Invaded Afghanistan creating a dysfunctional society after 13 years with the Taliban again encroaching

The us invaded Iraq on the basis of a lie creating a completely dysfunctional society after the deaths of over a million and eventually leading to the rise of Isis.

The US and the west in general sponsoring and helping rebels including Neo Nazis in Ukraine to topple
a democratically elected government killing hundreds and then trying to shift the blame on Russia when the Crimean parliament allowed a vote by the population as to whether or not it wanted to rejoin Russia. The results were to rejoin Russia (91%) PS: there was no loss of life just a civilised transition. America howled it was illegal. Wow!!

Their only success seems to be their invasion of Panama to capture the drug runner Manuel Noriega.It was a near thing but the Americans persevered and finally got him: all 5 ft.4 in. of him.

Now the west is bombing Iraq and Syria without UN authority and is again on a killing spree. And we wonder
why these people hate the west?

The US has done nothing but screw up one country after another and has learned nothing except how to kill and to be a bully. They do the same thing over and over. Who or what is in charge? Anyone?


The American lawyers and politicians depend on dumb silly Asians who buy their lies. They cleverly package white lies, make deliberate omissions of their own violation of international law. Only foolish idiot Asians buy US lies. This show many of them are still third world mentality with no brains even as they improve their economic status. When people like Hillary talk of Rule of Law, she mean it does not apply to US but only to others.

China should sue PCA for breaking international laws in its dealing in Scs and intruding without all parties consent and for not doing due diligence and for acting In an interested and biased way if provisions are there in icj.


Fool! It will be a Slap Down for PH. If PCA is fair, it will kick the complaint PH filed within her 200 NM EEZ to the ICJ for further deliberation. Remember, Land Over Sea mantra. This is how it works in international law where maritime law depends on land sovereignty settlement First. As for Nine Dash Line, totally kicked out as PCA will find PH have no locus standee.


China will soon sue PCA for intruding and breaking international laws and acting in an interested and biased manner.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The South China Sea tribunal unilaterally initiated by Phillippines with USA and Japanese instigation and backing is bogus, illicit and illegal. It is not under UN auspices and UN has stated clearly it has nothing to do with the sham tribunal. USA agenda in the South China Sea is part of its overall plan to contain China and its world strategy to destroy Russia and China as they are the only two countries obstructing USA evil plan to dominate and hold hegemony over all countries on earth.

Since United Nations has officially announced that it has nothing to do with the bogus tribunal it is the duty and responsibility of every world citizen who loves peace to denounce the USA stunts on the issue. Western mass media should stop deceiving the world by stopping its constant harping on USA stunts and the illicit announcements of the sham tribunal. Politicians and so called intellectual research fellows in institute of strategic studies in some ASEAN countries should stop parroting the western media . They should denounce the sham tribunal and condemn USA and the Philippines for trying to deceive everybody into believing the Philippine ploy of stealing Chinese territorial islands and seas in a convoluted way. Denouncing and condemning the US / Philippine falsehood is the only way to go failing which these politicians and strategic study researchers will shamefully go down in history as accomplices to the insidious plan of the Evil Empire - USA.


Tuesday, 19th July, 2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Subject: China - ASEAN Meeting in Loas

The mass media of some ASEAN countries and some recalcitrant research fellows of institute of studies centres insist on parroting the western mass media on referring to the recent 'Bogus court of arbitration ' as

"international' and 'United Nation ' backed'. By this time everybody should know the PCA is a fake, a sham, bogus and illegal and not backed or supported by the United Nations and so the tribunal is a farce and its verdict

is rubbish, 'Null and Void.' The tribunal is neither legal nor international. The fake court and phony tribunal had broken the laws of the United Nations and its five peo American judges were appointed by a jingoistic high

court Japanese judge who was instrumental in getting Abe to change the Japanese pacific constitution to a new pro war militant constitution.Where is that internationalism when all the judges were from America and where is

that legality for arbitration when China stated from the outset that under United Nation laws it cannot pass judgement on a country's sovereign territorial rights and China would not take part in the arbitration but preferred as

earlier agreed with the Philippines to settle through bilateral talks and negotiations? In unilaterally taking the issue to the private PCA , Philippines had broken faith with China and committed a breach of trust and agreement.

The whole drama was contrived by the number one world trouble maker , USA and its Japanese poodle with the false notion of supporting the Pinoys but were actually making use of them as a pawn for America's excuse

to meddle in the South China Sea affairs . The whole insidious idea was to lend support to the Pinoy and Vietnam's robbery of some Chinese islands in the mid 1970s under a cloak of legality and ultimately to rob off

Chinese historic rights and sovereignty over the Paracels and the Spratley islands. It is shocking that the mass media and the few research fellows persist on wrongly referring to the bogus tribunal as "international court of

arbitration" and "backed by The United Nations". They have thus exposed themselves to the fact that just like the phony judges of the bogus tribunal, they are utterly incompetent and show a total lack of integrity . What

they wrote shows that they represent the mouth piece of USA which is adamant on creating trouble and instability in the region and to instigate and provoke confrontation among the South China Sea littoral states and

China. They are not qualified to comment on the South China Sea issue.

Creating wars in the the region just as creating wars in the Middle East and other parts of the world will richly benefit American war industries and America's ailing economy.Trouble started and tension began to rise with the

American pivot to the region and East Asia in 2010. The whole world sees the evil hands of the warmongering America behind the South China Sea issue. USA hopes to ultimately take full hegemonic control of the region

and thus to deprive China of its lawful historic rights and sovereignty and thereby deprive China of the rich oil and mineral resources in the Paracels and the Spratley islands and the relevant territorial seas. In short America

wants to contain China and stop her peaceful development.

For too long China's stance has been too soft and peaceful but now it is prepared to take on American aggression upfront. China will fight and defend every centimetre of her territory. Will some of these pro American

Asean countries and the obsequious pro American mass media and research writers be happy now to see the new scenario? Good luck to them.

Instead of blaming America for being the source of the trouble the mass media and the few research fellows in a twisted fact of actuality persist on accusing China for the wrong reasons. The South China Sea issue is

between China and a few Asean countries viz Viets and Pinoys and not between China and ASEAN as a block per se. Cambodia and Laos are able to distinguish truth from twisted facts and acted correctly and

righteously. But he mass media and the few fellow strategic reseachers refused to accept the actual facts and truths and insist on bending to the directives from Washington. This defies understanding and decent conscience

that is if they have any. They resort to unfriendly words and insulting terms, calling and naming Cambodia and Laos as Trojan Horses. They are clearly portraying themselves as representing some of the Asean countries as

American lackeys or running dogs. They are suspects and what they are up to is yet to be seen. Instead of mediating and helping ASEAN and China to talk and negotiate and arrive at a harmonious peaceful conclusion,

they prefer to play into the hands of USA in creating flash points in the South China Sea.

What kind of strategic research have these few fellow researchers been indulged in? Either they are suspects of being American fifth column or they just have to write some hogwash to justify the security of their fat paying

jobs. In any case they are a disgrace to society and an insult to people's intelligence.


Wednesday, 27th July, 2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The truth about the South China Sea Issue

First let those politicians, strategic studies research personals , the mass medias, the TVs and Radio talks in some ASEAN countries and those who are beholden to USA somehow or other beware of what they are talking

when they keep on parroting USA version and stunts on the South China Sea issue less they be accused of complicity with USA in deceiving the world that the PCA is part of the United Nation which it is not and the

United Nation official spokesman had already reiterated publicly that the PCA tribunal is a private organisation and United Nation has nothing to do with it. UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric spokesman for United

Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said, "The UN doesn't have a position on the legal and procedural merits of the South China Sea arbitration case."

Professional maritime experts worldwide pointed out that the use of terms such as "United Nation Tribunal" or "United Nation backed Tribunal is incorrect as they confuse 'PCA' with the "United Nations "ICJ" (

International Court of Justice ) This private tribunal acts as an agent of external powers The arbitration case is a political farce enshrouded in a legal cloak. It is important that people in ASEAN countries especially the mass

media and TV take note of this.

The case was contrived with evil intent and initiated at the behest of USA to suit its agenda. Acquino, being beholden to USA acted for his own personal interest and USA is not acting for the interest of the Philippines either

but to suit its agenda of seizing it as an excuse to meddle in the region's affairs. While the absurb proceedings were going on USA accompanied it with military threats of destroyers, aircraft carriers, strategic bombers,

reconnaisance planes and many other vile tricks to show an outright demonstration and manifestation of "might is right". This outward show of modern gun boat policy of the Opium Wars of the 1830s to 1860s no longer

frightens China for China will make sure all the American ships will be welcomed to the deep ocean floor.

The Philippines was ill advised by a powerhouse of Anglo American legal team
appointed by Abe's appointed Japanese judge . The fake private tribunal manipulated the ruling and tries to deny China's historic claims in the South China Sea and wipe out its rights to resources there. The lawyers in the

sham tribunal redefined the standard meaning of arbitration which for centuries had been defined as a procedure in which two parties agree to a third party to settle their disputes. Now it seems to Philippine lawyers

arbitration can be a unilateral arbitration. The bogus tribunal issued the final award on 12th July,2016 amid a global chorus that the panel has no jurisdiction and its decision is naturally null and void . The award sweepingly

sided with the claims unilaterally filed by Aquino 111, which in the eyes of observers , is a mockery of justice.

China from the outset ruled that the private arbitration set up is illicit and illegal and has no jurisdiction. The bogus tribunal failure to recognise that is a matter of professional incompetence and deliberate disregard is a matter

of questional integrity.China attribute territorial sovereignty over maritime feature in the South China Sea is beyond the 1982 United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS ). In fact China abide Article 298

of UNCLOS which excludes compulsory arbitration on maritime boundaries. The international law of 1982 cannot redraw the border or reinvent new right.

Further since decades ago and after the Second World War Japan had through various treaties like the Cairo Conference, Potsdam Treaty and San Francisco Treaty officially returned the Paracel and the Spratly island

archipelagos to China. In 1958, Vietnam under the then Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong officially acknowledged and confirmed China's sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands with Chinese Premier

Zhou En Lai.

In fact in 1947 the KMT Republic of China had 291 islands , reefs and banks mapped and qualified as part of the "Nine Dash Line" . In1949 The Peoples Republic of China inherited the claim made by KMT . In 1958

China declared its territorial waters within the "Nine Dash Line encompassing the Paracels and the Spratly islands and it was officially acknowledged and endorsed by Vietnam as already aforementioned. It is a historical

fact that China has continuous sovereignty over the South China Sea islands , the Paracels and Spratlys since the 4th Century BC to the Tang, Ming and Ching dynasties and right up to the present time.
Trouble surface when in the mid 1970s Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia stealthily and illegally grab many of the Chinese islands. Vietnam stole 21 islands, Philippines 7 and Malaysia 5. This was followed by recent silly

accusations on China's land reclamation. China was the last country to do so as Vietnam and Philippines had carried out reclamation earlier, and China does so only on the islands and reefs under China's control rather than

trying to take back the islands and reefs illegally occupied by others.

Tensions began to rise in the South China Sea when USA pivot to Asia in 2010. America then deliberately instigate and provoke trouble and intensify disputes strained relations and weakened confidence. However, China

believe that negotiation and consultation among parties concerned is the most feasible and effective way to solve the issue. China's ambassador to USA, Mr Cui Tiankai reiterated that "diplomatic efforts should not and will

not be blocked by a 'scrap of paper or by a fleet of aircraft carriers."

The American hyping on Freedom of passage and Navigation is hogwash. Freedom of passage and navigation was not an issue in the past, is not an issue now and will never be an issue in the future. But America is twisting

and abusing freedom of passage and navigation by constantly sending warships close to Chinese coastline to threaten and intimidate China. This hostile American behaviour must stop. How will America feel and react if

Russia and China constantly sail warships close to America's coastline?

Wednesday,20th July, 2016
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hilary Clinton The Neo-Con Warmonger

Hillary Clinton is ruthless . She is a mass murderess, a genocider, just like her forebears in the 1600s to 1940s who genocided and exterminated no less than 85 million Native Americans . She is a white supremacist who believes in whole sale mass slaughter of non-white people as seen in her feverish support for illegal wars against Iraq, Libya and Syria.In these illegal wars against Iraq, Libya and Syria she had caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the wanton suffering of millions of others and also causing the affected countries to be torn apart in terrible destruction.She has to pay a price for this.

She is labelled in USA as a great liar and is justly called so by Presidential candidate Trump. Indeed she is an international great liar who constantly lies to save her skin. She believes in carrying pre-emptive nuclear attack against Russia and China believing that USA will escape the mayhem and survive. She is downright insane, mad and crazy and inhuman to think that USA can win and survive in a nuclear war.She couldn't be more wrong. Her satanic thinking and action will result in mutual nuclear destruction and annihilation. and end of civilization because Russia and China are more than capable of Second Strike ability. She is not qualified to be elected president of USA. If by chance she is elected president , that will signal the end and the death of America and civilization.

Kill-lary Clinton is a Neo-Con who practices the insidious Neo - Con policies and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery , the American Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism and Unilateralism and on which doctrines the American foreign policies are based are really extremely toxic and dangerous. The Neo-Cons do not believe in negotiations to settle disputes real or contrived by USA. Negotiations only serve as a tactic to catch the opponent offguard so that US can take undue advantage to defeat the opponents with comprehensive surprise actions.

She is also known to be brainless and soul-less and has no feelings and compassion for others. The death of thousands of innocent people and the suffering of millions do not mean anything to her. She is inhuman or sub-human and is the epitome of all things evil and savage.

If the Americans are blind to elect her as their president they will be signing their own death knell.

Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016.
what i posted is just my personal view. feel free to disagree.
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