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Religious Conversion and Deculturalisation

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:39 pm    Post subject: Religious Conversion and Deculturalisation Reply with quote

The Evil of Religious Conversion couple with Deculturalisation

Now it seems is a fashion to be converted to one major religion or another. You can be converted to any foreign religion but you must not let others or allow yourself to be deculturalised from your own culture and tradition. When through religion you are deculturalised because of wrongful or biased concept you are no more what you are, a respectable person because your mind , soul and spirit are being captured and imprisoned by your new converted beliefs . In other words you will think and act the ways whatever religious doctrines or masters want you to believe to toe their line of thinking and behaviour. That's the reason why Western countries and Middle-East Arabic religious orders have been fighting tooth and nail for centuries to convert the world to their respective religions. And they are doing so not because they want to improve your life and make you a better person but because they want to capture your mind, spirit and soul so that they can hold sway over your life and destiny and in this way maintain hegemonic control over the whole world. Why allow the freaks and charlatans in the name of their religion to hold sway over you and your country and through their sham dissemination of fear about their wonderful gods and deities to play havoc with your own lives. They always tell us " Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. " There you see, to them only the poor whether individuals or poor countries can only dream of heaven while the rich and mighty enjoy unlimited wealth and glory in this world because they always pillage all the wealth and riches from other countries at will. They always tell you 'money is evil' but at the same time all the priests and religious leaders will compete endlessly and shamelessly to ask for donations or offerings from the people even from the poorest individuals.

What these major religions preach or taught whether in public, schools or learning centres are always biased against local practices and traditional cultures. In other words they try to stop us from practising our culture, tradition and customs. Many Asians, Africans and Native Americans pay respect to the dead through rituals of Ancestral reverence which is a way of giving the honour to deserving parents or ancestors for all the sacrifices they made for us and for our future generations and thus enable us to learn the secrets to immortality. It is atrocious that Chinese who become Christians are forbidden to hold joss sticks to pay respect to their dead parents or ancestors. However, the priests of Western and Middle-East religious bodies will pour scorn on the practice and twisted the fact by saying that the people have committed sin for they are worshipping the dead. This is far from the truth. The Western and Arabic practice of erecting a stone tablet in remembrance of their dead bears no difference to the aforementioned practice. The difference is that the West and the Arabs have the habit of practising cultural racism attributing every good thing in this world to themselves while blaming others for all the negative things .

Another bad practice is to bestow or adopt a religious name of that faith on the converted person and thus the converted individual become a misnomer in his own country, town or village because he has lost whatever semblance he has with his own countrymen.

It is time that people wake up and allow themselves some deep thinking, self-respect and dignity and not allow religious freaks and governments to hold sway over their lives with the end result the loss not only of their personal selves but also their own countries.

Author - Sun, Moon and Darkness SG 1
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